Reviews for tunn3l 0f an1th1ng but luv
Nonexistent Phantom chapter 1 . 12/29/2012

I was going to try and find something encouraging to say about your written piece, but I regret to say that there is nothing redeeming about this. I am not fond of flaming others' writing, but sometimes the experience of recieving a flame is necessary for growth. As you read this, please take my words to heart and know that sometimes a harsh reprimand is necessary to spur change in a person.

Where do I begin? I shall start by saying that there is this new invention I heard of. It's called English, and I suggest you use it. What you have here is not English. It is a conglomeration of all of the grammatical errors known to man, sloppily pasted together by the illiteracy of text talk with a side of ignorance. There is no way that you can repair this poor attempt at making your mark upon the annals of the written word, so I suggest you delete it. Backtrack to grade school and learn the value of capital letters at the beginning of sentences. Buy a dictionary for yourself and keep it close at hand. Practice pressing the apostrophe key in between "I" and "m."

And just for reference, "x3" does not represent "the litle harts," which, in fact, is misspelled. x3 is a shortened version of times 3, meaning multiplication. I don't suppose you've heard of it?

The only words you managed to spell correctly amounted to two- and three-letter installments including "the" and "of," along with an occasional five-letter simplistic word. Congratulations, they're the most infantile words in the English language. At this point, I'm not even sure a dictionary will be of any help to you.

You may find text talk to be the mightiest language in the world, but in the eyes of true writers, text talk is the scourge of mankind.

Also, there are not that many Zs in words. Z and X are both rare letters, but you have managed to insert one or the other in almost every single part of your story. "Herez" is not a word. Neither are "panefully," "spykes," "razorz," and "nives."

My advice? Go back to kindergarten.

I apologize for this; I wanted to find something encouraging to say, I really did, but I could not find a thing.
-Morbid Quill
insomniomniac chapter 1 . 6/7/2007
i lurv3d teh 6th line
hey maria chapter 1 . 6/7/2007
omg dis is soo d33p n compleks n its lyk makking mi brain hurt

keep writting!