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Counting Petals chapter 19 . 8/28/2008
Just thought I'd let you know I haven't disappeared, I'm just reading too fast to leave comments. I'm pretty into the whole "fairy tale" thing, so I'm loving this.
Jess chapter 26 . 8/28/2008
Ah, i am very interested in the Galant story :) And if i had been Aeleisa, i would have "accidently" pushed Gisela into a pile of flowers and then rubbed them all over her face in attempts to "help" her back up *crackles* hehe. Update soon! :D
dreamgazer220 chapter 26 . 8/28/2008
And so the plot thickens! I think my assumption early on in the story was correct, and everything's leading that way, so I'll be pretty excited if I'm right. This is such a lovely story, but of course I don't need to tell you that. It could definitely be a legit book, because everything is so realistic and unique. GREAT JOB SARAH!
searchingcrystal chapter 26 . 8/28/2008
I love this story so much! And I also love to hate Gisela! She acts like such a b! I can't wait to read more! So intriguing and interesting! Counting the days until next Thursday!
bee bee chapter 1 . 8/28/2008
jeesh i thought i'd reviewed before but i was looking through all of your reviews and i didn't see me so i apologize.

from the beginning of when i started to read this story it kept my attention.

you have a whole new world. a unique plot. amazing real and connective characters. and i adore this story. seeing an update is the high light of my day/week/etc.

i hope you love writing this story as much as i love reading it. and a little more that roane and aeleisa are showing each other at the moment. but hopefully hopefully it wil naturally progess into oodles and oodlses of something like love. : ]]
Counting Petals chapter 4 . 8/23/2008
I enjoyed the repartee between Aeleisa and Roane, especially the little interior decorating bit. It was amusing, without being too over-the-top, and it showed a lot about both of them.
Counting Petals chapter 2 . 8/23/2008
Wait, who were the people they found toward the end of the chapter? I'm a little confused there, though that may have been intentional, in which case you can ignore me. ;) This was an interesting start, though...I might have to read more.

"She was a few years older than her, but she had taken her in as a younger sister when she had arrived to live with her aunt and uncle, and she was the closest thing she had to a sibling." - All of the "she's" and "her's" were a little confusing.
dreamgazer220 chapter 25 . 8/22/2008
Hmph. Well, I guess I should be mad at you for updating while I was away and didn't know when I was coming back. BUT. It was a nice surprise to see that you had, in fact, updated )

Aw, I love this chapter. It was good! You're good with suspense. But. It's not like I need to toot your horn anymore than you could ) You're good at doing that on your own. Galant is becoming a definite mystery, and I'm anxious to see where it goes... ESPECIALLY WITH ONLY FIVE CHAPTER LEFT? OMGOSH YAY! That's so exciting!

Roane is so adorable.

But duh, James Marsden.

Therefore we knew that!

And I could TOTALLY picture Jamie-poo during this scene.

Yes, Jamie-poo. Deal with it.

Okay this review is obnoxious and long. BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR UPDATING WHILE I WAS GONE!

(Oh. I guess I'm back now.)
Jess chapter 25 . 8/22/2008
Ah! No, dont end it there :( the story is getting along magnificantly, i cant wait for the update :D
searchingcrystal chapter 25 . 8/21/2008
I love this story more every time. Post more soon!
geminibaby6789 chapter 25 . 8/21/2008
They're going together! Thanks for the update! I can't wait to find out what happens next. Update soon! :D
toxicomanne chapter 25 . 8/21/2008
hey. nice chapter there. you built up the tension nicely in the forward to ur updates.
Xanthe P chapter 24 . 8/19/2008
I've been engrossed since the start. :)

This is really, really good. Can't wait for more!
dreamgazer220 chapter 24 . 8/18/2008
Hahahahahaha. Great chapter! I loved the last scene! Total build up, then WHAM! Yay! Nice to know there's still a little bit of the old Roane/Aeleisa in them. And hmm... I REALLY wanna know more about Galant, and you're my friend, and YOU SHOULD TELL ME THESE THINGS, DAMMIT! I hate that you keep me in the dark. It's so bloody icky!

[That's right. I just cursed at you like I'm British. WHAT are you gonna do about it?]

AvidReader chapter 24 . 8/18/2008
Roane and Aeleisa are silly goones. Nice chapter, you did a great job at elaborating on the various aspects of your work and further setting up the plot. Cant wait to see what you have in store for the characters. Im excited for you to update and especially excited for the relationship between Roane and Aeleisa to progress.
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