Reviews for A Quivering Photon
WhenceComethThisBoredom chapter 1 . 7/9/2008
I am very fond of your opening paragraph. I like the idea of photons as a species, and I like how you sneakily gave the boy's age, and your description of him leaves me with questions.

Chucky. Gah, awful nickname. Makes me think of Child's Play, which, if you have never seen it, is a very special horror flick.

The thing had a very dreamlike quality to it.

I like the rapid fire metaphors. It has a nice, poetic kind of effect.

This is a very dark, vaguely creepy story. Charles/Chucky seems to be just on the verge of madness. I like this much.

A tinny grand? Is that even possible?

Yeah, reiteration of my claim that this whole thing feels like a strange, menacing sort of dream - a disjointed set of mundanish things with an undercurrent of insanity and menace. It's far from perfect, mind, but I certainly do like it.

Good job.