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Moonlit Promise chapter 15 . 2/10/2008
He's so mysterious! And I love it. lol Next chapter!
Moonlit Promise chapter 14 . 2/10/2008
Did he actually skip all those numbers to give her less time or does the "..." mean he was counting in his head?
Moonlit Promise chapter 13 . 2/10/2008
Ooh, interesting... Geez... I noticed a mistake, I think.

"She debated on whether she should go or not. If he'd been desperate enough to drug her, then that meant he probably wanted her out of the way. At the very least, she'd get to see Blake and Val (if they're still alive, her mind taunted)and formulate some sort of plan."

It was Val thinking it so shouldn't it be "Blake and Lisa"? or something? Just wondering.

To the next chapter I go! lol sorry.
Daphne.Claire chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
i loved it

great story

i cant wait to read the sequel!

greAT jOb!
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
*totally freaking out* ohmigodohmigodohmigod! xD That was the greatest ever! And you updated fast, which makes you the best author of all time! *super amazingly wonderful hug* I'm soo glad you mentioned a sequel, or there would be some serious pitch forks coming out! haha. That was simply amazing dear!

~ .Whimsy
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 15 . 2/10/2008
Ah! Oh. My. God! Bastard Sugarwaffle! Frick, ah! And to think, I was just starting to like him! GM, you have fallen out of favor. I turn my back on you! *peeks over shoulder to see if GM is affected* What do you think you're doing? Save her, moron! *GM regards me with flippant look* God, do I have to do everything myself? *jumps in water*

*can't find Valerion*

GM - "And you call me a moron? Wrong pool, fan girl."

Me - "... I knew that."


~ .Whimsy
I Quoth Nevermore chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
OH my gosh. When it ended I was like "No!" but I read the A/N and now I'm wicked happy. This is going to be so good. Is there another theme, like chess with this one and another game with the next one? That'd be brilliant. I hope you post the sequel soon!
magllena chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
woot! I loved this story! Can't wait for the sequel.
Lucy chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
This story always manages to get me off guard.

It's great, I've never read anything like it.

I got so wrapped up in every moment.

I love this story, a lot.

And I'm looking forward-if not anxiously awaiting-for the sequel.
livvy88 chapter 1 . 2/10/2008
Wow, an AMAZING story. The GM creeped me out so much. I didn't think death would happen, and when it did, I was so surprised. Great job!

Oh, and I was wondering about something. In one of the chapters, GM grazed a flower across Val's lips. Was that a Valerian? It would make sense if the context was considered. Though it'd be interesting to imagine what would have happened if she really DID kiss him. Would he pass out instead?
Morikumo chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
JUST BRILLIANT! :D I've loved this story so much! What a terrific writer you are...this was such an intense story, and it had marvelous rhythm. There was a muted passion throughout all of this. What an enjoyable ride. :D

I really cannot wait to read the sequel!
risaisis chapter 8 . 2/10/2008
"Middlegame – The part of a chess game that follows the opening and comes before endgame, beginning after the pieces are developed in the opening"

MKaii, so that totally flew over my head. ;-; My mind just isn't working, I guess, but oh well. (

Hmm, oh jeeze! More voices in such a deserted house! Haha, you'd think one would get lost in such a huge place, but nu, she always runs into her friends... or, maybe not, considering... well, considering pretty much everything, rofl.

And lookie! GM's with them! Yay ( Or, not, depending on who you are, lol. XDD

Wow. Val seriously thinks GM would kill James? o: OH NO HOW CAN THAT BE? *note the sarcasm* XDD But, really, would GM seriously kill these people? Like... during the game? What would happen if someone found the body? Or the blood? or whatever? -shivers-

Hmm, so I wonder what GM's gunna do to tell Val that James apparantly "doesn't love her", haha. XDD He should totally lead her to him, without her knowing of course, and then just talk to James while pretending Val isn't around, and then James will end up blurting it out - loud enough for Val to hear, of course ;) XD

