Reviews for Doing the Doodie Work
Alice0Lucy0Raven0Solay chapter 21 . 8/17/2007
haha! the stupid preist person died! :D i gots school work too. an ar book, which is really stupid and the constitution to study, plus some science notes to copy down... least you get to read... *jealous*
jammi chapter 20 . 8/15/2007
I come from a very superstitious family and honestly, if any of my friends pulled out a Ouiji board I'd probably hide in the closet and call my mom to come get me if I didn't have a car, lol. I'd rather be at home slightly ashamed that I was scared of a board then there incase some psycho demon pops up and turns that house into a scene from Amityville horror.

On that note, I'm glad Roger warns her after she gets all freaked out about not understanding the ghost. And does the ghost think that since Jon and Meg aren't identical they're not twins? Or maybe Jon isn't actually *Jon* maybe he was switched.

"“At least our coach isn’t a pedophile!”

Any sounds in the gym stopped quickly while people stared at Jordan and Jon, daring them to have a comeback.

“At least our coach got some!” Jordan cries hotly. “Maybe if yours did, too, you’d win a couple games for real!”"

Hahaha, nice comeback, really, hahahaha, although if you're the team that wins all the games it's understandable why you'd be pissed. And gym coaches are some of the creepiest people ever. Even if they're nice it's just a bit weird to see someone perky at eight in the morning and telling you that even though it's about five degrees outside you still have to run since there's no snow on the ground. Psycho.

Anyhoo, really enjoying this story and like I said before I love your writing style.
Some Stranger chapter 19 . 8/15/2007
Dammit...You update too quickly.

I love the whole DDR-thing. It's hilarious. And it was so funny how Rodney couldn't celebrate in front of the rest of them. What a weirdo. A loveable weirdo though, haha.

Jon is odd when he's stoned/drunk. I mean...sure everyone's odd, but it was just weird to see /him/ like that because he's usually so cool and collected. This time around I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. But I guess that was the point. All in all it makes him seem more human. Even if he's not ;)

I like the idea of the ear though. It makes sense, because of the whole "Lardy-inccident". In animal terms it was a declaration of respect and even love. Haha, I'm so corny...
Unknowning chapter 20 . 8/15/2007
Ouija boards scare the living hell out of me. Hm, what Mr. Granger said confused me, about Jon and Meg. Was he saying that Bevin is safe with Jon? I think that's what he was saying. Haha, Jordan was pissed at the pep rally. I wish someone would do that at our pep rallies. Why is it always coaches getting in trouble for stuff like that? Seriously. Hm, Jon didn't talk in this chapter. He can't be in every one of course. I liked this chapter, it was lengthy and informational. It sucks that Bevin didn't have a chance to ask about the thing she's been seeing.
megan chapter 20 . 8/15/2007
lol. thats fun. keep updating! ")
jammi chapter 19 . 8/15/2007
Maybe Jon's a werewolf.


So yeah, I'm about five chapters late with that, but STILL. Poor Frank, creepy little bugger gets stolen then has his ear cut off.

I just checked the time and thought I should apologize from now incase my reviews make no sense. It's 3 in the morning Canadian time so yeah. Love this story though. Hopefully we'll learn what the thing is because it's killing me.

And now that I'm about to turn off the lights I feel slightly creeped out thanks to all the name calling no one else hears and that cupawhatever creature. *sigh* oh vell, great job and can't wait for the next update :) I love how this story isn't conformist ;)
jammi chapter 18 . 8/14/2007
"Buddy looks more like a Quasimodo, but I don’t say this because it’s rude."

hahaha, nice.

You really know how to end yuor chapters on either funny or slightly creepy notes that make you want to keep reading. I like how she's going with the flow even though I have to admit I think watching people do DDR is the funniest thing ever. I can't take them seriously, it's fun but when they go at it like it's going to significantly affect their lives I just start to crack up.

Especially if they do hand movements to the music. And drunk Jon sure knows how to make an awkward situation just that much more uncomfortable, lol.

What's up with her sister anyway?
jammi chapter 16 . 8/14/2007
hahahaha, I like this chapter it sort of sets the mood back to being light hearted even while it addresses what had happened the night before.

"“The dude looked straight up crazy,” Andy finishes firmly. “We wasn’t playin’!”"

hahaha, even though it was sweet of them to jump the guy to get Cat back. I love how she's happy to be pumped up with drugs.

"Crap. Some spooky monster followed me home or something. Maybe I should call Rushmore’s boys up here….

A few seconds pass while I stand in the foyer, thinking. I better take a knife.

The biggest, sharpest butcher knife from the kitchen is shaking in my hands, while I creep up the stairs. Crap. I’m going to die.

My brother’s door is barely ajar, so I tap it open a bit more, silently. Someone is in his bed, under his covers. Henry’s got dark navy blue bed covers, and I pray to God that they won’t have to turn purple. I tread across the room and stop with my empty hand inches from the blanket and the knife wobbling, dangerously close to my thigh. With Catherine’s face in my head as a motive, I yank the covers up and jump back, dropping the knife clumsily.

Like I’ve got the guts to stab something, yeah right!"

It's so weird how she went from not believing to believing and the flow doesn't seem choppy. Well, not to me anyway. It really works and matches her personality.

"“I love my lidduh bwutha,” she says, babying her voice and walking over to Justin, who seems to not believe a word being spoken.

