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jammi chapter 48 . 6/16/2008
"He warned us to not get lost in the woods, or drown. If we were about to, we should pray for guidance and then call for help."

LMAO at their priorities.

And that scene where Kylie sort of lost her head for a moment there, she would go to Christian camp and try her hands at being a bully. Well, not a bully per say since she was just following Leah but sheesh, that was harsh. And at least she felt bad afterwards, she probably won't do that again.
CatDog-runs-fast chapter 47 . 6/16/2008
“her butt’s are too big” That doesn’t sound right. It should either be our or ‘butt is’.

The conversation came really easy in this. It wasn’t rushed or anything. I think Kylie should start paying more attention to the estrogen- filled part of her.

ah, poor Kylie, off to a Christian camp that she doesn’t want to go to. She seems like a bit of a push over some of the time, or maybe her mum is just strong willed.

You don’t seem racist by the way.
jammi chapter 47 . 6/15/2008
hah, this chappie got posted while i was reading/reviewing the last one.

LOL at her mother, way to ambush her. She still hasn't caught on to the fact that Kyle isn't friends with Wendy anymore? oh, and I meant to mention earlier that I agree fully with Kyle's ideal guy, especially the whole wanting her the way she is.

Ew to that armpit hair thing, LOL, I mean I know it happens but it's so random, and he just fully does it in front of her like it's nothing.

That kid discussion was the cuteness and I like how it moved into the race discussion naturally. And Wes is right about being able to tell someone's mixed though most of the time it's because their skin is the same shade all year round and their hair type. For the record, I see Kylie as someone with Jessica Alba's complexion and hair like Mariah Carey when she first came out. She doesn't *look* like them, but those are the features I see for her based on the descriptions of her hair and skin. Wes... is Wes, lol, I guess he has skin like Wentworth Miller but everything else is all him.

The whole race discussion, yeah, people are assholes when it comes to mixed kids/interracial couples although this is pretty naive but for some reason I rarely consider a mixed girl dating a black/white guy as being interracial even though in my mind the girl would be black.

You know, for someone who's characters are so blunt you have the whole subtle relationship thing down well, it's slightly irritating, LOL, makes me wish for the stories where it's so obvious the guy wants her but she refuses to see it because 'he's too good for her! And so pretty!' while he's thinking 'she doesn't want me because I'm shallow! Though I'm really not and she's amazing!' [though to be totally honest sometimes that level of foolishness can be hot, lol, just the intenseness alone of their almost moments works brilliantly with the right author though it's irritating as well] and it's staring everyone in the face that they want each other.

But you, you manage to show everything from Kylie's POV so well that aside from a few hints we're not sure if Wes likes her and then he acts the way he always does and you think 'am I looking too much into this?' but then he does something like that kiss on the swings thing and it's like ARGH! damn highschoolers! hahah, it is a good thing that you have us feeling the way Kylie does except with just that little bit of insight to think that he does like her but it's not so obvious that we know without a doubt he wants her. Frustrating but brilliant. And since this is what you have without blatent sexual tension I'm sure it will get even more interesting as it grows, unless it turns out Kylie is the only one feeling this way. It's going to be hard enough to read when she realises that the reason she's been acting the way she does is because she likes him, if it's all one sided, geez.

Though I don't think it is, but great chapter and I like the way you brought in certain topics without making the story overly heavy.
jammi chapter 46 . 6/15/2008
That giggling thing is actually extremely sucky, although I haven't done that since... grade 9? Then again grade 10 I was too busy trying not to puke from nerves to really become friends with a guy/get a crush. I do like the fact that you mentioned the inane giggling and not knowing why it's happening. Like, sure the person was/is funny but when you're dying and everyone else only smiled it throws you off, lol.

"Do you masturbate?: When my hands aren’t busy, i.e. when I’m done answering this question.

That is funny though, lol, crude but amusing. She has no problem saying she doesn't have a lot of friends because few people can tolerate her but she can't write the word 'breast', lol.

Carol Anne... lmao, she is something else. i'm sure candid photos that are *all* about the same person falls into the stalker category and LOL at her thinking that Kylie would understand. Maybe she means the admiring his beauty from a distance but knowing you won't be with him type thing? Oh well, hahah, that's still creepy.
Missus Finkle chapter 46 . 6/15/2008
Lol, good lordy i love this story, lol.

Update soon !

~ Missus Finkle xx
CatDog-runs-fast chapter 46 . 6/15/2008
I hope Kylie’s grandma’s going to be okay.

Carol Anne is freaky. Stalkerish freaky. Will Wes find out eventually, or will nothing come of it?

The questioner part was funny.
Missus Finkle chapter 45 . 6/14/2008
E ! Love this story !

~ Missus Finkle xx
jammi chapter 45 . 6/13/2008
She gets embarrassed so easily, lol, and I don't even blame her. I think Kylie is the character I connect most with out of all of your characters even though she's the second most insecure one out of them all.

Wes is such a child sometimes, lol, like with that whole driving scenerio.

And about her observations about race, that's interesting, maybe it's because of my culture and the schools I went too when I was younger there were long discussions about race. But they were to fight in as well, I was black but I was 'Jamaican' since I lived in a fairly carribean community. I knew a girl who you knew wasn't white who called herself black because she was from South Africa and all her friends were black, then there were the tamals, arabs, etc. If we didn't know what you were after we'd been friends for a while someone would just ask you where your parents were from or straight up ask you what you were mixed with, lol.

