Reviews for On the Way to Ever After: Ivy and Miguel Tell All
choc me chapter 1 . 11/7/2015
Ahhhh I think I'll re-read the whole story again...not only do I need some good - amazing- reading material but I want to immerse myself in this world again since there's a very real possibility that I'll be seeing it for real...*sigh*
Choc me chapter 1 . 1/5/2015
Hello Moira...

It's early in the morning and I haven't slept. I wanted to wait until I read this chapter to review (concentration issues as it often happens with me) but I needed to say a few simple things, but which mean a lot to me.

I've already told you about my opinion on your incredibly amazing writing skills, so enough of fan gushing about that :) [Although I meant every word of it]

But what I really want to say today, right now, is that you've touched me more than I could put into words with your stories. I know that life's not always been easy on you and that you yourself can give you a really hard time...Not feeling good enough and all that stuff. And I sometimes wonder if you truly realise not only how gifted a writer you are, but what an inspiring person too. You have so much to give and you seem to give freely, probably without even realising at times, I'd bet.

We've never met in person, but I learned so much from you and your stories. If I had to guess I'd say you're an old soul, wise beyond what even you can comprehend.

I've read good stories, I've read great stories, but I can truthfully say and without any false flattery that none of them moved me and taught me and so much more that your stories. My favourite being - as you surely know- "On the way to ever after".

If I were half as good with words as you I'd try to tell why and how exactly this very peculiar story moved and changed my life, but I don't think I could ever do it justice...

Just know that you amaze me. And Although we've never met in person, I love you... (Ahem in a platonic, sisterly, kindred spirit kind of way - Although I've don't have any problems with Lesbians! - But just so we're clear and I don't come across as creepy :)

(Did you know that when I came across your story I almost did not click on it because of the age difference? That would've been such a big, sorry mistake...All it took was one click..can you imagine that? Life is so...I don't have the words)
Choc me chapter 3 . 12/2/2014
Okayyyyy I have to ask...When Ivy was 20 she looked like she was 12. At the time this interview is taking place Ivy is 25 yeah? But how old does she physically look like?

Oh and it doesn't matter how long you take to update this, it's worth the wait...
Choc me chapter 2 . 12/2/2014
Here I am reading this fic all over again... My fav plushie :-)
Choc me chapter 19 . 12/1/2014
Hey Moira...I was tired of reading mindless fluff and half decently written fics, so I came back to this..(I admit I'm a snob when it comes to reading..) But mostly I needed some comfort and as far as fiction goes, this fic is it for me..
I saw that you've uploaded a new fic but right now I'm not feeling great and don't feel like meeting new characters.. I just want to get lost in something familiar, comforting, which brings me warmth...
choc me chapter 1 . 10/11/2014
Sorry m'lady, cough syrup tend to make me a little loopy...and though my words are mostly a convoluted mess, the sentiments behind them are heartfelt... 3
Choc me chapter 1 . 10/11/2014
I want - no demand! - more of that awesomeness!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/9/2014
Omg the last to chapters made me cry with all the emotional turmoil for both of them not knowing how the other feels, being up against everyone not really aproving of the relationship or of Ivy. Lala is so ... just there, sometimes its like just give him room to breath! Haha
i like that Migs finally really SAW Ivy for the first time as the more complacated person she is, and it made him realise how he had judged her. It made the interaction real. I fallin in love with these two charaters and their struggle to get together.

Ive had this story in my favs for ages and i only remember reading the first few chaps so when i saw youve updated i HAD to reread this again!. Keep going its great :)
CameliaLisha chapter 19 . 1/7/2014

Buhay ka! Buhay ka! Buhay ka! Nag-update ka! Nag-update ka! NAG-UPDATE KA!


Oh my gosh! You have no idea how happy this makes me! You, madam, have just completed my day!

I'm so happy that Ivy finally 'confessed' to Migs. Even if she didn't know it was him she was really talking to. I laughed when Migs confessed only to realized that Ivy was already sleeping. XD Poor Migs.