“I see,” I say. “I have a little brother, too, but I don’t think I love him this much.”

J.D smiles and hugs Justin’s head hard. Justin looks horrified.

“Nobwody can evuh touch my baby bwutha,” she says sweetly, hugging him. “Except me.” Her expression changes for a moment, though, and she looks very competitive.

Henry has no clue how lucky he is."

LMAO, hahahaha, that's hilarious. Especially the ending sentence. Brilliant. I like how it follows the perverted convo she had with Jon, it seemed abit sweet with the kiss then he goes and ruins the mood, lol.
jammi chapter 14 . 8/14/2007
Another amusing chapter.

" I have to prepare to hear his unattractively lascivious voice on the line, saying my name in that long should-be-sexy drawl:

Bevin, mon chéri.

And he has to listen to the click that lets him know I’ve hung up."

LOL, I love her bluntness. She's not rude but she doesn't sugar coat anything which makes her tres amusing. Add in the fact that this is a supernatural story I love that she's so level headed.

"“Yeah, well, she’s pissing me off. Frank was the biggest conformist-rabbit I’ve ever seen in my life.”"

LMAO, yeah those conformist rabbits, death to them all. hahaha. And funniest thing ever:

"He thinks it’s nonconformist and that it’s pissing off the Conformist Master (a man he’s been telling us about for a while) but I think that it’s going to get him attention from the wrong crowd, namely the gay crowd."

LOL, is he aware that if everyone's doing it it's no longer conformist?

"I’m walking alone, in the freezing cold, in the dark. Why doesn’t that sound very safe? I’ve been trying to fight off the image, but whenever I close my eyes or I’m in the dark, I see that Chupacabra looking thing and want to throw up. The stench is still stuck in my nose, too."

I'm really glad she noticed that little fact. So many times people in stories are in this situation and they act like it's perfectly safe, as if they haven't encountered anything weird.

"“Have you lost your goddamn mind?” Jon asks loudly. “If I want to get you, I’m not gonna strategically put my thumb anywhere!”"

HAHAHAHA, that whole scene where his sister is trying to get him to attack her right is priceless. And when she asks the man for a picture of his grandfather, hahaha,
jammi chapter 13 . 8/14/2007
I didn't understand Donny Darko at all. I watched the whole movie since one of my friends was raving about it and then my sister was like 'We chose this over Mr. and Mrs. Smith...". Just thought I'd share that.

"“Shaddup, Stan!” a boy guffaws. This guy has a big, strangely shaped mouth, so he really has no place telling Stan to shut up, as his mouth won’t stay shut even if he’s not speaking."

LOL, haha, nice.
jammi chapter 12 . 8/14/2007
"The name “Peter Hast” is a play on the word “pederast”."

Ah, okay, I get it now.

"without having any scenes where Bevin is like “And, oh the glorious wings of a chimera swung down and lifted me up. Yes, I DO believe! And what a wonderfully magical world this is! BLEH!”"

LMAO, haha, I know I'm commenting on the a/n instead of the story but I found that tres amusing.

"What did she say?” Andy asks carefully.

“She asked me – me, personally – to help her carry her things to her class.”

“Ooh,” Andy and Rodney say together. I’m staring at Sully, unbelievably. This is female interaction for him."

hahaha, I love how she's just like is he serious. Of course, a guy who randomly bites people obviously isn't that social. Oh! And there was a part a while back when she first introduced him and he asked her for paper and she threw it at him that I found tres amusing but I was too lazy to scroll back up and quote.
jammi chapter 10 . 8/14/2007
Yeah, I got the mosquito hint but I'm still not getting that Peter Hast joke. And I like the fact that even though Barbie's shallow it's obvious she cares about her siblings even if it's not *obvious* if you catch my drift.
jammi chapter 9 . 8/14/2007
Are there demons? Is her brother possessed? Are the twins demons? I'm thinking Jon has some sort of supernatural thing going on. And her cat too. (I'm naming everyone who is out of it in the story since I didn't catch any of your hints I don't think, lol)

"“Those two conformists make me sick,” Rodney grunts, turning back to where we’d been sitting. “Ow!” he hisses when Jon flicks him in the back of the head.

“Shut up, gay boy.”

Rodney just rubs his head angrily. He’s giving all Goths a really bad name."

haha, that made me giggle.
jammi chapter 5 . 8/14/2007
This chapter made me laugh out loud for real. The previous chapters were good but then this chapter was hilarious.

"When Lisa picks up the leash, sure enough, that fat ass cat runs over out of nowhere."

LMAO, haha, when I read that I started to die. It's not even a huge section, but just the way it's worded cracks me up.

"We walk the cat as though it’s just an oddly shaped dog. Lardy walks straight ahead of Lisa, occasionally stopping to chew at plants. Once she stops to poop.

“Doesn’t she have a litter box?” I ask while Lardy kicks dirt up on her poop.


My sister doesn’t see the lack of reasoning in this. Our walk lasts about ten minutes before Lardy stops in her tracks, freezing."

Also amusing but not LOL funny.

"The dog is still going crazy, though, and I’m just about to leave Lisa there and spare my parents one child, "

hahahaha, nice.

Ahh but yes, tres amused with this so far.
Weirderest chapter 19 . 8/14/2007
An ear!

That guy must SERIOUSLY love her! ;)
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