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PurpleEyesOfTruth chapter 9 . 6/3/2009
NO! Another one of my favourite authors gone... ( I'm so sad... But i understand. I can't believe people do such things! It's freaking terrible! Cheap way to try getting reviews that shouldn't be going to them. I'm so sorry to hear but at least I got to read all your stories... I'm really sad but I understand. I'm sorry such a thing happened to you. I want to thank you for all the entertainment and countless hours your stories provided me with and I wish you luck in the future. Thank you so much, JD Allen. If you ever decide to publish them or on the off chance we can find them, please, please let us know! I'm sorry and thank you once more.
infundibuliform chapter 9 . 6/3/2009
Totally flamed that loser for Off the Page. I have never sworn so much in my life. :] Or called someone a little cunt. XD

I'm really pissed this happened to you. Sure, the others were annoying, but I was reading your stories when I got into fictionpress, so this feels like someone randomly attacked one of my friends. I hope you'll be able to contact the girl with the blog.
Anon chapter 1 . 6/3/2009
Damn, I missed it. This story is so good, it's a shame someone plagiarized it and now I can't read the next chapters. I hope she'd find other ways on how to spend her time because having a rip-off of your story is just despicable. That person [I don't want to name names even though almost everyone knows her] stole your work and what's worse is that it was word for word.

And I thought kids were supposed to have a wild imagination.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading a part of your story. It was a fun read.
nomoreupdates chapter 9 . 6/3/2009
NO please don't take down your stories! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I Love OW so much and I am basically addicted to it. I MUST know how it ends. Is there any possibility that I can read them somewhere else? WAH!
Muggle Minx chapter 9 . 6/3/2009
Not you too! What's going on? Every single one's work seems to be getting taken away! Damn this sucks.
SheRomantic4EverLove chapter 9 . 6/3/2009
Tell me who iss

they name

or usename

i¡m gonna tell something to them!
StellaSun chapter 1 . 6/3/2009
Oh my gosh and a half. I have been a silent reader of lots of your stories, and I haven't ever reviewed, because I don't have a bad thing to say, and I strongly dislike straight 'you're more!' reviews. Truly, I can't believe anyone would violate your work like that, whoever blueberry pie or whatever her name is. It's really janked up in an epic way. You're being very smart, and if you get published, I'm definitley a customer. Seriously, karma is floating all around, and I'm sure all the plagerizing kids out there will recieve some. Just thought I should say something, it's been a while lol
sherbetsi chapter 9 . 6/3/2009
This was in my list of yours to read. The idea is just so good and quite frankly the summary just reeled me in.

I checked out that girl Blueberry whatever and yup definately stolen. Uncanny that she would say the exact same words in the exact same order. I'm really sorry its coming to this. We're losing a load of great authors who consistently create good works of fiction. I hope you keep writing whatever you decide to do next. Talent like yours shoulfn't go to waste just because silly little girls decide that they can get away with stealing other people's original works and post without the work behind the chapter.

Sian x
M0jojojo chapter 8 . 5/14/2009
this is good. this is really really good. short and concise, and sorta like my fantasies cept, in my fantasies, draco malfoy is just there instead him being in a complicated-ripped-from-the-book existence
miss.venerable chapter 8 . 3/30/2009
This story is too sweet for words! I absolutely loved it.
Twist Their Emotions chapter 8 . 3/22/2009
Cute, but bittersweet. I like the simplicity of it and the fun characters.
AEJ325 chapter 8 . 3/21/2009
I kinda wish that she'd gotten with someone, you know in the story and not just at the end...

But yeah, all in all I liked it.

Nice witting!
nomoreupdates chapter 8 . 3/15/2009
This was such an AMAZING story. I think I fell in love with DOrian and I was so sad and felt so sorry for Casey because she really, truly loved Dorian and Dorian really was her first choice and always will be but I really am happy that she moved on because it made your story plausible. It would have been unheathly for her to keep going on with a book character. Although, it was nice she lived out some of her fantasies. Thanks so much for this one!
XqueseraseraX chapter 8 . 2/3/2009
This story made me cry - I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was the momentum of the situation and the way you portrayed your characters so heartbreakingly well. I believe this is one of the best stories on fictionpress. Congratulations on a job very well done.
EllisDream chapter 8 . 1/29/2009
*tries to stop tearing all over the laptop* it's...perfect...simply that. The bittersweetness of it all got me like a full blow and it wasn't completely a nice feeling at start, but I just couldn't really think of a better ending for it...this is the way it was meant to end and somehow i guess every reader could have imagined it...even if knowing it was the right ending didn't stop me from hoping in another one (yea, I'm a sucker for happily-ever-after's...but after all this isn't a sad ending xP)

So well, I guess I'll pass my last hours of the night checking out your other works...can't wait *-*
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