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HFGLF 2 chapter 84 . 2/21
I like the representation of either paths that Hiroshima could take as being the dark and light versions of himself and his death in this dream was by far the most emotional thing I've ever read in any manga story.
HFGLF 2 chapter 83 . 2/21
I thought I'd be father behind then this. No matter. I did read this chapter the very day it came out only I forgot to review it because I was busy with a funeral and other real life things that had me down.

However, I find this was a very eye-opening chapter and Hiroshima has proven his mystery again and again. I'm looking forward to having all of that mystery solved by the end of the story and I just know I'll be blown away.

Please update soon! I look forward to your next chapter.
HFGLF 2 chapter 82 . 2/21
I find nothing wrong with this chapter and I believe that your portrayal of the white winged angels is spot on. They are very kind and passive, versus the rebellious and dark-minded Hiroshima. I know a few authors personally who have written stories like this and they had a great deal of compliments for their work. Expressing your views through writing isn't a crime and no one should act like their stories are the epitome of perfection when they clearly have flaws as well.

Every story has flaws in the eyes of someone else. Sacrifice is one of the most popular stories here, so don't let things get you down. You've had a wonderful story so far and I don't see how your white-winged angels are dislikable and I'm a die-hard Christian.

Everyone has different views of the story and mine just happen to acept it for what it is- a literary art.

I love the white-winged angels and I think that they are very pure and sweet. Zagzag is a tragic case because he was manipulated by Ten Sao Tami and I don't see how that makes him a hypocrite at all, especially since he never condemned anyone else for going against fate. In fact, the angels almost want the humans to try and go against fate so that they can accomplish what it isn't in their power to do. It's an effective system that describes life itself- for everyone who can't do something, there is someone who can.

I loved this arc and in many ways, it portrayed both the extent of human weakness, kindness and how far one would go to tyrannically overtake a town while under the influence of murderous entities.

I like this story in general and no one can change that. Your characters are likable, despite what one person thinks. Kurogane Black Ninja is right, one person's opinion isn't important to me and you're such a popular author, the majority easily out votes it.

This is not a blind compliment, it's an observation and since you're such a kind person I know that you'll take this in the best way that you know how.

I look forward to your new arc.
HFGLF 2 chapter 81 . 2/21
I've finally managed to catch up on myself and I must say that this arc is turning out beautifully. This chapter was nonestop action and everyone was so involved. I was reading this chapter and very in to it.

I saw the struggles of the characters and you've managed to put quite a good piece here. This is a splendid end to a tragic arc and I love the way that you've managed to capture everyone, trying to save people who are doomed to wallow in their prejudice.
HFGLF 2 chapter 80 . 2/21
I can see why they wouldn't know of these angels, because they are Japanese and perhaps there are angels in Japan that have Japanese names. Who's to know? Besides, Zadkiel isn't even an Earth angel, he's a planetary angel. I've read quite a bit on these angels so I'm doing a little analysis here.

The only thing I can really see is that they don't really have personalities yet but they are possessed so that's obvious.

Great action scenes and I liked how you have things lines up and with Vespa fighting along side of them, they are sure to win.
HFGLF 2 chapter 79 . 2/21
Well, there certainly is a lot going on and I really don't see why. I like this arc and I simply read on to see if it is, indeed what I think it is.

As for bringing up old subjects, I think that the vampires and humans were equally wrong in what they did. The King Vasca didn't fight his own fight but he wanted to stay alive for his kingdom, Baratone couldn't et go of an old love that was dead and gone and he was killing off his own people to obtain that goal. Both were in the wrong so I don't see why people are even saying that that event was Amante's fault. Amante played a part in it, yes, but it was not entirely her fault. Baratone chose to carry out with her resurrection so why are we blaming Amante. Plus, who was going to say anything about Fife's mother? For one the subject was dead and gone in every literal way, so why bring it up right after the war ended. I also see where it was mentioned that she did play a part in Baratone's death. Let's face it folks, it was Baratone's fault that he died. He could have made up peacefully with the vampires, but he didn't.