But really. I'm intrigued. Did Ivy got raped by her bastard-of-an-uncle? That bastard's attitude makes me think so. I pity Ivy. So pretty, but most guys who goes after her are all tarantado.

Kudos to a great chapter at isa ding Manigong Bagong taon sa iyo!

choc me chapter 19 . 12/30/2013
- Review continued -

(I was afraid FP would truncate my review - as it's done too may times - so I'm posting it in two parts for safe measures!)

One over thing I really feel should be mentioned, is how you've been able to show their character growth, while still keeping them perfectly in character and true to themselves. You write to different POVs in the first person and yet each voice is so distinct and that's even more impressive given that you've been writing this for a few years now!

You know what? I know I've read this story a couple of times, but I feel drawn to it, so much so that I'm gonna go over the whole thing once again. I still remember how even a few months after discovering this story, I'd go back to it, even late at night, whenever I needed some comfort :) I don't know if you realise it, that you can really touch people and bring warmth and comfort to them..

I'm really, really looking forward to reading more, but I'll wait as long as need be, cause as I've said before, it's totally worth it.. Ohhhh and for a little moment, I was afraid this was the end of the story, but it's not, right? It can't be over so soon..

One more thing: Would you consider also posting this to wattpad? A lot of Fp writers are moving their stuff to wattpad, and it's becoming more popular. Your stories and talent could get more recognition. And I really like their layouts, and how the site is managed. People can comment, follow authors to get updates, and vote for each chapter. The more votes you get, the more it propels you in the limelight of the site and you get more exposure.

I hope you're feeling better and that you'll quickly recover from you uber flu,

Happy New Year to you too :)

(big bear hug)
choc me chapter 19 . 12/30/2013
Hey girl! I was happy to see an update for this amazing story! Although I was expecting it when you mentioned a gift :P

I've missed this, more than I had realised. I've missed Miguel and Ivy a whole lot. And as always, it was well worth the wait :) Those past few days, I've been browsing the net looking for stories - published and unpublished- that could distract me, and draw me in and make me feel strongly about the characters, and I kept being disappointed over and over. Most I came across seemed trite, repetitive, with flat, one dimensional characters that I couldn't be bothered with. Oh and the writing...What's up with editors I wonder...Sorry! I know I'm being negative but it just annoys me and anyway, the point is, I'm really, really glad I found your stories. I know I've told you before, probably several times, but you're really gifted - your writing is amazingly good, the words and sentences flow naturally, and the characters feel so, so real and raw. Everything fits so simply and beautifully that I often feel like you're talking about real people and events that actually took place. And it makes my heart ache a little thinking that they're just fictional characters. Your ability to bring your characters to life and make the readers care so much about them is I guess it's what you can real talent :) I remember how I totally had a crush on Miguel when I first came across your story, and it would fill me with a floaty, happy feeling that left me sighing and smiling in a goofy way.. I loved and still love how Ivy is flawed- she might be a beauty but there's so much more to her than that, and in this chapter you've managed to really show this. She's not perfect, in fact she's pretty messed up and damaged, and you haven't romanticised this the way a lot of authors do. There's nothing pretty about abuse and that twisted relationship with her yucky tito. And you wrote that in such a raw way, that I think it's one of my favourite scenes in the whole story: Miguel seeing the 'real' Ivy, stripped bare, and accepting her and loving her just as she is.

