Reviews for And There Never was a Why
Alathea chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
I absolutely LOVED this story. The characters and the plot are so realistic, it's great! i especially like it how you didn't make it the stereotype relationship where the guy runs after the girl and they fall in love and kiss all in the first few hours of knowing one another.

My favourite part is when April and Blaze are fighting over whether it's better to be a guy or girl. I have this conversation all the time with my friends!

Big thumbs up!
Fiona chapter 1 . 10/3/2008
omg that was the cutest thing I've ever read!
remae chapter 1 . 8/13/2007
hey! I noticed that I hadn't checked out any of your writing or profile recently, so I decided to. and, I'm so happy I did and that I read this becuase I LOVED this once shot. I CRACKED UP at these lines:

"Teenage girls. They complained about a guy’s maturity level, but then they didn’t look at themselves and their gossip, so on so forth."

"I coughed absently. “And imagine this. This is a good day.”"

"Way to slaughter English, Brooke."

And seriously, THIS was one of the sweetest things I've read:

"“That’s nice, and I’d like that, but right now, just now, all I need is for you to kiss me.”

I grinned. “I can do that.”"

I really enjoyed reading this one-shot, it had me smiling practically the whole way through. It was great how it started and ended on birthdays and everything. The dialouge was catchy and cute, and everything was just so much fun to read. keep up the great work! :D
SavRm4MiLuv chapter 1 . 7/3/2007
OMG. First of all, my fav lines:

"She smiled; he smiled. God, that was a recipe for disaster. Now, she too has fallen into his innocent clutches."

"The instant she was out of my sight I slammed my head down onto the table. Ouch, that hurt, as much as I don’t want to admit it."

"Wlked bck hme w/ Adam. Alrdy left. Cu at hme.

-Way to slaughter English, Brooke."

"Why was confusion such a common emotion?"

"I was frozen on the spot even after she pulled away. Joy to the world."

LOVED IT. loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it!

You wrote his voice so perfectly, he was so... guyish!

I loved how you had the quotes between the different points in his life. I loved everybody's names! (Winter, Summers haha!)

And I loved how he didn't want to like her. And I love how she wasn't always just popping up, ya know? It made it so much more believable!

There were some typos in there... But u told me that u fixed em, so I'm not gonna piss you off by addressing them, lol.

The characters were so realistic and likeable, esp Blaze. (Awesome name, btw)!

The only thing that's wrong with it are the typos, and since those are fixed, I'm assuming that ur revised version is PERFECT!

Bravo, dude! You rock!
EmoAssassin chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
ok's im not done reading reading it in parts...anywho,

thanks you so much for dedicating this to me! its so cute! makes me kinda depressed i dont have that kind of luck with guys, lol! cant wait to finish it! ill reveiw as i read! so far its great (cept for some spelling and such...but its not like i don't do that, u know im just so "specail")

thanks again!

~EmoAssassin, Chrissee, Crispee, etc...