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K.B. Hanna chapter 1 . 5/13/2007
pokie machines? Well, I have never heard that one you dork. I like that though. I think I'm gonna steal it.

Did you know that you stole my middle name? Well, you did. You gave Nikita my middle name, and you named her after a communist. I knew it! You're a secret supporter of communism! That means you can help me spread it. NODS. Yup. We're going to spread communism, but I think we should give it a different name-at first.

Are you gonna tell me his favorite ice cream? You should, but you're being all /secretive/. Yeah, and secretive doesn't suit you. It makes you seem bloated and ready to fall apart at the seams. By the way, your stuffing's showing.

I read your total of 1 review. It's amazing, that person almost could have made that review a flame. At points, she was hinting at it. Anyway, that person's been visiting sonny and his synthetic bong just a bit too much.

Fine, I'll call Archy, Archie because you are so demanding. I don't think they're interesting names. I think they're ugly and go against the pretty-ness of FP. What can I say, I'm being a rebel. Watch me rebel. But, I'm starting to like the two bickering twits who have a habit of sounding like an old, squabblingm married couple. It's quite entertaining. I might insert a seudo-Aussie just to make you laugh. Only the person is American who thinks he/she is Australian, so he/she carries a didge with him/her (can't play it of course, but uses it as a cane and beats peoples legs with it in the hall). Oh, and he/she skateboards a lot because I want a skateboarder. I've tried skateboarding myself, man, it is so hard.

Por que means why &

Porque means because

So one can have an arguement saying Por que? and the other responding Porque! Por que? Porque! Por que? Porque!

Actually, I could have already been fluent in Spanish if I wanted, I just dont' like studying. For the most part, I knew quite a bit when I was later due to the babysitter, but I lost it. My grandpa tried teaching me German, but that was a major flop. I only know the alphabet, numbers, some months, some days, some colors, some sayings, and of course, curse words.

As for the talking to myself when I clean, I talk to myself whenever I can. I find the conversations are more sentilating than talking to someone else.

The social security cards are the most stupid invention ever. I've recently decided that. I was looking at mine, and how it's all invalid because I have yet to sign it. I mean, who wants to sign it when their signature is going to change by the time they're 25. People will just be like, that's invalid you freak! You're trying to steal someone's identity! Whatever. I just hate them. I would suggest the govt. just inserting chips, but that would maintain their status over us, easily supporting the fact that they own us.

mooroolbark. Wow, that has moo and bark in the same word. now, what animal goes rool?

I know people who have dreadlocks, but I want to dye my hair black and green, but then I'd have the school population asking 'did you turn emo?' What they consider emo is so shallow and pathetic. Dye your hair black and you're emo. Half of them don't even know it's short for emotional. As far as I'm concerned, country emo because all they talk about is how their dog got shot, or their ex-wife shot them for cheating, or how their heart is breaking because no one wants them.

A name for the What about Felix? lol. That's not sadistic enough. He should go all psycho on her in the end and people would be like wtf? Actually, you should write a sadistic ending and upload it on april 1 so people can be flipping out and you can be laughing.

Grandma Germ. Makes me think of those evil things that are on everything and i mean absobloodylutely everything. Oh well, I do like it ma'am. It's an evil name. Good job.

I know a little girl named Jensen. Oh, and my grandma had an uncle named Powell. Dude, I was just looking at a forum, and someone suggested the name Mutiny. That's kinda cool for a story.

I'm reading this forum and these people act like everyone else's kid is their own. 'They better not use that name! It's so gross!' or 'sorri, don't mean to be offensive' of course you do jackass. that's why you posted it.

lol. some put Shiler on a topic title and I thought it said Shitter. I was like 'Oh my god'

Does he sound like a Rhys to you? I mean mister dred.

What about Milo? that was my cat's name. lol I also had one named Cricket, but I don't think you'd like that.

It's easier to think of a name if you know the personality of the parents. I came to use sonja and thea because the dad is greek.

What about after a spanish myth of a baby stealing little creature. How about the Alux. (ah loosh or Alex i guess). Lol.

I know a guy named Javin. He's pretty crazy though, and it rhymes with Gavin, so I doubt you'd like that.

I think the guy sounds like an n name, so i'll give you a list.

Wait scratch that, I couldn't find n names that were okay.

Anyways, good luck with his name. If it was me, I think I'd have an easier time naming things because I use names that go against Fictionpress standards. Oh yes. That's the most fun.

Oh and yeah, the new title is good. Better than The Yalla Ice Creamery.
Lindy chapter 1 . 5/13/2007
Swet, nice start. I like how, in even the first chapter, we've been able to gouge so much of the main character's personality. Haha, I wish I were that quiet and observant. I'm, like, the complete opposite - I don't notice anything, on the outside that is. The only qualm I have about the whole Guesstimate situation so far is that she's only basing her guesses and evidence on the outward appearance. I mean, I'm not saying she's shallow because that would be very very very very hypocritical of me. Perhaps she should have a short conversation with the people and then guess. I would've liked her to have talked with the guy but then the lack of gave it the whole mystery&suspense vibe. x]

And, back to what I love about this story. You're really good at description through scenes and actions and that's what's best. Because really, who wants to be told outright all the time like "I am pretty. I have a great personality. He is hot. Blah blah blah". Or maybe I'm just a sucker for the whole subtle, hinting thing. That's hot. xDD; I also found it interesting how at the beginning you put the whole "Rainbow Swirl: Thick, creamy ice creamy..." because when I first read it, I went "what the hell is this girl on about?" I'm glad I continued though. And then when the "Rainbow Swirl" bit came into the story, I smiled and was all "[wise nod] I get this! I get this!". Uhyuh, I thought it was really cool and related. Made me smile and be happy.

We-ell, the title was what caught me first 'cause I like puns...-sorta things. Or, I dunno what it is, it was just intriguing so I read the summary. Didn't get the summary, sorry. Well, I understood so to say, I was just expecting an entirely different plot line. More, cool-smoke-filter things everywhere, cliche jerk thing. Ya know. Not that it's completely terrible, just isn't that fitting. Well, thus far in the story that is.

So ya live in Australia too? Hi-5. You sorta remind me of my friend...she uses your profile font too. Omvorm weirdmaker or something. Plus, she talks a lot about Glamorous by Fergie too, which, by the way, I am able to spell 'cause Fergie taught me. *3* So, I think it's a rather educational, nice song. && favourite: "уσυ ωαкє υρ тσ тнє ѕσσтнιиg ѕσυи σf яυииιиg ωαтєя...αи яємємвєя тнαт уσυ נυѕт вσυgнт α ωαтєявє." Just...haha. xD

Bleh, I really hope all of this review shows up. It's so long, sorry sorry! ;3; Hope you get the chance to continue and update.
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