Reviews for What They Will Think
Fabian Beswick chapter 1 . 5/21/2007
Very thought-provoking, I certainly hadn't thought of anything along these lines, although it does remind me of parts from Clarke's Childhood's End.
Colton M. H chapter 1 . 5/19/2007
I disagree with most of this, I mean, is it not our nature to expand, and if we want to expand our power, then other life would too probably, and then if the intellegent specias are constantly getting larger in the sense of how much land they have, would they not eventually bump into each other while expanding with a colony on a planet believed to have no life, and then when they get there, they may find ruins, or life that evolved during the millions of years they took to get to the planet, as if a star a million light years away is discovered and we attempt to colonize it, could it not have life? It might have life, it might not. Even going four light years away to Alpha Centauri with our technology today would give a species the time it needed to have wars and technology, maybe even beyond our own. The universe is infinite and thus it is yet expanding, in a sense every senteint life form had one member that thought life lived elsewhere most likely. And if we expand to the stars, colonize other solar systems, other galaxies someday, we will certainly find some life or the remains of it, as in a sense every planet could support life, it would probably started out as eoubacterium as they can live about anywhere, then they would have evolved into a larger life form, so in a sense your just making an arguement with those who think life exists elsewhere, as you know nothing of other life forms, so your saying this all makes it seem like you think you do, yet, it was a good read. I had a long review, right? But still, that was a good read. This is going to my favorites.