Reviews for Faking Clever
LadeyJezzabella chapter 8 . 10/27/2011
Heh, good ending. I'm really starting to like Bobby. I loved his 'Shall I break in?' part. He's hilarious. I hope nothing bad has happened to Bailey! Great chapter!

Jess x
Purpleness chapter 7 . 10/22/2011
i love this story and i am SOOOOO glad that u decidde to continue it. i'll be waiting for the nest update! keep up the good work! :D
renegade01 chapter 7 . 10/22/2011
I loved the interaction between Kayla and Varderen. It was brilliant, especially when she started sulking about him not wanting o kidnap her. ;) Now I really want to know why everyone's after Bobby.
LadeyJezzabella chapter 7 . 10/21/2011
Again, an brilliant chapter! I love your writing style, and Officer hilarious, and I'm intrigued about this Varderen character, he seems cool. I'm really looking forward to another update :)

Jess x
LadeyJezzabella chapter 6 . 10/17/2011
Wow this was so good and funny! I couldn't stop laughing! Hope you update soon, your story is so thrilling I'm gripped!

Jess x
renegade01 chapter 6 . 10/15/2011
Gosh this story is awesome. I've loved every single chapter so far and its definitely made me laugh. Hope you write more soon. ;)
FM Radio chapter 5 . 8/28/2009
That was awesome. I'm so glad that you updated! This is just so crazy...and is that other motorcycle guy going to reappear you know the one whose bike she wrecked? Please update again soon!
LynOlivia chapter 1 . 8/6/2009


it's so funny & entertaining .

i literally laughed out loud .

especially, when kayla's at the bar crrying about her problems to the random guy .
AmyRose1978 chapter 5 . 7/21/2009
I've really enjoyed reading this story so far, I like how the story flows and the humour is just perfect. Am looking forward to seeing how the story goes.
violet-eyez chapter 5 . 6/25/2009
lol, hilarious been a while since i read a well written story that was funny
Aya Moon chapter 5 . 6/21/2009
I love this story! I'm so glad you updated it after such a long time!:)
Jessie L. Star - AKA star123 chapter 5 . 6/14/2009
My goodness! I'd pretty much given up on you ever updating this again, but I'm so stoked that you have come back with a fifth chapter. I re-read the whole story again, and laughed as much as I did the first time round so the gap has been good in a way as I'd forgotten some of the funniness.

I know I would have said this to you before, but it's brilliant to read something Australian. The speed limits make sense and the people seem more believable (strange as that may seem what with all the gun pulling and unprofessional policemen!). Bobby is so annoying, but in a really endearing sort of way. I'm looking forward to hearing what he's taken from the scary people/ what he has that the scary people want.

I hope you update again soon, I've really enjoyed reading this again and (true to form) I have Unsent Letter stuck in my head. Oh and I went to see Hawks play yesterday...probably less said about that the better, huh?
starlight-angel88 chapter 5 . 6/12/2009
Nice story so far! Keep up the good work!
CocoLacroix chapter 4 . 3/21/2009
i love this story, its like a crazy comedy movie.

also, yay for a story set in aus!

but hey, in an earlier chapter you had officer stanley ask for license and registration - thats an americanism! our rego's are the stickers on our windshields :p

keep up the good work luv! looking forward to more crazy adventures
Arianna Cross chapter 4 . 12/9/2008
*rolls on the floor* This is so awesome! There's not enough reviews! You totally killed my sides laughing my ass off and it's only four chapters so far.

Kayla has the worse luck ever. Lol. And I love the fact that she goes Hulk on everyone at the slightest mention of being a girlfriend to the teenage pervert. I can't wait till she meets with the sexy biker much less what other bad luck she'll encounter. Who the hell did she piss off in another life? It must be Bobby though. 20 dollars is a lot for a week but definitely not enough. Haha.

Love the story please update soon!
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