Reviews for Sonnet 1: Oh Cursed Sonnet
Zigeunerin chapter 1 . 5/2/2007
You switched between the "thee" pronouns and the "you" pronouns, which was a little frustrating. But, elsewise, I loved it. I've never actually written a poem about writing a poem. It seems so strange, like taking a picture of a picture or breeding mules. But what was your reason for capitalizing "Cursed Sonnet" and "Torturous Rhyme"? Well, I guess you've got to be personifying sonnets if you plan on directing your fury at them...good idea then. Um, there's another literary term for this. I think it's apostrophe, isn't it? Where you address someone who isn't present as though they are or an unliving object as though it understood? Whatever. I'll figure it all out before the exam. Ha, I love that last line.