Reviews for Sacrifice
King Corn chapter 47 . 2/14
So, Fife literally has a skeleton in his closet...Jeez, that must suck for him. I have to see what happens next *wishes she could fast forward the week through just to read it*

Update soon! *I know you will!*
King Corn chapter 46 . 2/14
This was a really awesome and action-packed chapter! I love when you do the action-packed chapters! This story is really coming along and I definitely can't wait until the VAMPIRE ARC! WOOT!
King Corn chapter 45 . 2/14
Poor Hiroshima! I feel especially bad for him for some reason. I like Eagle and I hope that he doesn't die! I hope that they can save him from his horrible sickness!
King Corn chapter 44 . 2/14
Damn...Poor Hiroshima...Poor Eagle...Poor Zangetsu...Poor a lot of people. This chapter was really sad. It really shows the hatred of people. I hope that everyone can help Eagle.
King Corn chapter 43 . 2/14
HIROSHIMA ROCKS! Well, another foe down with a tragic ending and now it's time for a little visit from Vespa and a nice explanation of Soel. I hope she'll explain the magical items of Zameln as well. I can't wait for your next chapter! Too bad it's only Monday...T_T
King Corn chapter 42 . 2/14
Is that what you mean by 'someone will die'. I hope not. I really liked Ko. You can't kill her off now! Make someone do something to save her! Serenande can't win! She just can't!
King Corn chapter 41 . 2/14
Wow! This arc is done really well. I like the Undine and Zangetsu fight. I want to see everyone jump in and fight so I hope that this will be a grand arc!

Look forward to more!
King Corn chapter 40 . 2/14
I'm finally getting around to reading this and I must say that I'm glad the dang Flora arc is over! *dances on all available plants* Anywhoo...I think Hiroshima's curse is interesting and I wonder what exactly it is...Was he possessed or something? His wings are black but will they ever go back to his original color?

Oh and Azmy should get over her complex. She whines too much. Don't get me wrong, I like her but she's been too hard on herself. It's annoying that she won't suck it up. Keiji was right, she needed to get on the ball!
King Corn chapter 39 . 2/14
This was a note-worthy chapter in many ways. Fife's past is revealed and something about Hiroshima isn't quite right.

I really liked the action at the end too! It kicked it!
King Corn chapter 38 . 2/14
Poor Fife and Hiroshima for that matter. I wonder what will happen with the curse and now that Keiji knows about Fife's profession. I got it right though, I knew he was doing something like that.
King Corn chapter 37 . 2/14
You have a few typos on this one. Hiroshima said Shit up instead of shut up. It's a funny typo, rofl! You kept in character without even trying!

Nah, I won't pick on you too hard, this chapter was long. Please continue! I want to see the next Arc Already!
King Corn chapter 36 . 2/14
The team seems really good at stratagizing. I really like Xanadu's POV on life. It seems to be true and it makes me question myself, which is always fun. Well my break at work is over so I must conclude my review. I'll see you next update!
King Corn chapter 35 . 2/14
Nice fighting scene although it was quite short but I don't think that's the last of Fable. I still wonder what she did to Flora to make her so angry. I wonder if it will come back on her in the end?

I'm also interested in Xanadu. So, I'll be reading the next chapter.
King Corn chapter 34 . 2/14
Wow...Oo I almost forgot about Fable...Is there going to be a fight?
King Corn chapter 33 . 2/14
I still have to wonder about Vespa's character. She's so cool but I don't see much of her. I wonder when you'll have an arc about her...

*sighs* What? Does Nutritional flame everything of yours. Let me repeat this- Your characters are NOT Mary Sues and this is NOT a bad story, especially if it got 400 freakin' reviews. CAN IT PAL! GO FIND SOMETHING INTERESTING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE.

Anyway, I'm going to read the next chapter. I have catching up to do.
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