Reviews for Sacrifice
HFGLF 2 chapter 99 . 2/21
So, the shinigami are going to destroy Domina? I actually didn't see that coming. I thought they were the good guys.
HFGLF 2 chapter 98 . 2/21
The battles are great, and I somehow hope that Chichiri can pull through his mental torture, or that someone would save him from Soel.
HFGLF 2 chapter 97 . 2/21
Charles Grey is a shinigami. That's a new twist, and the white queen might be Azmy? That's an even more interesting twist. Man, this keeps getting better and better
HFGLF 2 chapter 96 . 2/21
I like the way Nightshade Castle looks in my head. I wonder what kind of person Charles Grey is and that shinigami...I'm dying for the new installment!
HFGLF 2 chapter 95 . 2/21
So now they'll have to fight Azmy, right? Even if Dai isn't dead, he got what he deserved for what he did. I'm glad Ko got over her past and turned stronger from all of this
HFGLF 2 chapter 94 . 2/21
Ko's story is so sad. I guess Dai was the one who raped Ko? I hope that she beats him up.
HFGLF 2 chapter 93 . 2/21
I like how Tsurugi referenced Xanadu in this chapter. I really liked the chapters with Xanadu in them and I found that quest deep and psychological. So many questions being brought up. I hope that they get solved soon. It seems like everything is coming to an end. This story is good. I'll wait for your next chapter.
HFGLF 2 chapter 92 . 2/21
This story just keeps getting better. Azmy is back and now I wonder if she'll be a bad guy or not. Something tells me that she will.
HFGLF 2 chapter 91 . 2/21
I like the dialogue between Fable and Ceres, as well as the memories that Toxic Ivy has for Ceres. Everyone's characters are so deep, and the little facts that are coming out about Hiroshima are making me wonder about his origins and what more to the legend there really is. Keiji seemed to figure out something about him too. I wonder what connections are made through the character's brains.

The fight scene is great as well. I like the use of the objects int he fight, it makes it unique amongst your other fights. Also, the fact that Hiroshima isn't fighting will also make it interesting, although I'd like to see how his powers will be working in the future, now that he doesn't have a curse on him.
HFGLF 2 chapter 90 . 2/21
I liked the conversation between Hiroshima and Keiji at the beginning. I also found it interesting that you brought Kohanna and Zeshen into this story, especially because Zeshen had died in Caged Bird. I've always loved Kohanna's song, so I'm glad that you made her give it a performance in the Toxic Ivy.

It's nice to see Ceres get some development as well. Great job.
HFGLF 2 chapter 89 . 2/21
Another great update! This chapter was short but there was so much action in it that I actually felt as if I had read one of your longer chapters. The Kuroi Ryuu fight was emaculate and well-thought out. I liked how you made it a group effort of the characters to defeat him and the power show down at the end was just brilliant.

I also like the contrast of events where Hiroshima's state worsened and Fife provided the warning of the future. Too bad Keiji didn't adhere to the warning, but I have to admire his courage and faith in wanting to see Hiroshima pull through. I can't help but wonder if Hiroshima will survive this...

Definitely an action-packed adventure. These recent chapters have turned out to be very good. I can tell that everything is building up for an ending.
HFGLF 2 chapter 88 . 2/21
It's nice to finally see an update on Sacrifice! Such a pleasing thing to know that after all of those years of writing that you haven't given up on this lovely work. I love following the adventures of Hiroshima and his little group and seeing how much they've all changed over the years. Ah, I'll miss this story when it's finally ended.

Poor Fife and Zangetsu. They really get beaten up badly in this chapter. I was thinking that Zangetsu was going to die and I hope that Fife won't die...He hasn't even confessed his love to Keiji yet.

Please update soon! Your story still leaves me on the edge of my seat!
HFGLF 2 chapter 87 . 2/21
Go Ko! I knew she had some kind of great power behind her. Now I can see her for her true self. It's a good feeling.
HFGLF 2 chapter 86 . 2/21
Poor Keiji, I feel sorry for him. He's trying to take on all of that pressure by himself and in a way, I can see where Hiroshima wanted to talk to him privately. I thought for a minute there that he was going to question and complain but Hiroshima was mature at the situation. I can never predict him.

I just hope that everything will be alright and that they can defeat Kuroi Ryuu.
HFGLF 2 chapter 85 . 2/21
This chapter was definitely full of revelations. I wonder if Keiji is going to help Hiroshima or if he'll pull out of it because of his haunting dreams.

I felt a little sorry for Tsurugi here as well. It must be hard not being able to say something you feel like you really need to.
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