Reviews for I Don't Have Secrets, The Desert Took Them All
Mr. DC chapter 1 . 4/23/2007
Quite interesting. I like the line "bright bits of bone". It flowed well for me. Also, the shorter sentences were a good choice for a more tense atmosphere.

Now for the story itself. The ending disappointed me in both a good and bad way. For the good, it didn't go too far into what exactly happened. As much as I wanted to know exactly what happened, it let me determine what happened. It starts you in the middle of a situation, then gives you the resolution at the end, leaving the middle up to the reader. I think, however, it leaves too much. I wanted the story to have more, but then again, more could screw up you pacing, so it's a hard call. Even if it was for only 200 words, I was interested enough in the characters to want more.

I liked it. The writing style meshed well with the pacing and overall attitude of Steve. Oh, and before I forget, the detail was good too. It painted a picture quickly without taking you away from the action.

Love and Peace!
Nokturnal Augury chapter 1 . 4/5/2007

I hate it when I can only review with stupid lines such as "awesome!" or "I liked it!" without backing those up with reason, but I'm finding it hard to. I think you wrote pretty convincingly as a guy, but I'm not a guy, so my word isn't worth that much in the vast world of guys. I think that the way you made him an ass that's aware of himself being an ass was really effective too.