Reviews for Just A Day
Devin Brines chapter 1 . 8/8/2007
So. Hey, I'm devin.

I wish your story told me something enlightening, you know? I mean, it's written all right. But it's sort of condescending. You take the above-it-all approach, and I end up feeling like you think you are too great for high school and everyone there. The thing is, most people go to high school, have gone to high school, or will go to high school. You can't avoid it. Yeah, half of the people will end up being worthless by most standards, but you might be surprised if you look a little bit harder at some of them. See, you could have changed my life, my perspective, in 1,0 words. But instead, you made every 15-year old kid out to be a selfish bastard. Fuck that. Everyone has a conscience. Don't doubt a person's capacity to love based on how much Axe they're spraying on, how big they are, or how strange you think it is that a chick is going out with a nerdy guy. We're people, too. Give us half a chance. Someday the cows will separate, and you'll be left standing all alone in the pasture with nothing but your preconceptions.

Stay real, Kristi...I like your name, by the way.