Reviews for Doing the Doodie Work
Essie chapter 23 . 11/24/2007
This is terri-fic! adding it to my favourites!
anne chapter 23 . 10/23/2007
i really don't know what's going on. A couple of funny moments. But I'm really confused. And it's weird because I can't seem to stop reading. I want to know what hell is going on!
Unknowning chapter 23 . 9/25/2007
“You said that’s not romantic.”

“It’s better than having to get fondled.”

-Haha. I haven't reviewed in a while. Sorry about that, school has taken over my life. I still love this story. I wish that I could give you a more in depth review, but I have a crap load of homework to do. :]
Wecanonlygoforward chapter 2 . 9/22/2007
I love this!
Airily chapter 23 . 9/22/2007
Hmm. I feel like you're keeping us distanced from Jonathon for a reason. He's not exactly the swoon-inducing heroic male lead, is he? I like that. It's refreshing.

I love your other stuff too, by the way. Your style is brisk and to the point and, though your description is minimal, there's enough detail for me to establish the scenes in my head - so I commend you! I usually skim through chapters on fp (because people seem to think big chunks full of unneccessary description good writing) but I can read properly through yours without getting bored. So, er, thanks. Haha. :)

(Oh, and I empathise with you about the whole schoolwork thingo. Stops me leaving more reviews than I should.)
ATangibleEssence chapter 1 . 9/18/2007
any chance on an update? please? pretty please?
pleasebequiet chapter 22 . 9/5/2007
werewolf? Ghosts? hahaha. This story is very entertaining. update soon! _
jammi chapter 22 . 9/2/2007
"Goddamn it.

“Henry!” I shout angrily, “Can’t you read porn or something interesting?”"


"The young man is posing in the picture looks rugged but is still undeniably hot. If Henry’s worried about being ‘turned’ then at least he won’t come out ugly."

hahaha, again, nice.

"I think he’s an Epicurean – maybe. No… nah. All teenage boys like to fondle anything aside themselves (most of the time) but they’re not all Epicurean."


Like you said tres short but still amusing and Henry's home, which might make things more interesting since the supernatural things seem to be after him.
DelicateFalsity chapter 2 . 9/2/2007
this is really good so far!
Alice0Lucy0Raven0Solay chapter 22 . 9/2/2007
this is an alright story, but you need to update for dear imagination! and dont you dare take it off! seriously. i'm getting lonely without christopher's...surlines...? and lynn's...craziness, and who could forget about...christopher's cousin's idiodicy? (shutup, i'm not good with names!) so go and update them all! read over them if you have to! go!
The Breakdancing Ninja chapter 13 . 8/30/2007
Man, crap, I thought Henry was going to give us more clues! Jesus Christ, poor Bev. Now she's all paranoid. I like that scene where she thinks Lardy is talking to her, especially when she starts licking her cat parts LMFAO Man, poor Bev. She's slowly going crazy

I think though that the scene with Jordan, Stan, and Big-mouth (WE HAVE A GUY LIKE THAT! it's like his teeth can't fit in his mouth or something and he has beady eyes!) went on sort of long...
The Breakdancing Ninja chapter 12 . 8/30/2007
There's a band called "The Bloodthirsy Butchers" if that counts at all.

I forgot to mention something I was supposed to write in last chapter's review. Even though there were four characters and three of them were sort of cloistered in the same group, I think it was executed really well. The dialogue tags were helpful and economizing. I could even hear the voices, like Roger's sounded Prim Proper to me-you know, the old Nickelodeon kind, and Toby's sounded like it had more of a nerdy slur, and River's sounded like... deep but soft. Like Milo from "Pepper Ann" ROFLMAO (milo's fuckin' badass)

This chapter was also pretty hilarious; it's sort of sad how all of them get lumped in the same class. Brought me back to old high school memories of Spanish and how much I sucked eggs at it. English is so totally a conformist language though-and it's pretty weird that Catherine would choose French. She seems too gruff for French. The people who take French're usually more laid back and stuff. Wait, that's a stupid observation. rofl

Sully's probably wanting to gnaw on some deep fried girl finger right now. lmao!

I'm wondering about what Henry has to say, but damn it, if Bev misses him so much, she should freakin' call him so we could find out what that monster thing is!

I think it's looking for Henry.

I think it's... Shaquille O'Neal LMAO!
The Breakdancing Ninja chapter 11 . 8/30/2007
ROFFLECOPTER hold on a moment while i put on my cryptospecs lmfao

[“Are you serious?” Roger asks, his face breaking into an unnaturally handsome grin. It’s pretty odd considering that disturbing haircut.] This is what I like about your characters. They're really weird, even to the point of creepy, but all of them are attractive in this strange aesthetic sense. Except for Reuben. I don't know about that kid. lmao

[“I dunno,” I shrug and head up the stairs to the second floor, where my class is. “You’re not an ogre.”

“Oh… okay. Neither are you.”] ROFL!

I like that the tall kid's name is River. We went for a few chapters without his name. I think he's the cute one. Him and Roger. Roger and River lmfao

... -gives Jon a cookie.-
savsnickadoodle chapter 21 . 8/25/2007
I'm not usually one for the supernatural genre but this is really good! As for what the big scary monster thing is... I have no clue, but I will take a shot in the dark and say some variation of a werewolf, only because of all the dog related events (and Henry mentioned it)...I can't wait to see what the thing really is, and I love your secondary characters especially Roger, Reuben and I sensing an R theme. They're all great and so unique. Keep it up!
tok715 chapter 2 . 8/19/2007
theres a man who lives in my apartment building, he smokes cigars and has like 5 cats he takes out each day on a leach.

I call him Tom. Because I'm weird like that.
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