Reviews for Wishful Thinking
Aria's Loft chapter 1 . 7/25/2007
This deffinitly has possibility. I like the job you've done creating the characters. That said, I think there's a couple times you use adverbs with speaking verbs "snapped coldly" and "replied wryly". You don't really need them there - the readers should be able to tell the way these things are being said from what you've written around them (and, in these cases, I'm sure they could)

Also...she's in college and she has an eight year old son she thinks is four? It seems a little absurd...maybe make the ages closer, like three and five. Even if she's not being serious, the way it is now just kind jolts me and makes me scratch my head.

But overall, nice start, good characters, some good dialog, and I'll be looking to see where you take it.