Reviews for Back To The Top
Inescapable Nymph chapter 26 . 6/15/2009
Love the first story in this series but I have to say that this one let me down a bit. The plot was no where near as good sorry.
RayaSlayer chapter 26 . 6/5/2009
aw...that is so incredibly sweet

Sigh..what a lovely way to end the story.

Thank you so much for this story! It has been an absolute pleasure to read.

RayaSlayer chapter 19 . 6/5/2009

um...i think the thing that didn't flow was the pregnacy. It was so sudden that it just didn't fit.

Don't get me wrong, i am really really happy that she is pregnant :) but i think that you need to go back and give subtle hints that she could be pregnant so that it flows into the story.

I hope that helps

Devilish Kisses chapter 26 . 5/24/2009
Graet sequel! Can't wait to read the next one!
Devilish Kisses chapter 10 . 5/24/2009
lol, can I just say how jealous I am that you got to see nickelback! and I'm so glad that Iz is finally about to get rid of that jerk!
Devilish Kisses chapter 2 . 5/24/2009
I'm thinking that maybe Alexis bledel could pass for Greta. And what the hell happened? I thought Iz married Jake! Ah well, I'll keep reading to find out
theUNKNOWN chapter 20 . 5/2/2009
DanielleB50 chapter 6 . 5/1/2009
OMG! she so needs to leave him!
1234567890 chapter 26 . 4/25/2009
I loved phone calls from a rock star and this book. I'm in love with your writing lol.
AAHHH chapter 2 . 4/25/2009
"NO..." I screamed that when I found out that she has a husband, named Brad. D: WHY? I'm going to have to read...
gulistala chapter 18 . 4/21/2009
She's pregnant isn't she?
gulistala chapter 6 . 4/21/2009
Wait what kind of a hold does Brad have on her? Why can't she divorce him? Is it because of what he does for the children's centre? If so, she could just plan a charity event with Controlled Environment and they could raise a hell of a lot of money again. Or is it something else? Hmm.
gulistala chapter 5 . 4/21/2009
Okay I feel super guilty for not having a lot of faith in Iz. Darn, I shoulda guessed it would be Jake who was the one responsible.

Damn, James died? Why?
gulistala chapter 2 . 4/21/2009
Let me guess, Iz broke up with Jake cos of his addiction, when he needed her the most, because she couldn't take it. So afterwards she was in a mess and then Brad found her? Oh no, no no no! ( Damn this is going to be one heck of a story.
3DarkGoddess3 chapter 26 . 3/21/2009
Another great story. I can't wait to read the next story about the kids. I'm addicted to these characters.
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