Reviews for D I V I D e N D S
AnalystProductions chapter 2 . 9/5/2007
0_0 when did you update? OMG i'm sorry I didn't review sooner! I feel awful x(

A ghostly hand splashed the water in the wash basin as a growl escaped from his lips. He turned away from his sad reflection, hated to be reminded of his misery. He had forgotten what color his eyes were now, and why…she…liked them. Arrow rolled into his mattress on the cold marble floor. He closed his eyes and sifted through his mind schemes.

Nitori came to him last night—a conference made deep into the night. She hardly ever made an appearance. Whenever she did, it was of the utmost importance. There was only one time she came to the palace, an incident that sent shivers down his spine whenever he was reminded about it. Lightly he pushed off the covers of his bed.

He was stuck in this life—a not-so-strong prince with the heaviest burdens that he couldn’t handle. Even knowing such a truth, there were those much better for his job who still expected him to take charge. He did his best because that was all he could give…even at the cost of deteriorating.

I love that imagery, great effects used there! Brilliant writing!

I would write more as you know my reviews are usually lengthy but I have to go :( my time on the computer is up

Anyway, I hope to talk soon!

How was your summer?

Carmel March chapter 2 . 8/28/2007
Great second chapter!

Due to my current state of brain-dead-ness, I can't think of anything more intelligent to say, except that I loved this, and I'll be waiting for your next update :)

Counting Petals chapter 1 . 8/26/2007
It all seemed a little disjointed. Are all of these people going to be connected eventually?

It was interesting. I think I'll be coming back to this later.
Carmel March chapter 1 . 8/15/2007
Great start to the story! I love how you introduced the characters. And that poem was wonderful :) I can't wait for more of this!

AnalystProductions chapter 1 . 8/6/2007
WOW I LOVE your title! :D It's well cool :P sorry

I'm confessions, new to fiction press. I'm hoping to put some stories up soon but I can't think of any titles :P are you good at coming up with title names?

I like the character names. I like it when people use names that no-one else uses like yours 'arrow' and 'Vio' and 'Zef'.

In your world of cold and snow

The void is held and you shall know

Keep heart to heart

Be strong and seek

The stone so cold for those so meek

Nice riddle :D

It was really just a bright orb of light.

“Corin, Corin!” cried Vio, “I’ve found it! Grab my hand now! Corin…?” Vio swerved around looking for his nine year old brother, who was nowhere in sight.

…seek the stone so cold for those so meek…

“Damn poem,” muttered Vio in disgust and rage.

:o Where's he gone

This story is really good :D

U are going to update soon right?

I'm on holiday from 11th- 26th so I won't be able to review if you have,

I really like your story :D

The first chapter is mysterious, gripping and gr8

Keep it up