Vasca didn't invade his country, he invaded Vasca's. As much of a fan that you may be, you cannot deny evidence that is laid against you on that one.

As for this arc, it's childish to hate it because it's about Hiroshima or call the cast anything of the sort when it comes to being jerks. The people attacked them and despite some people's actions- others simply tried to knock the people out and Zangetsu even believed that they were possessed. You can't blame him, look at what he came from. This arc isn't even ending and people are trying to predict it. Why? What do you really have to gain? Nothing.

I didn't read this for a flame war, or for the shounen-ai. I read this because it's a good story from someone who has a vast amount of talent and respect as far as the realm of FictionPress is concerned. The story keeps you reading with it's unique plots and great characterization and I feel that it does appeal to anyone who is optimistic. I really don't see why people are saying that the heroes are worse then the villians. I find that it's hardly true. When you're hated for being in a particular race and what not, then that is discrimination- pure and simple. You cannot deny that that would be the theme of this arc. Unless you're prejudice then I don't see the beef with it other then it's not about your favorite character.

Honestly, I think people need to get over themselves and see the story for what it really is - a great work. Just because you get good reviews doesn't mean that they are senseless and blindly follow you. I hardly see a review talking about how much they like the shounen-ai scenes. This story isn't filled with it and I hardly think it's unnecessary considering it is a ROMANCE fiction and is clearly labeled as such.

On to my actual review of this chapter. I really liked it, despite Steamrollers Solve All's horrendous and discriminatory review.

I'm not going to go over and flame him, its his opinion for you to take how you like, but I also find that that was an outright flame and not a proper review. I don't really see anything said kindly and it's more then uncalled for.

I'm glad that the cast was able to get away from Ten Sao Tami's execution, as well as find Hiroshima. I certainly hope that they can help Shaffon and it's citizens and I hope that they can one day learn to love angels again.
HFGLF 2 chapter 78 . 2/21
This chapter was interesting. It had action, drama and angst. Something I definitely love about Sacrifice. The plot is developing well and there are so many unanswered questions yet that my mind is still racking itself over things that happened in chapter 11 or so.

This is definitely getting good.
HFGLF 2 chapter 77 . 2/21
This was fantastic, it made me feel so many emotions at one time. I felt truly just sad about their situation and Hiroshima...Man, that has to be something else to go through that kind of pain. It shows that he truly does care for everyone and he does have a bigger heart then a lot of people would like to make it out to be.
HFGLF 2 chapter 76 . 2/21
That was an immense amount of dialogue. It's one of the instances that you can tell that this is actually a manga fiction and not a novel.

I like how you made them talk in a Round Table type of fashion and Keiji's reaction to Hiroshima's bad news was on queue. It's exactly the way I thought he would act upon hearing such news.

It's unfortunate that Hiroshima is dying from his curse but he really should have said something sooner to save his own life. I like how you made then talk with Vespa about the perils of their journeys and the horrible curse that's on Hiroshima. I saw that the adventures had really taken a toll on the two angels.

I also liked how you provided a little bit of background on Shaffon and it definitely seems in a horrible place to be, especially in the company of angels.

I wonder how our intrepid cast will find a way out of this one, now that they've been found out.
HFGLF 2 chapter 75 . 2/21
Poor Hiroshima (as well as everyone else) They've been through hell and back trying to get those items with Vespa. I think along Ko's lines sadly. I think Hiroshima and Vespa are definitely in it together but the reason is, why?

I think there must be a really large reason for the angels to be so concerned with things to have to go through those lengths to ensure that Vespa gets these items. Is Soel truly that great of a deal, or maybe it's what she wants out of everything. I've been trying to find out these things for a long time and every time I think I've got it, someone adds something else into the mix.

I also wonder why it was those specific people that were involved. Why Fife? Why Keiji, Ko, Undine and Chichiri? Maybe even Zangetsu has a large part that we just don't know about...Besides, it was Vespa's request that he go with them. It's sounding more and more as if this was orchestrated by Vespa and Hiroshima...Hm, this has got me thinking and waiting for the next chapter.
HFGLF 2 chapter 74 . 2/21
You've seemed to pull off finishing some stories here. I think Sacrifice might run another year though. It's probably your biggest and best project (though I would love to see more out of VIRUS).

