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risaisis chapter 7 . 2/10/2008
Lol, I totally understand you not answering all my wild theories, and personally, I really don't care if you do or don't, haha.

*However, if you did oblige to elucidate my insane assumptions for your enchanting allegory, I find that it would destroy much of the conspiracies in Horrorscape, therefore ruining my love for this demanding story. (Im feeling very smart today 8D haha)

Oh my Sugar came from the week I spent at a Catholic horse camp, and of course, we couldn't swear there so instead of saying horse sh*t we said horse sugar. It just kinda... stuck :P

And, of course I'll continue reading this story - though I'll be pretty slow, because I'm lazy and my math teacher hates me for some reason :( Awhh well, I'm glad you're updating quickly, lol. (Quicker than I am, anywaiis.(on my fanfiction account))

And Evanescence's HAUNTED really reminds me of this story, I'unno why. Evanescence's songs reminds me of a ton of bookseries: The Old Kingdom, Twilight, Mediator, and some other things I can't recall, haha. Oh, and this (of course :P)

"Weak square – A square that cannot be easily defended from attack by an opponent. Often a weak square is unable to be defended by pawns." - hmm, so I guess someone will be a burden for the team, maybe James? guess we'll find out D

Oh. So, now Val likes GM, huh? Well, maybe not yet... or, maybe she does and she just doesn't know it. Yuppers, that's the reason ;) Soo. You must pull a HarryPotter-Voldemort stunt, Val, and find out all of GM's past to defeat him. haha, I wouldn't be surprised if GM has seven Horcruxes! Okaii, actually, I would be surprised. Very darn surprised, really, 'cuz that sorta thing doesn't exist in your world, haha :P

Lol, Charlie and Jason are fighting. How very old-couply of them, rofl XD But I dun't like Jason, someone should kick him out of the game. Lol, and he tricked Charlie into telling, that's funny :P

Hmm, well of course in an old house like that you'll find annoyingly loud, squeaking wooden floorboards. It's like... impossible... not to find one XD

And, the thing about the story's narrator knowing absolutely nothing is always good, because than you also learn alongside them. Unless your oblivious (like me! D) and totally do not get any hints or red herrings coming your way, lol :P Awhh well XD

If you are ever running from people, don't disappear into the first room you come across unless it has more doorways to turn into - because, the first room you come across is always the first room your pursurers look into, because they think you would have hidden in there to get away. Unless they over-think the situation and over-think it so that they think you skipped that doorway in order to evade them. In whichcase - the case that your pururors overthink everything - hide in the first room you come across. Because you won't get caught, haha. :P

(if that didnt make sense, dunt worry. i dont even know what Im talking about XDD)

And back to James. So, he doesn't love her, but he doesn't want her to get hurt. Huh. Well, even if James did love Val, I doubt it would have stopped GM - in fact, it would probably make the game more interesting, with a second person to mess with, haha XDD But, even so... GM seems to be having his fun :P He's deranged. -nodnod-

Hmm. Wow, that DOES sound like something GM would say. "Do /you/?" lol. Turning the tables, answering a question with a question, confusing your oppresor... well, not that confusing, but still. XDD

Lol, and still, GM manages to twist the turned-tables in his favour... But really, saying things like "I don't love Valerian" ALWAYS get out. Seriously, haha. Even if you dont mean for them to DX So... that's why I think its best not to have secrets/always tell the truth D Or... almost always, anywaiis, lol XD Cuz then your friend can't get mad at you for keeping secrets/telling lies from/to them. 8D

I love GM's perspective - get what you want by promising nothing, rofl. That way, you never owe anybody for something they've done for you, but you still get you're way. Smartie-pants :P

"GM added, “However, I know someone who feels differently.”"

oh. Does someone want to kill James? Who? I know I don't, but judging by your review replies, some of your fans really aren't fond of him... then again, they can't kill a fictional character, haha XD You'd need another character in your story to kill him... so, the question is, Who?

Haha, Lisa ain't happy XD She's got two creeps, a deranged creep, her best friend's boyfriend and... well, Blake, all to herself. Which isn't as great as it sounds, actually. And it doesn't sound very fun, either, which means in reality - quoting Lisa AKA you - "This blows". haha XD

So? Even if I was being hunted in a huge mansion, I doubt they'd want to hunt me (By 'they', I mean GM and by 'me', I mean if I weren't the main character/prey) so exploring would be fun. Especially in a house like that. Did I mention it's a HUGE MANSION? Haha, I have a slight obsession with huge mansions ;

The... next round? That was... interesting... The second round seemed to go by quickly, or maybe it's just me... Why is GM only getting members of the black team? What about the white team? Oh yess, I forgot, he is on the white team... But then, why doesn't anyone from the black team get people from the white team? It's not fair ._.

