Reviews for The Price I Paid
reiphil chapter 1 . 6/30/2007
sad thing. knowing about how the cut shakes our lives up in such a powerful statement. great poem about realizations and knowings.
Ironic Presence chapter 1 . 5/26/2007
Yeah, I noticed the amount of poems about cutting. :P It's ok. You're not the only one who thinks those things.

This reminds me of the first time I ever tried something self-destructive. I felt so shook up and shocked. I couldn't believe what I did. I never did it again, but it was a turning point in my life.

The cup metaphor sounds biblical: like the wicked ones drink the cup of wrath down to the dregs... in a way, I can feel the truth of this statement.

The walls come tumbling down simile reminded me of a choral piece my choir did this year, "The Battle of Jericho", and the words are, "Joshua fit the battle of Jericho/and the walls come tumbling down". That's all I could think of the first time I read it... and the tenors trying to do that one line whilst turning beet red 'cause there was no place where they could successfully take a breath... :P Hee hee! Sorry... but I understand the simile.

Thanks for the reviews on my poetry again, and that explanation on that one poem... I never would have known that. Good thing I never tried cutting... I might have done it wrong, and that would have been a little misfortunate on my end (yay! irony!).

Ok, I babbled on forever here. Good bye. Keep writing.

Ironic Presence (yay!)