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closetyaoifan chapter 1 . 2/6/2017
So what's sad is I created another account to read stories and therefore have no connection to my failed, incomplete teenage well-wished stories. I can relate to your critique on part I because I totally did that. I'm actually more into the planning/dreaming process of a story for a longer period than the actual writing of it and don't have the characters or plot fully developed to know where I want it to go except that sometimes I really do have a trilogy planned out in my head... much like my life. Lol just don't know how I'll connect point b to c (cuz the a to b part was easy!). Hence why I've settled for writing in general instead of novels. The only problem is that by reading more good stories I itch to write again but if I go back to finish my stories they make me cringe as I'd likely have to re-write them. So sorry for being one of the culprits to your hatred. Hopefully they'll grow out of it (eventually) or learn it just not for them and go instead to fanfiction. _
Midnight Kage chapter 1 . 12/27/2015
In this one essay, you've made me angry and amused me at the same time. Good job!

I'm angry mostly because I completely relate to most of this and even have the urge to strangle some authors because of some of these reasons. However, I'm also a little angry because several times in this essay, you've called people 'hopeless' or said they should 'quit being a writer altogether'. Heck, you even said 'You are not unique'.
I just feel like you're just shoving negative energy out there for no good reason. Every writer has a purpose and every writer has a different method of doing things.
We can't generalize people because of what others are doing. People ARE unique and people should NEVER give up writing simply because of things others don't like about it. I respect you for this essay, hell I even WORSHIP you because of just how true some of your statements are, but I don't think I'll ever be able to justify you saying 'You are not unique'.

You've amused me because some of this is just too true. I completely agree with the "You include a "Book the 1st" or "Part 1" or anything like this in your title." It's utterly annoying to run into horrible fics that think they're doing something good and original when it's not. However, I love cliche's that are written in an amazing way, so I won't say that I'm annoyed by stories like that.

I do disagree with you on the lyrics though. I, for one, can't feel emotions enough to be able to write raw fics flowing with it. I need something/someone that MAKES me feel. Songs and lyrics do just that. I can listen to My Immortal and other sad songs and write a happy chapter all the same. I just need to be given a shred of emotion before I begin. Inspiration, they say, is something that can go along way.

Besides those two things, I immensly enjoyed your essay and applaud you for writing it. It was amazing an I loved it.

Living.Flowers.Are.Not.Dead chapter 1 . 10/5/2013
OH GOD I LOVE YOU! I finally have someone to share my sense with! I mean who puts Part 1 of a story that they can't even finish? And besides...what is it with people putting *I suck at summaries* on the summary? I do not care! What good would it do to say that, huh? That would mean you are isecure, right? And that wouldn't change the fact that the readers read what they want to read! If you want people to read your stories, you gotta make your summary good or else they would lose interest. The more they won't read it when you put *I suck at summaries* and then give no highlights and if there were any highlights, people wouldn't actually read it since the summary is limited at characters. I would even sometimes complain that the characters are too short...

Anyway, good point! I'll put this title of the stories up on my profile in Fanfiction . net. They really need good pointers. Do I have to ask permission? Oh, and um, NICE feature article by the way... CIAO! ;)
Wicked4life chapter 1 . 5/19/2013
1: the song lyrics thing isnt i will fall in love if you qoute classic lit.
2: neither is full summary inside
3:we try, please dont hate us for not being good because it took a lot of effort to try.
Blueberry Neko chapter 1 . 5/5/2013

I'm new on this site, but I guess it must tick many people off to see those summaries... now I know what not to write whenever I publish :)
Lady Seratopia chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
You know, this does bring out good pointers. Thanks for the tips
RandiRose chapter 1 . 12/6/2012
Ah, so you're the voice that whispers sarcastic quips in my mind as I glance at summaries and promising stories on this site...
Lolitroy chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Hahaha exactly I understand you perfectly! I mean, I don't feel sooooo mad about bad summaries, but I get you in the way that I VERY rarely click on those types of stories, and when I click on them I do so because I'm returning reviews and the author has no stories.

But the one that gets me pissed is the "story's better than the summary" "random humor. very funny!" stuff on summaries. Seriously people, summaries are for intriguing readers, not for saying how good your story may be. Your story may be epic and all but with those kinds of summaries it won't get noticed.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but it's true. :S
TheFreeEdge chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
Read this in Mr. T's voice. I can die happy now.