Andd... GM is a funny, slightly deranged-slash-insane-slash-distracted-slash-impossible-slash-hawwt boy. What is he doing? What's so bad that he wants Lisa and Blake to help him? Unless he's gunna capture them in the next round, but... Hmm, oh well :P

reversed.hearts chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
good, but short ending. can hardly wait for the sequel!

I've expressed my love for this story already but here's some suggestions for the revised versions:

You probably need to clear up why absolutely no one tried to escape earlier. It's unclear as of now, and if you don't it doesn't seem as realistic.

Also, I don't understand why, in the second last chapter GM/Gavin can't hear Val, Lisa, and Blake plotting. I said in the review of that chapter that it doesn't seem like GM to leave them far enough behind where they could conspire without him hearing.

Again, awesome!
Euphorialie chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
Woah, you updated hella fast! And the ending...GAH. It was amazing. I love unusual endings that leave it a little open, and this was definitely unusual. And GM escaped so I'm happy. You're right though, there aren't enough awesome villains, and this story definitely supplies quite a good one. And gorgeous too. So another point for you.

And all those bodies...that would have been an issue. Pft, GM would have dealt with it and somehow made everything look like he'd saved her. But I like how you ended it better. Very diabolical. So congratulations on the wonderful ending and I can't wait for the sequel!
PrematureLlama chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
First of all, I am very happy that I found this story! It was amazing and I loved it! Omg, I am so freakin' happy there is going to be a sequel! More GM and Val! Wow! Hehe!

Ok, so I think I already told you this in another review, but you are one of the most amazingist (if thats a word) writers ever! This idea and how you wrote the story was incredible! Haha! I loved all the characters even GM! Haha!

nul chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
Woah...I wait...I LOVE IT! But wait...I thought that Val and G.M(Gavin!) were like going to fall in love and live sort of a happily ever after...well like Val falls in love w/ you get what i am trying to say? GASP! THERE"S GOING TO BE A SEQUEL...AH...anyway..You're an AWESOME writer and i can't wait to read the sequel.!
Fallen Oblivion chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
I just read this today and unfortunately, I'm too lazy to review each individual chapter. I'm sorry. But, that's not the point of my review.

Throughout the story, I was consummed by the mystery and intrigue. With each chapter, I found myself envisioning the events unfolding. I've never been so enthralled by a story.

As I stare at the last section of the concluding chapter, I can't help but want to applaud GM for being such an amazing mastermind. His plans were so perfectly orchestrated that I almost envy his success.

But do I like him, as an person? No. I cannot find a single redeeming quality for him. Well, maybe for his unrequited love for Val but even that isn't that strong of a reason to forgive his vices.

I'll be patiently waiting for the sequel.
JadeDream chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
oh! dont worry i still like GM hahah. im so glad theres gonna be a sequal! i cant wait to start reading it!
geminibaby6789 chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
I just want to say thank you so much for the story! I'm glad there's a sequel! Can't wait what happens! What's the sequel title gonna be? Can't wait to read it. Keep it going!
Poems To The End chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
wow...this story is really intense...I like it :)
sweden chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
sequel! yay! I like this, it's pretty ace for a first draft :D
PurpleEyesOfTruth chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
Wow.. I just found your story and read the entire thing. It's awesome! Sinister, scary, and hair raising. Excellent job and I loved it!
embers-and-bridges chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
Sequels rock! I think I asked all my questions already, excluding questions that I currently have that I know will be answered in the sequel. He knew she'd survive. Nice. I think I'll try to figure what mental disorder that could be. (No, I'm not obsessed with pyschology, either.) The attraction was a nice addition, pretty realistic for a story like this. I hope that the suspense, intrigue, and all the plot twists will return in the sequel. I know it will.
Georgianna chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
I'll be looking forward to the sequel!
Hypa To Hell And Back chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
i cant wait for the sequal hehe i really cant and i dont think i can think of anything right now
ipanema chapter 16 . 2/10/2008
congratulations! starting and finishing a story like this is quite an acomplishment!

i be wainting to read the secuence, after all i love dark romances!
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