I liked how the naga and humans pulled together and wanted each other to succeed. It also looks like Hiroshima finally is figuring out that if he wants the cast to know how he feels and what he stands for, then he needs to put aside his fear of rejection and just talk to them civilly in hopes that they will understand.

I like the meeting of Eclipse and the female warrior naga. It shows a little of their characters and they are both very interesting. I think Eclipse might be a better villain then Ceres. I do wonder what happened to she and Fable. Maybe I'll see them sometime later.

It also seems that Keiji figured out that Hiroshima is their guardian angel. I wonder if anything will be said about this later or if he'll just keep it to himself.

I like how you left things up to the humans in this arc. It's nice to see them do a little more and hopefully we'll see more of that when we come to their arcs.

I loved the scene with the fish. I was actually on the edge of my seat with the suspense. I wasn't quite sure that Keiji would get away. I'm glad that they managed to get Marchois but I only hope that Ko and Thanatos can keep it from Eclipse.
HFGLF 2 chapter 73 . 2/21
Congrats on making it over one thousand. You definitely have a talent to keep people interested that long. This story has definitely grown and so have all of the characters.

Keiji has kind of grown warmer and Hiroshima is getting to where he's putting aside his differences and he just wants to be understood. I loved the moment between he and Keiji, it seems that aside from Tsurugi, Keiji can also just get to him.

I like the relevance to To Wish Upon the Sea. It's interesting how the characters interact with each other. Great job, Mel-sama
HFGLF 2 chapter 72 . 2/21
I like how you brought about the reality of the true situation with this chapter. There is no good or evil and it's all on how you look at it. I remember that being a key element in the Flora arc as well, when they went to visit Xanadu. Also, I like how you bring about the light to Hiroshima's situation and show the pain that he has to endure as an angel. He is truly more tragic then he lets on, and he tris to take everything on himself. Vasca is right though, all good things come to an end and Hiroshima's secrets will end up being exposed in one way or another.

I like the party and the confessions made during it and I also liked the coronation and growth of Fife's character...Now, if only we can take care of that little compulsive lying problem ; Fantastic chapter that truly shows the growth in their relationships. Definitely look forward to the next arc.
HFGLF 2 chapter 71 . 2/21
Well, I hope that you have a good recovery and I look forward to seeing your last chapter for this arc next week. I found this chapter deep, confrontational and dramatic as far as the characters went. I think everyone's angst was at it's breaking point as they got into that little fight.

I feel the worst for Hiroshima. Not only did he witness the death but then he got pegged for it because he was acting coldly. Hm, I think Ko needs to look in a mirror, because she'd done her fare share of deceiving, especially when they could have used her ninja techniques in battle.

Also, someone had one stated that Ko doesn't angst about her past...It may or may not be true but she sure does angst about everything else.

I just wanted to point that out. I'm not saying that I don't like her, because I do, it's just that her character has a way of doing things I don't like every now and again and I agree with Hiroshima, she acts like she's better and more justifiable then everyone else.

Anyway, marvelous chapter, due continue!
HFGLF 2 chapter 70 . 2/21
Hmm, Baratone's death reminded me a little of Elf Kaizer's. I kind of thought that Vasca would pop up sooner or later, though I would really have liked Fife to kill him.

Even if he was spared, he could still hate the vampires. As much as some of the people liked him, and as much as his story was tragic, letting him live would be a mistake. Well, at least I see it as that. Killing him was the best outcome and you saw that and took it.

Tsurugi's comment was on the spot, though I think that it should be elaborated on so people don't get confused. You probably are already doing that (I have a lot of faith in you) Hiroshima had referred to this about twice in the story so far. Once in the Flora Arc and once in the Serenande Arc. I keep track of random things like that. I guess I'm your official Sacrifice nerd.

I really love the chapter and this story. Do update again!
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