Reviews for She was an artist
Gone with the tide chapter 1 . 11/30/2009
I love this so much, the mention of the canvas and peter pan, screaming, "but does no one remember they die in the end?"

it's so beautiful...
running-in-the-rain chapter 1 . 9/10/2009
BEAUTIFUL. It makes me want to read "her" poetry, as well, if she were to do so.

The last line didn't so fluidly contradict the rest of the poem, but that was the only ink blot on the white paper.
Artemis Anderson chapter 1 . 12/7/2007
Beautifully done
Little Crayon chapter 1 . 11/13/2007
Oh wow. That's wonderful. The Peter Pan metaphor is phenomenal. I wish I could write like this. D:
fang15 chapter 1 . 6/29/2007
Beautiful, that's all I can say.
Nianko chapter 1 . 4/28/2007
It's great...seriously great.I haven't read this poetry this good on this site for a long while. Congradulations.