Reviews for Exactly
Genesis F.T chapter 1 . 6/19/2007
That strange Mr. Henry guy reminds me of one of my best friends. When we get into an argument and she knows she's wrong she always says EXACTLY. And I get so , strange story. I mean that in the best way possible. It was I don't know maybe even shique? I just really enjoyed it but I can't quite describe it. That's how original it is.I'm going to keep reading now...I had the overwhelming urge to review.

-Genesis F.T

P.S Per and Pling..Those names made me laugh out loud.
Storysmith chapter 2 . 5/9/2007
Hm. Well, it isn't bad. Not one of your best pieces either, though. There is a some repetition and some parts where you lak sentence variety. The dialogue is not as good as some of the stuff you have been writing recently. It sounds at times like you are just trying to move them to a certain point with the dialogue instead of establishing characters.

Now for the positive. It is a very interesting read so far, though I have no idea where it's headed. The characters do seem very interesting and fun, as I have come to expect from you. Maybe a little more detail to really flesh it all out. But, I like it so far. Especially for a NaNo. I wouldn't rank it with your more recent stuff, but it is still a very nice showing. I wil be excited to read more!

lily0889 chapter 2 . 4/23/2007
I like the story so far. I'm interested to see where it's going. Keep up the good work!