I like the fact that you mentioned that although race isn't like a huge thing in your story [which i also like], because it sort of sets up her situation even more, I don't know how it feels not to know what I am but I know some people who got ragged on because of it even when they're clearly mixed. Though sometimes if we don't know for sure they fall under the 'ethnic' heading, lol, you're obviously not white so you're automatically lumped under either hispanic or black and if you don't claim either you're ethnic, but not white. Which can cause problems and can be close minded but oh well.

Davd and Madison were in it to win, lol, they were going all out did she even place? And I'm glad that you showed that despite how it appears she does have friends even if some of them are just acquantices.
jammi chapter 44 . 6/13/2008
"Marie gasped loudly across the room, crossing her legs flamboyantly, flashing any innocent bystander into blindness. She was sitting on a desk that was probably shaking like a screen door in a hurricane, considering her weight."

ROTFLMAO, wow, bitchiness abounds, hahahahah, too jokes.

Hmm, I wonder what Wes was going to say about why Nat was so quiet at their date.

And LOL what does Wes mean he doesn't dazzle people, that shy chick was hiding from him because he's 'nice'. Puh-lease, he knows that if he asked any of those chicks at the school they'd swear he pissed glitter, haha, he's that amazing. I love how you managed to maintain Wes' hotness throughout the story without gushing over him, just like dropping casual comments and the way people react to him and it's working brilliantly.

Did I miss a reference somewhere? the only Heather O'Rourke I know was the chick from Poltergeist and she died in February.[had to bust out that google-fu, LOL] And if it's someone you know personally I'd say sorry but since I don't know you/her like that it wouldn't be much comfort.

Kylie is losing her mind isn't she?LOL, It's really weird to see her going through that insecure stage that girls go through, yeah she's been seeing Wes in a different light of late but she's refusing to acknowledge it like that [and I like you showcase that] but then she's seperated Bliss into a total seperate entity from herself, which I'm sure says quite a lot about her personality. I mean, I know Kyle is insecure but she manages to hide it from herself and others so well that when she had those litlte moments of self doubt and whatnot though it's necessary it is, as you've pointed out, a bit gay. But how many teenage girls don't tend to have thoughts that are zesty like that? Lol, normally when they're PMSing but I guess it happens under situations of high stress as well, explains why there is so much highschool drama.
CatDog-runs-fast chapter 44 . 6/13/2008
The first line got me confused about who was speaking, Wes or Nina? I like their reactions to Kylie’s date though.

The conversation about the you knows what’s you know what was awkwardly funny. Kylie has some weird conversations with guys.

And now Kylie’s hearing voices, its sort of weird... is she really crazy or does she just have a good imagination?

Blame my lack of exposure to culture, but who’s Adonis, oh never mind, I’ll google it.

And Wes in a musical? that will be interesting.
Anatomical Liberation chapter 2 . 6/12/2008
Fantastic story!
Missus Finkle chapter 43 . 6/12/2008
Lol, don't be so judgemental about your work !

I genuinely really love it, lol.

Update again soon !

~ Missus Finkle xx
jammi chapter 42 . 6/10/2008
"“It is. All these kids attract pedophiles, and they attract those gay bars they have a few blocks down.”

“There’s nothing wrong with gays.” I mumbled.

“Yeah, but it’s not a great place for kids. I just like the shopping.”"

Her aunt is ridiculous, lmao.

"My mom was behind her, looking rattled.

“That was the ugliest man I’d ever seen!”"

ROTFLMAO, that made me laugh so hard, I don't know why, hahah.

"He was Mexican, which gave him a slightly stereotypical Mexican look, but he was paler and it wasn’t as extreme. Like Eddie Guerrero—you know he’s Mexican, but he doesn’t really look Mexican-Mexican."

Nice description there, LOL.

Wow, Kylie has a lot of baggage doesn't she, at least she's enjoying her Bliss while she can, I'm sure Bliss will be making way for muscle pain since running home when she avoids exercise like it's the devil is going to burn like hell the next day, lol, but being carefree is pretty great too.

Not even carefree, ecstatic might be a better word since a)she's running and b) she's breaking down all her emotional baggage and kicking them to the curb when she usually just blocks them off.

The fact that Nat is sort of like Wes has nothing to do with her liking him does it? Mmhmm, lol.

And when are you going to update I've Got Serious Issues? lol, I really want to know what happens next chapter, hahah, just thinking about it makes me giggle.
CatDog-runs-fast chapter 42 . 6/10/2008
Its cool kylie's happy, if not a bit... too happy if you know what i mean.

Just one thing that i noticed: sometime syou start a new half way through a sentence and its a bit annoying.

Cool chapter though. David and Madisons reaction to the date was hilirious.
jammi chapter 41 . 6/10/2008
I don't know what this says about me but I have no sympathy for freshman Kylie, I mean really, sleeping with someone to get him to be your boyfriend? That's really how you want to start a relationship? Really now? Honestly, and this is the same guy who would apparently say yes to a date with a chick if she had the nerve to ask him, so all she really had to do was ask him out and then try to work it out that way. And then lying and saying she wasn't a virgin after she got him drunk, oh come on.

Not to say Wes isn't a total whore for putting out for Scotch, lol, but still, she was an absolute idiot.

Hmm, out of curiosity are you going to be writing about Kyle throughout highschool, like from grade nine to senior year or does it end with grade ten?
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