Reviews for Valentine
Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys chapter 1 . 6/20/2007
I didnt actuali read this, lol - coz i wanted 2 review you quickly. Need to give u an FP update for me:

1. Ties that Bind Us, Chapter 11: About 70% done; im working on a back story and future plot. Everything has changed now. I know where i want to go, and i have MO.

2. Broken out of writers block - back to writing short immature-ish poems; to reboot my mind, lol. One called, 'Will' 'For Redemption' 'Always Hurt'

3. Ice Queen, that was for school. We went to see some exhibition on Antarctica at the museum; and had to write a poem about it. I think il get an A coz mi teacher loved it coz it was so unique and i had 'wonderfully captivating' imagery. Yay for me? But yer...wot u said bout Ice Queen was on the spot!

I want to buy Linken Parks new album; i do quite like them...just need 2 save up money for exchange; and i need to buy the new HP book and new Nightwish album! (Listen to the Amaranth sample on their web site - mi fav)

Got to go now; bout to walk to bus mall *sigh* its like 0 degrees outside too. Br.

Luv Ya!