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HFGLF 2 chapter 69 . 2/21
I was reading through your reviews and I noticed something that I disagreed with. Duranadel (sp?) said that at first your villains were flat. I don't really think so. I think that they came off as very intriguing and very mysterious but I suppose that's a matter of interpretation.

However, on to this actual chapter. I really enjoyed the battle scene and I almost felt a sense of despair coming from Baratone and the others who tried to get to him. There was a nice comic relief from Hiroshima in the middle of it as well. I really liked how Treble and Baratone silently agreed that the war was stupid but proceeded to go on because at that point in time, it was too late to rally turn back.

Poor Fife just came in aon a mess, didn't he?

I very much look forward to your next chapter. This story keeps getting better and better. Congrats on the big 1-0-0-0-!
HFGLF 2 chapter 68 . 2/21
Very interesting chapter. We get to see more effects of the curse as well as an introspective look into Hiroshima's character, as well as Baratone's take on the flashback, how he deceived countless men and a little love triangle that seems to be forming. Zangetsu and Chichiri really hate each other huh? I'd like to read more so update soon!
HFGLF 2 chapter 67 . 2/21
I'm finally on the last installment. Not much to say except update soon! I can't wait to read more.
HFGLF 2 chapter 66 . 2/21
Azmy is definitely slipping farther and farther into her despair. A part of me feels a little sorry for her but the other part of me wants to pile drive her or sigh in irritation.

Little does she know, she's putting everyone through hell with what she's doing. It's not just about her.
HFGLF 2 chapter 65 . 2/21
What a nice twist to Vasca's past. Now we can fully understand why Amante did what she did. For a minute there, I didn't think that she truly cared about Vasca at all. Good to know that I am wrong.
HFGLF 2 chapter 64 . 2/21
This was an outstanding chapter. I like the legend and the comparison of the two, as well as a piece of Keiji's past and the Winged Boy. There's no doubt in my mind about things now...That is, until you put another twist in the plot, lol.

Update soon!
HFGLF 2 chapter 63 . 2/21
I really like the conversations between Fife and Keiji. We got to learn alot about Keiji's frustration and a lot of how Fife feels minus the lies.

Azmy needs some real help. She's making wrong decisions and she'd going to go down the bad road soon enough. I kind of thought it was weird for Hiroshima to act that way to her but when I found out it was a dream I was relieved to know that my mind hadn't been playing tricks on me.
HFGLF 2 chapter 62 . 2/21
Well, my take on it is, if you love it that much then you'll continue to do it despite what others say. The most famous artists and authors have been literally ripped to shreds so you've got to get up out of your hole.

Appearently you CAN handle characters well or this story wouldn't be so popular. It's one of the few in this section that has 800 reviews and that's not a feat that most can conquer.

Unlike KuroganeBlackNinja, I'm not an English Major or anything but I know potential when I see it and I'm sure that others here do as well.

People saying negative or positive things about you can't force you to leave or stay because if you count on their opinions then you were never in it because you liked it and obviously you aren't like that but I just wanted to remind you of what really counts here.

On to your chapter-

Yes, there's a question of the Vasca's ability to change Hiroshima back into an angel but it's a minor question that could be settled with detailing further into the subject and perhaps touching on it soon.

I feel a little sorry for Azmy and to be truthful it more then points out that she's going to die. This was an interesting chapter but not much happened here compared to other chapters. I like getting to know the characters through their dialouge and thoughts, however.

Hiroshima seems to be getting a lot of crap, which is understandable. I don't know why certain people don't seem to like him but to each theirown, I suppose.

I don't think he needs to get critisized when the humans get praised for their telling him off. The story IS about him and he IS the main character. I don't think it should be a 'humans tell off Hiroshima' story.

Hiroshima is not perfect nor is he a Mary Sue/Martian Stu or whatever you wish to call it. He's flawed and he's been through his fair share.

I read through reviews and things said is a bit redundant whether it's 'good stori' or 'Hiroshima needs to be bitched out more' and stuff like that is trivial.

This isn't a drama, it's an angst/romance/adventure story. So let's let go of the small stuff. *sigh*

I await your new chapter and I really love this work. Never give up on what's important to you.
HFGLF 2 chapter 61 . 2/21
Keiji notices a lot of things around him doesn't he? I like how he interacts with Fife in this chapter.

I'm also glad that Fife had finally figured things out about his father, the past and Angeline. I feel really bad for him. He's truly hit some hard times. He must feel so lost now.

Please update soon!

Your used to be annonymous reviewer!
HFGLF 2 chapter 60 . 2/21
I love their clothes in this chapter. Then again, I'm a sucker for Victorian/Neo Victorian clothing. I've always loved the Renaissance period.

Fife and Keiji are cute in this chapter. I kind of agree with Black Bride Anna though, Hiroshima and Keiji are a cute couple as well.

Man, Hiroshima and Fife sure do have their tension. I guess that's what happens when you put two people together who are both trying to hide something. Not to mention two stubborn princes at that.

I wonder what significance the wall paintings in Hikari Country have to do with Hiroshima's princehood and what he was practically worshipped over.

You don't have to try and justify all of Hiroshima's actions. He's a great character and I agree with Kurogane Black Ninja on this one. It seems to me like you're doing this because you feel someone hates him. There are plenty of people who love Hiroshima and even a girl floating around with a pen name after him. There's no need to defend him, if that's what you're trying to do. Who cares what people think.

I'm interested on what will happen to Fife now that he's faced against his father.

Update soon!
HFGLF 2 chapter 59 . 2/21
Sorry that I'm behind but I've just got back online lately. I've been depressed about a few things.

Not much to say here, suprisingly.

Tsurugi is being jealous (with every right) Azmy is being guilt-ridden or just being Azmy and Ko is crushing on Chichiri.

I hope that Azmy can get over her guilty self or she's going to end up in a bad predicament.

Mikunai is forever random. He's such a spontanious and funny guy.

It's also nice to see Hiroshima awake. He's been asleep for two chapters.
HFGLF 2 chapter 58 . 2/21
So, Baratone is doing this for love. I wonder where that will get him.

Azmy really wanted the donor job, didn't she? I think she may begin to reap what she sows on that one.

I like Tsurugi and Hiroshima's moment in this chapter with the blood licking. That was definitely interesting. Speaking of which, he certainly is getting jealous of Azmy, isn't he?

I definitely wonder what will come of this.
HFGLF 2 chapter 57 . 2/21
I like your explanation of vampires in this chapter. I do feel sorry for Hiroshima though, I bet he hates it.

Good job on this chapter, I learned a lot and I can't wait until you rnext update!
HFGLF 2 chapter 56 . 2/21
Well, that was very short but I liked everything that went down in this chapter. I just got finished reading on Ai no Saori and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for the lovely recommendation!

Hiroshima and Tsurugi have such a touching scene and I hope that everyone can save them in time. The touching scene makes me love them as a couple more and more when I read this!

I'll go and read your next chapter because I need to catch up.
HFGLF 2 chapter 55 . 2/21
I'm behind because of Thanksgiving and all. With the amount of food I ate, I think I gave a little too much thanks.

A very good and emotional chapter. I like the struggle that the two lovers go through when they are trying to stop the crucifix and I love the pain that Tsurugi shows when he confronts Hiroshima on the issues.

This was a very dramatic chapter and a nice turn of events for the Sumeria Arc.
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