Reviews for Chaos Theory
xEutopiax chapter 1 . 2/1/2008
Terrific chapter, that was a very catching opening and it kept me guessing. This is for chapter two as well by the way I hit the back button and I was lazy. xP

Kaiyako K.
Toxin89 chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
Dude... you're gonna bring the back aren't you? I already want to read more. I like the first chapter a lot. Also, just one thing, the part where you say he's half Japanese half English. I think English is a language. Maybe you meant American or British... You really should start this again though. It's so simple yet... it works. It's rare that I say that for such a short first chapter too.
J.W. Hargrove-MystMan chapter 2 . 10/15/2007
Very good. You could do with out the telling in the first three paragraphs, and the explaining Cassie. Remember the "show, don't tell" rule. That's really all the criticism I have... Overall, it's very well written and I can't wait to see more! Like some other reviewers said, you've created a very believable character and a good situation. I like it!
Equilibrium chapter 2 . 9/29/2007
I really like your characterisation, and you managed to make me giggle till i inhaled my coffee and it came out of my nose. Very good, so far. Keep it up!
Greenery chapter 2 . 8/13/2007
A bit confusing, and there are a few technical errors. But, those things aside, I say good job! I like the character you've created. He seems believable. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
Deadly-Flame chapter 1 . 5/23/2007
Hello, you keep complaing about lack of reviews, so i figured i better review you, hehe, nag and you shall get.

You know i like this story and i am the first to read it as i am proofing it for you, so am i like your editor when i'm needed now as well, i am not being your gay best friend like you are me hehe.

Keep up the good work Shelduck, Chin Up Chuck, its not about the number of reviews, it about the work and your a great writer

Liam02 chapter 1 . 5/22/2007
I like the idea of sci-fi, but... this intro, or chapter, is written in a very unclear way. I don't understand it from what you've given me... It's sort of like you took something you were completely unfamiliar with (never a good idea) and tried to explain it in a fast, sort of ill-advised way. Read some Chrichton, the guys a genius... Jurassic Park, State of Fear (a GREAT informative scifi) Anromeda Strain... all good, all scary. I like the idea though. Keep going.