Reviews for Peaches of Malice
Tytherpol chapter 1 . 8/2/2007
well, i love the list in the begining. normally lists make me sick, but this added perfectly to the flow

and summarized a lot.

i also need to say that i didn't catch the reference.

i mean-is it garden of eden or some random war that isn't coming to my mind or i just don't know... the paper i guess throws me off (though i'm sure if i understood the reference, it would fit in nicely).

so this review is useless lol because i don't understand the poem.

but even without the actual concept in mind, i very much like lines three through five. and the lack of punctuation at the end of the second to last line is also... different. means some.

i was sort of expecting 'peach' to be capiltalized in the 2nd to last line, but i don't really remember why. :)

anyway, great poem.

respects, -ty.