Reviews for Sticks and Stones
XsilentXescapeX chapter 1 . 7/9/2007
this is awesome! very touching
When Nudity Ruled The World chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
Righty-o. I changed my one-shot penname. LOL. When nudity ruled the world. And it did, well, at least in my mind. Yep, cause underneath my clothes, I'm naked.

So I switched my oneshot to this account, and gave it a gay summary that would appeal to the masses of 13 year old on fictionpress, and presto, I have a zillion views, and it's only been like 3 hours.

I know I said i hated the whole 'i love you' things, but this came to mind, don't know how, but i think it has potential. WDYT? Oh, and it's purely dialogue right now.

[I think I love you.


Well, yeah. I mean, all those depictions of love in books, music, movies, I feel /nothing/ like that. The way I feel can't be said, and it definitely can't be written. I guess, it can only be felt, and right now, it hurts. Not in a physical way, but the pain is definitely there. When I can't talk to you, it hurts, and when I can't see you, I know I'm one step closer to death. And if there's ever a time that I won't be able to touch you, I know I'm in hell.

You /feel/ this way?

Yes. And it's okay that you don't feel the same way-because love is one sided.

I can try-

I don't want you to try. I just want to be able to love you. Allow me that one thing. Please.

I can do that.]

That, of course, would be the ending, or whatever I choose, but I thought it was more realistic, but still not realistic enough for my taste.

I'm in another one shot mode. I guess that's how I got the idea. I need some names. I'm thinking for the girl, who doesn't love him, she should either be Ansley or Cambria, and I have no flipping idea for the boy who's spilling his poor emotions. His bucket sure got a big scoop taken out.

That tis all I have at this moment. Right now, I'm scoping out that baby name site. I might start a fight on the forum, but who knows. If you have a hot name, attach it to a brick and hit me over the head with it.


hasta la vista baby.
K.B. Hanna chapter 1 . 6/15/2007
Boredom? I think not. This is boredom:


She hated phones, but she hated words more. If it weren't for words, there'd be no communication, and without communication, she wouldn't be locked in a bathroom stall, breaking up with her boyfriend via text messaging. It was rather pathetic on her part, further proving that she had no balls, but she never made such claims. After all, she was born a female-the lesser sex. Well, that was her excuse.

The current exchange between the two proved to be no less stimulating than trying to hold a conversation with her deaf grandmother every Saturday when visiting the veterans home. It was dull and every word mechanic, as if spoken, or typed, on routine.

She was tired of routine. She needed an escape, and dating Nevin was routine. Every word exchanged was carefully reviewed in silence before a verbal emission, and every touch and every kiss was hesitant. For once, she wanted to dive head first into the fray, seeking the unknown. She wanted her emotions, instead of rationale, to seize control.

/we need to talk/ were her first words as she locked herself in the stall. Even the break-up was beginning to seem routine. The nervousness she expected was absent, instead, it felt like another morning, another day.

Nevin was in class; a rapid response wasn't expected. He had his priorities straight, and conversing on the phone wasn't at the top of his agenda. God forbid his learning be disrupted.

Uncharacteristically, a response did come, seconds after the first message was sent.

/what's on your mind?/ His face, she imagined, wouldn't be filled with concern, but with a curiosity. Any concern was always directed towards himself, it was selfish, but it was one of the qualities she did like. It made him more human, more apt to err.

Any poetic words escaped the clutches of her fingers, and she slumped back against the blue, stall door. She wanted to leave a lasting impression, to be the first to hurt him with words.

/salem?/ His patience was wearing. He lived in a fast paced world. Meals were eaten in forty-five minutes or less and dates never lasted longer than an hour and a half. He could wait a little longer, she decided.

/yeah, i'm here/ she finally replied, the tips of her fingertips hitting the keys of her phone with more force than necessary.

/so...?/ She knew he wanted to add 'Why the fuck are you bothering me?'.

Snapping the phone shut, Salem thought for something to say. The phone flipped open, only to be snapped shut, once again. With an annoyed grunt, she opened the phone again and began to type.

/you're too predictable/

His response was delayed. In confusion, he was probably shaking his head, trying to make meaning of her words.

/what?/ She laughed, voice raw, surprisingly light, and tilted her head back to look at the ceiling tiles.

/i'm through with you/ Without hesitation, she pressed the /send/ button. The ease of ending the relationship rivaled the beginning of it.

Standing up, she let off a stretch, feeling no different than she had before she sent the first message and locked herself in the stall. She had wanted it to be harder, present more of a challenge, perhaps, that was the basis for the instigation.

Breaking up with Nevin didn't provide liberation, nor did it provide relief. Nothing was different. Her days were sure to continue on and usual, and any conflict between Nevin and herself would be nonexistent. Avoiding drama was one of his top priorities. He was above petty, high school bullshit.

Salem walked out of the stall, half hoping for something to be out of place around her, instead, she was met with the predictable. The same cycle repeated itself when she walked out of the restroom. The halls were fairly empty. People were still in class. Salem's gaze followed the approach and departure of the tall freshman with square, chunky, black glasses. He gave her a half wave. She returned the wave, wanted him to unexplainably drop down dead in the middle of the hall-anything to assure her something different was bound to occur.


Meh. I like yours better. My messenger kicked me off. It throws bitch fits every once in a while.
bloody mary chapter 1 . 6/11/2007
wow. this is... just so heartfelt, and the detail in it makes it seem almost like your there, in the secnes. its so realistic, are u sure its just a story?