Soo... The next round, I wonder if Charlie and Jason are still gunna try and get Val XD She knows who's on Charlie's card (will Vall warn Lisa?) so Charlie may want to shut her up for good, haha XDD Oh wait, Charlie DOESNT know who knows, does she? Hmm, so Val has some hope of surviving D Not that GM would let anyone (other than himself) harm her, eh? haha XD

Oh look! You used your name in your story :P:P "“No, you're right on time,” GM assured him candidly." What does Candid mean anywaiis? I guess I should look it up -''

Hmm, so the next round... Wonder what's gunna happen (:

Soo... That'd be pretty cool, to be totally in control of your emotions so that you could appear completely emotionless to other's - I wonder what playing poker with GM would be like. He'd totally win, rofl XD

Yes, Val, GM *is* dangerous. And, yes again, he *is* a lunatic. Congratulations for pointing out the obvious, darling, here's a lollipop! -beams-

Hmm... So, the whit team may not be completely clued in onto what GM's planning, but you certainly can't expect help from them. Way to go, genius! -rolls eyes- Lol, no, but really, that's not much help. But at least the black team are all close friends, right? So they can rely on each other for help... 'xcept, of course, if GM captures them all. Then, that's not so great. Haha XDD

It's kinda obvious what GM means by 'evidence' (I think). He means that, in this round you prolly have to get the person that was on your slip - so, if you had the slip on your person, it would be obvious who you caught, if you caught them. This way, it's harder to figure out who was one whose slips 8D

And hah! I WAS RIGHT (or sorta, I think. haha XD) you are supposed to kill the person on your slip! And, the evidence part is pretty simple to understand as well (: But... does he really mean KILL the person? As in, killing them - murdering them, stopping them from breathing, from thinking, from LIVING? okais, GM has done lost his MIND! Haha XDD

Okaii. So how are we supposed to know who's doing what? I mean, I understand the one-person-killing-you thing, because the one slip of paper. But one person is trying to save you? And one person is trying to trap you? That came out so suddenly, so unexpectantly. How do you know who you are supposed to save/trap? They didn't get a third peice of paper... but, if you get the clue from the person, are you supposed to 'save' them? or 'trap' them? or just leave them alone in general? What if the one person is told all the clues, is he/she supposed to save/trap all of them? of course that wont happen, but just hypothetically. Lol, this is SO confuzing, but SO awesome, haha :P:P

and zomc GM just smashed her cell phone! o:o: He owes her a cellphone, lol. But yeaa, obviously the doors are locked. Anndd no service in that wicked house of his... what about the phone lines? do they work? does he even HAVE a phone? What if you picked up the phone, and eavesdropped on two white-team people talking on the phone, and like, heard their whole convo? haha :P

ZOMC the goal of suicide chess is to LOSE all your pieces? But... does that mean... that to win the game, she has to lose her team, ie. her friends? -blinkblink- that's so very cruel, unless I got it wrong, lol XDD

Ooh, okaiis, nevermind then, haha XDD So, she has to save them? Hmm...

Gosh, Im confused :P

“I might not be there to catch you if you fall.”

haha, I read that line and at the exact same moment, the song I was listening to (Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), it said "I will never let you fall". Complete opposites XDD

Haha, they're kissing. Very nice XDD And she doesn't need to feel guilty cuz James doesn't love her. But she doesn't know that, so she'll feel guilty for it anywaiis. And even if she doesn't, he's a goddamn murder, so... XD

“You said you couldn't touch them.”

“Val, I said they couldn't touch me. But I can most certainly hurt them.”

dundunDUNUN :P Amazing (:

pangur chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
i am excited for this sequel :)
curator chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
Oh wow, it's finally finished. GM, or Gavin, is probably going to make her live up to her promise in the sequel...hehe...she definitely lost there. Anyway, this has been a great story! And I loved your frequent updates...
sousie chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
i only want to tell you that it was an AWSOME story truly amazing and update the sequel soon
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