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WHY chapter 38 . 9/18/2013
no! there has to be a sequel! there has to be someone who's willing to work with Adien! i mean he's improving! please make a sequel TT
vcdwhite chapter 38 . 3/17/2013
i loved the pairing... somewhat unexpected at the beginning but something i had hoped for... loved it :)
mushplomplom chapter 23 . 4/9/2012

Something after 19 chapters of nothings
Beth chapter 38 . 2/13/2012
Wholey cow. I haven't stopped reading this all night. I thoroughly enjoyed your work of fiction, good sir
ALittleLunatic chapter 23 . 2/9/2012
Dude, dick move.
ALittleLunatic chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
Max seems like a super man-sue, its like a Mary sue, I know they have their name, I just don't know it. But it pisses me off, I love Aiden though, I hope Max is like a huge asshole or something, or something wrong, because no one on this earth is that perfect.
KiyoshiTanaka chapter 38 . 2/8/2012
... You mentioned that people find Aiden irritating and unlikable, but personally, I like him. I like his mood swings and how he's beginning to change by the end.

Speaking of the end, you mentioned it was different, and I can't argue that. I like it in that everything's not perfectly happy.

However, I can't say that I like Max and Cory together. I don't like the idea of either of them paired with Aiden, so I think it's a good thing that you didn't try. But something about the two of them with each other also feels really weird to me. I don't know.

Once again, I liked the story as a whole. Let me know about any specific questions. :)

Kiyoshi'sGirl64 and Kiyoshi
shutupandthrive chapter 8 . 12/26/2011
God i can't believe people say they hate max, aiden is irritating. i hate him and his little equalizer bullshit, i had a friend like that who thought it was her divine right to oversee the rest of us and make sure we stayed level. well who killed god and made it your duty to make sure we remember we're human? he's just as bad as the rest of them, thinking he's above the egomaniacs because obviously he thinkd its his duty to knock others down. and he called someone else out on selfrighteous bull? please.
JHeartbreak chapter 38 . 12/13/2011
(Plot spoilers below) This story has a depth and level of emotional and stylistic complexity that I haven’t seen in either Volando a Voi or After Dawn. Aiden makes a very compelling character. I would identify him with Adam and Matt, all in the same line of characters that I guess I’ll call ‘Adam-type’. However, compared to the other two Aiden is very feisty. He is aggressive, iron-willed, and unafraid to hurt people, something far different than your other Adam-type characters so far as I’ve read. This abrasion causes most of the dramatic tension in the story and keeps it going quite well. In spite of you cautioning that I might hate him, I never felt unable to sympathize with him throughout the story.

What’s more, Aiden has a mystery, a riveting aspect to him; it enthralls not only Cory and Max but us as readers as well. He seems to absorb most of your imaginative focus. In fact, I find that Max and Cory as a couple are almost boring. Not that I’m saying you’ve done wrong, simply that this is a part of Aiden’s character. There couldn’t be a more compelling relationship going on as long as Aiden is in the story.

The ending itself was very good. It was believable, and satisfying. As I see it, Aiden is the main character and his journey is the plot. Max is a witness and a bit of a red herring, so we think this is going to be about the two of them getting together. I think you do well by keeping us in suspense, and disoriented about the direction of the plot. It provides a lot of dramatic tension and allows us to really get inside the characters. While some of the philosophizing that goes on is a bit absurd, ultimately your psychological grasp on your characters is commendable.

I think, in terms of genre, this isn’t really a romance so much as it is a bildungsroman, or coming-of-age story. But that’s not really important, I guess. I think your side characters are by far the best realized of any of the three stories I’ve read so far. In Volando a Voi and After Dawn the protagonists held our attention and the side-characters were for the most part cardboard cut-outs. Here, however, they all breathe with life and seem to be more than what we see of them. None of them are unbelievable, and they all play their part without getting in the way. And you’ve introduced a lot of them, that’s for sure.

As a story, this is far from perfect, but I think the amount I have to say about it shows how much of an accomplishment it is.
JudasMonster chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
'...Aiden was a homosexual...', that line almost made me laugh. It's like so clinical :P

My train of thought exactly, Maxwell is a little bitch. I can't stand pompous/rich/beautiful characters like him, even if they are reformed... .

I hope Maxwell is killed off :D

Ugh, don't like Aiden much either. Annoying little emo boy who thinks he's better than everyone else...

Here's a fanciful idea, Stephen Aiden! Yum, incest :)
Kerrigas chapter 38 . 8/22/2010
Woah this was good... but yet... AH GODAMNIT WHY!

D: Fucking unhappy endings. I'm not one to talk but seriously! T_T Well, I guess these are the endings I hate the most - when the main characters don't even end up together. I prefer the tragedy endings in which one or more of the characters end up dying or leaving despite them loving each other - Romeo and Juliet or Swan Princess style, you know?

D: grawr damn you! It was so god... I pretty much figured this was how it was gonna end though, considering the way it was going. Still, awesome job.

Reader chapter 38 . 8/15/2010
You have started the greatest blasphemy known to earth. Do you know I almost got a heart attack reading the end of this story? Do you? Huh? Huh? I mean come on. Aiden needs someone to fix his broken heart. And though I must apologize for seeming so rude (especially after reading the other reviews you got) but like others, I seriously thought Aiden would at least end up with Max or Cory.

It was awesome right until the last couple of chapters. I didn't skip any chapters like some others but I am disappointed to have invested my time in something like this. Had there been no signals that Aiden might eventually end up with Cory or Max, I would have been fine with how it ended. However, throughout your story, you blatantly advertise both Cory and Max's attraction toward Aiden. So basically, I had a threesome vibe (Max dreams of Aiden then of Cory, Cory feels attracted to both Max and Aiden).And though you do make up for it by pairing Max and Cory together, it is still awful that Aiden ends up with no one.

Sorry again. I think this story is fabulous but that minor detail just totally floored me and I was angry enough to want to write this. Still, it's my honest opinion of the pairings.
lalaland22 chapter 38 . 2/23/2010
I wasn't trying to jump to any conclusions, because I know just how quickly a plot can change, I just thought it was a little quick to be thinking or even considering love, at chapter 3 of a story :)

Unfortunetly, I did skip to the last chapter when I first started reading. I'm glad I did, not because of your writing skills (from what I can tell you seem to be a pretty good writer) but because I really can't stand love triangles..I've read far too many on this website. Plus I hate getting so invested in two people getting together, just to have it not happen because I always feel bad for the one left out, espeacially if the main character loses the person to his/her best friend.

Kudos for trying to do something different though :)
lalaland22 chapter 3 . 2/22/2010
You have got to be kidding me. Aiden had only talked to Max twice and after the second conversation he is already 'feeling something at the bottom of his heart'. The guy pays for the service, like any decent person would, and Aiden already thinks that he might be feeling love for this guy...yeah right.

I'm sorry but it's only like the third chapter and your main character is already considering the possibility that he might love someone that he has barley talken to. It just seems really unrealistic...Aiden went from loathing the guy, to almost loving him, in ONE day.
gypsy madamme chapter 38 . 10/8/2009
so iskipped to the end from chapter 10 or so, and boy am i glad i did, because i absolutely hate stories that advertise one couple and ends up with another. but i like the way you write. it was quite engaging until i realised the plotline. i don't even need to read the rest of the story to know it would have been great for anyone who likes that kind of drama, so i'm very impressed.
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