Reviews for Ghostly Dissolution
Kage Elric chapter 2 . 9/20/2010
wow i really like this so far. You write really well, i love how descriptive it is and stuff. It's the kind of story that you can't red if your stupid you know? lol you've got to be able to read between the lines and all that jazz, i like that ].

I feel sry for Ederyn tho, it's really sad how he had to give up his fiancee. Anyway, i'm not much into religion myself so its a little hard for me to understand this blind faith stuff but i can understand the severity of it at least so i like how u can make the reader appreciate the importance of religion to people, no matter what the religion is. First time i'm seeing Christianity as the bad guy and i like it so far ] It's a nice change.

Anyway, waiting for the next chapter ]