Reviews for You're My Addiction
xtotallyatpeacex chapter 1 . 7/5/2007
Um. The writing strcuture is different.

Oh. You knew that? Sorry, my mistake.

Lol. I didn't know you posted this. You never tell me these things, Rhandi. Where is the TRUST? Gawd. I just don't think we can make this work anymore. I can't have a relationship built on lies. It's not you, it's me.

I've never understood that. I mean, obviously it WOULD be them, if you're breaking it up. Why sugar-coat it? Why not just go, "Look, your singing sucks ass. I hate you."

I did like this though. Muchly.

Yeah, I just found the first part of Carnal Cove on my computer somewhere, so I just decided to write the other four thousand words. It was supposed to be my cliche, you know. When I was in my cliche mood. And I had to do that weird thingy with the extra chapter so that someone would review it - even though THREE people have added it to their favs - and still, no one did. Except for you. Aw. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yeah, I'm still thinking about stabbing Nikita. I did try and start chapter four, but all I've got is: some random that was briefly mentioned in chapter two coming in, being mean to her, Rhiannon defends her then tells her to grow a backbone, and then her little friend Matt takes her back to his place where all the neighbours are gathered including Grayson to watch the easter sunday rugby (coz New South Welshpeople are weird like that. Who even likes the rugby?) and then at the end her parents will come in and be all, "Hey, did you miss me?" And maybe they'll poke her eye out. But I haven't actually written anything. And I had to change the summary because no one at all was even clicking it, and now I got like another hundred hits in two days.

I think I'm going to message the people who added Carnal Cove to their faves but didn't review and be all, "Hey, not cool man. YOU SUCK!"

What's the nationals for? Oh, are you in band camp? Not that there's anything wrong wiht band camp... I mean, I'd like to play the drums. Top anger management.

Optometrists scare me. Because I always get worried I'm going to have to have a needle stuck in my eye. And that is like the thing I'm most scared of EVER. I'm sposed to go to one next week, but I haven't worn my glasses for a couple of years and now I'm practically blind. I can't even read the footy scores on the tv so I have to get someone to read them out.

Well I thought I'd have plenty of time to send you a message because weren't you going to be gone for a whole week? And... I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh yeah.

I had a birthday. I can now LEGALLY go and screw whoever I want! I mean, not that I would. I'm just saying. So yeah, I wasn't counting down to Independence Day - like I'd care - but my BIRTHDAY. The day before. Der. And you think you're smart at maths. I didn't get a present though. And nobody remembered it to text me. So I texted everyone to remind them. I'm obnoxious like that. Nah, I only reminded a couple of people. And they still sent me a message a minute too late, so I got it on the fourth. Jeez.

Your granmda sounds like she was a laugh and a half. Ha. Can't believe I just said that. Anyway. Could be worse. She mightn't be there at all to nag you. And you get to leave your town with a funny name. Hahaha.

See? Look how nice and good this message is? Aren't you glad you waited? That should have been a yes. I'm going to go now, and wallow in my lack-of-reviews grief. Have fun getting needles in your eyeballs.
Faith Adeline chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
I like this piece. It's real, it's raw. Keep it up.

CynicalValentine98 chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
In my personal opinion, I think the structure fits the piece. I used to write like this a lot, not so much anymore, though... Anyways, I liked it. Short, but it was the right length. Good job. Keep writing.
Sally Can Wait chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
So I'd just like to say that I totally like your username.

This was very, very good. It was such a realistic portayal of so many people. Amazing job.

Venicerox18 chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
This was really good, different but very, very good. Add more soon.
Moonflower098 chapter 1 . 6/28/2007
I love this! Personally, I write a lot of one shots. (Many that won't see the light of day!)

I'm very impressed, and I loved your story!

Keep writing!