Reviews for Safe Grounds
WhenceComethThisBoredom chapter 1 . 7/31/2008
whew, fictionpress was freaking out on me there for a second.

So. this grew on me as I read. At first it felt like a videogame of the old sort (ie "You're standing in a field. type 'L' to look around" and so on). Then it began to feel like an allegory, though I couldn't quite figure for what. by the end, though, I found myself quite happily involved in the story. I particularly liked this line: "The forest melts at your feet. Leaves blend into branches; branches blend into dirt," although I admit that I misread it at first as "bleed" instead of "blend", and I did like that better. but whatever. yes, anyhow. I like the end, the doomed-forever-to-run-circles-around-this-infernal-maze kind of thing (those words are all hyphenated, but I bet the hyphens will disappear when I submit this... oh well). It read fast, too, cuz of the sparse sentencing, thus enabling me to end up reading it all when I really didn't intend to read anything today. Oh wells. Kudos to you for that unintentional sneakiness.
PerpetualMotionDevice chapter 1 . 6/3/2007
Hm...I didn't really get it, if there was a meaning to this story, but I enjoyed reading it anyway. :D The description is good, and the second-person narration is interesting since it's so uncommon. It's just a thought, but are you planning on going anywhere with this, like extending it into a fantasy or something?