Hey, don't go dissing music with lyrics. People like what they like, I'm a fan of lyricless music too, but it's not nice to tell the world that what they like sucks. Even if in some cases, it does suck.
chiisutofupuru chapter 1 . 9/22/2012
Some of it is true some of it is oppinion and a lot I agree with... either way it was quite well written and I cannot really say anything you have not been told already...
wuteva4eva456 chapter 1 . 2/24/2012
Oh my word! I definitely enjoyed that short essay. You described basically everything I have ever thought while trolling this website (and FanFiction). However,I didn't agree about the song lyrics bit. Lyrics are poetry set to music. Some of the most profound statements have swelled from a song's lyrics. It seems strange that a writer would be repelled by music with lyrics.

Besides that, I am willing to bow to your spot-on, blunt commentary. I wish this essay was a mandatory read for everyone who signs up for this website. Thank you, and fantastic job!
Shizuka Ayasato chapter 1 . 5/23/2011
-applauds- YOU ARE ABOSLUTELY FUCKING RIGHT! THOSE BITCHES PISS ME OFF! (they're all stereotypical bitches from stereotypical high schools, or god forbid, have the same attitudes as the people in my class)
Senna Sylvan chapter 1 . 5/19/2011
I agree with many of your points for entirely different reasons, but that's not really what drove me to review.

What did, is quite frankly, this is utter crap. First of all, you sound incredibly childish. It makes you appear like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. If that's the tone you're going for, good for you, you've accomplished it. What you didn't do, however, is at any point prove you are worth being credited as an author.

Second, you make no concessions. Concessions are a huge part of any kind of argument essay. It shows that you are not a narrow minded fool. Your lack of concessions, again gives the appearance of a self-centered, spoiled brat. You make general, sweeping statements that have no data, no concrete proof behind it. In your sweeping, broad claims, you take no consideration to the fact that there are people of all ages writing on this site. There is no mention of the fact that you might just be incredibly bad at searching for stories.

Not that I disagree. I tend to lurk in the same areas, and find it incredibly difficult to find stories that are really worth reading.

Furthermore, another wide claim was your statement about summaries. You claimed "a summary should be clear, concise, and professional." Here's a news flash for you. Most summaries on actual published books are at least two paragraphs. While I agree that there shouldn't be words wasted, I disagree that certain statements, for instance, the ones you use as an example ("Will they kill each other, or learn to live with each other?" "How long can it last?" "Is it worth the risk?" "Could it be forbidden?") should not be used. See, I think you are forgetting that as an author, you are, of course, getting pleasure out of writing, but more importantly you have to cater for the readers.

If smart, concise and professional were all that really mattered, books like Harry Potter and Twilight wouldn't be best sellers. And on the topic, it's slightly hypocritical of you. I've seen you're kind of summaries more times than I can count, and you only mention cliche in the summary once, when you argue that, as a writer, you "just suck it up, and let us know that you don't have an original thought in your empty little head, but try to guarantee us that you at least know it." Cause that's the feeling I get from you.

In fact, I've come across your story several times today, and can only say that I thought they sounded stupid. Sue me.

See, I realized when I was writing this review, I hadn't read anything of yours. So I went onto your profile and first read . And realized that you're probably just a bad writer, at fanfiction at least. I got like thirty on my first day. I have a couple hundred now, although I haven't been writing. Then I thought for a moment. So I started your Alpha Team Alpha, which I immediately disliked. When you are telling a story in first person, being told as though it had already happened, you can't say, "and right now I'm getting pummeled by Eric, a fellow cadet who happens to be a whole year younger than me." It's already happened, which is t
JustAnotherNothingChild chapter 1 . 5/10/2011
I found most of this absolutely hilarious - you're certainly a talented writer and are very good at getting a point across - but when it comes to the point where you say other people's taste in music is rubbish, ruined it a bit for me. I personally love music from every genre. I could (and often do) listen to just a violin or a piano playing for hours, but I also enjoy music with lyrics. Singing is a great way to get emotions across, and lacking lyrics does not mean a peice of music is any more meaniful, or of better quality.
Alex Prosper chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Unlike some of the others that commented, I agree with you about the lyrics. I never read them, always skip them. It annoys the hell out of me when authors write the whole chorus of a song!

Though I am guilty of having written an Aldous Huxley quote in a oneshot story on ffnet which has Brave New World overtones; a ten word sentence. Didn't harm anyone.

What I think you should mention is stories which were last updated like 3/4/5 years ago and the author states in their profile that they won't be continuing it. That or they write "HIATUS" on the summary, which I think means that it won't be updated for a very long time, even though a very long time has passed. It truly means it never will be continued and the author only leaves it up to milk more reviews throughout the years. That's one of the top reasons why I skip some stories even though they seem promising. Fucking annoying. Granted, I know some honestly do take long to update, and I read those if the story is worth it. But if a writer does not plan to continue his/her published work they need to take it down.
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