Reviews for I Remember, I Remember
Firgof Umbra chapter 1 . 5/12/2007
I sit here with a quiet, contemplative smile after reading your poetry. Even based upon an existing work, the heart-the core and emotion-is as distinct a contrast between a sprig of basil and a bouquet of minced peppermint leaves; both pleasant to my scent glands, but both saying very different things of their owners; yet both have tinges of bittersweet recollection.

If poetry is an art of creation and a poem can be seen as a child of the author's upbringing, then too can I see a beautiful and tragic blue-and-red pastel-paint covered young girl singing a noteless and tempoless song of emotion and history.

Thanks for writing and I must conclude that I found fault in the poet's construction or choice of words as unfortunate an assessment that is it is at least a good one I hope. )