To tell you the truth, I've grown a bit bitter and cynical where love is concerned (as if a part of me is locked up and can't feel as much), so I'm not as touched as when I first started reading your stories, but it still managed to move me; I smiled, I cared, my heart even ached at times for them (and a little for me I admit :) ), and I even laughed out loud at this:
"We were a sight both of us - our faces red and puffy, tears and mucus dripping from various orifices..." - which is possibly my favourite sentence in this whole chapter. What I mean to say is that, I haven't felt this way while reading for a long time, so thank you for that :)

Another of my favourite sentences in this chapter is: "...she was crying again. "You stand there looking like him, talking like him, and you ask me what happened?" And I also think this sentence for some reason is the one that touched me the most in this chapter, and made my little heart ache and feel comforted at the same time. I remember telling you that your story made me feel hope, and I'm surprised and grateful that it managed to bring some of that back. I'm feeling again, and that's just priceless sis..oh wow, I'm getting a little teary for some reason and it feels good...I thought I was becoming too blasé to feel this way about a story any more, and you just proved that I could :) I'm sorry if I'm babbling and if this doesn't make sense..
Skyterra chapter 19 . 12/29/2013

I'm really glad you updated! However, I think something went wrong with the autoformat or whatever, because there are A LOT of misplaced words and repeated phrases that weren't edited out. Would you mind fixing that? I am having trouble reading this post. That would be great.


Canaletto chapter 19 . 12/29/2013
I don't want to end my review on a sour note, so I'm just going to get the bad news out of the way.

I don't know if it is the site, or if something went wrong with your file, but the formatting of this chapter's first half is all over the place. There are repeated words, changes in tense right next to each other, and places were it looks like two versions of a sentence have somehow been combined. Your grammar is usually excellent, which unfortunately only makes the problem areas more jarring. I would suggest you give the site-version of your chapter a read through, because there are a lot of problems. And it's a shame, because as always, you provide great content, and the word weirdness is a distraction.

Okay, that's out of the way.

This chapter. So much happens! One of the reasons I find your writing so compelling is that you always keep your characters grounded in reality. Sure, the misunderstandings between Miguel and Ivy make me want give them a shake, but those misunderstandings are always in character, and more importantly, human. What I like about this chapter, with all its ups and downs, is that there are no … mean-spirited surprises. I never feel like you make a revelation for the sake of shock value. Everything is very organic. Your story progresses naturally, and that you can keep it so given how long you've spent working on it, is frankly amazing. I have always been impressed that with every new chapter you've kept each character's voice and, well, character, consistent, both with their first apprentice and their development over the story's run. I know that's not easy, and I applaud your success.

Looking over my earlier reviews, I realize I've been reading "On The Way To Ever After" (not when I started) for about two and half years now, and if anything, I am even more engaged with the story then I was when I began. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of fiction. And happy new year.

willow1122 chapter 18 . 8/13/2013
I cannot get over how beautiful your writing is. I can't wait to see what happens.
I look at the dates of your first posting, and your last update, and I think, she's still working on it. If you didn't finish it, I think this would be one of my top 5 unfinished stories to break my heart.
Keep up the great work.
CameliaLisha chapter 18 . 4/12/2013
Okay. Seriously. It's 1:34 in the morning and I'm still wide-awake reading your story! Do you have any idea what I Have to do to read this? I sneaked in our dormitory dean's office just to get hold of a computer and read your epic of a story!

I have only one word for you.


Here I am, sitting in the dean's office and trying hard not to scream.

I have a soft spot for huge age-gaps were the boy is younger. Those stories are my favorites. Except they're quite rare. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOURS.

I love the fact that this is set in the Philippines (hallo kababayan!). I love Migs and Ivy. I love, love, love they're relationships. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Super KILIG!

I find Ivy funny. Her constant denials about her feelings towards Migs. I like her potty-mouth and the fact that she knows exactly how messed up things would be with Migs, yet still wishes for it. And Migs... oh Migs... where can I find a guy like him? A guy whose steadfast and so loyal. I so love them.

And is it funny that I don't hate Lala? Sure, I didn't like her being a backtalker, but I just see a girl whose desperately in love with a guy.

Ah, Mig's mother is annoying. His family is annoying. It's like I seriously want to find them and punch their faces. Serious;y, what's up with them?

All, in all, I LOVE YOUR STORY! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh please, please do update! Your story brought out the side of me that likes and loves romantic story, the side that was hidden for so long. Please, please, please! I have never begged a writer to update before... but heck, I'm doing it right now! I implore your mercy!


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