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magllena chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
I'm about to go insane with waiting for next the chapter. This one is making it harder to wait. Take your time though. :-)
Jay827 chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
oh god. oh god. oh god. wow wee

update when possible.
nul chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
OMFG! I LOVE THIS CHAPTER...It explains alot...aah! Update soon...I am dying to know what happens next!
Faith Adeline chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
Ah...It's all coming together. hahaha. Keep up the amazing work and update soon. I loved this chapter!

BreatheNJ chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
JadeDream chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
oh! she said yes! i wonder where thats gonna lead...i dnt kno if shes lucky of not this gonna end soon? i hope not but anyways update soon!
kagomefreak chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
oh mi ge! u CANT end it here! Thats just cruel and update, update, update! P.S. i loved the oranged scene, lmao,
sweden chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
sousie chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
youpie!he win!he win!can't wait to read more

update VERY soon
I Quoth Nevermore chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
I'm pretty sure that counts as a semicliffy. At least. And it's so mean! What's going to happen? Don't tell me the story is winding down. I love this and never want it to end. Actually, I do want it to end sometime so I know what happens. Blahh, now I'm rambling. Great job. Oh, and you accidentally said: “Oh, yeah. Right. “I'm sorry,” she added. There is an extra quotation mark ("). Yeah, anyways, I love this so much so please update soon!
Hazelnut Romance chapter 14 . 2/2/2008
poor thing! gm better not have any ideas up his sleeve. i reckon val suffered enough.
risaisis chapter 6 . 2/2/2008
Hmm, I was reading your review replies and I saw you mentioned Labyrinth, which sorta suites this, haha, that movie was pretty good, and also Man Hunt, which we used to play in gym class way back when. That was a very fun game, lol, and this sorta reminds me of it, only much darker... eviler... scarier... angstier... horrer-ier, haha XD

"Poisoned pawn – an unprotected pawn which, if captured, causes positional problems or material loss."

So will someone be captured? Maybe James or Lisa get captured, and then Val/others may have to try and save them? Or vise versa, ya'know

M. Scary; I wonder if the white team know for sure what's going on? Or just ditched the black team, just 'cause. Haha, either way... Don't trust them. -shivers-

Oh... kaii... -brows furrow in confusion- So, Val just went in a circle? That's... odd. How very odd, lol. So, what'll she do now? And where DID GM go to? -pokes- He disappeared, and now Val can join the game again, even though she doesn't have a slip of paper and /should/ be sitting out this round... But she can still sit out and walk around the house -coughwithJamescough- right? Haha :P

So... her penalty round is over? :/ Awhh well, but now James is off on a wild goose chase. -sighs- Hmm... I wonder what this game's all about, if it's the same sort of game GM wanted to "play" with Val, the game he mentioned in his letter. It prolly is, lol XDD Oh, lookiedat. GM's stalking her. How fun -cackles- So, he's been stalking her for such a long time, nothing's new, haha... But wait... he /wants/ her to do something? What does he want her to do? Hmm...

Goodness, as much as I love GM, he's starting to tick me off... he won't give a straight answer! _ But then again, maybe that's what is so captivating about him... hehe :P

Haha, oh so it was his bedroom. Haha :P I thought that other room was his bedroom, but apparantly not... And, even though GM might not sleep -coughvampirecough- that doesn't mean he doesn't need a bedroom -cough- to plan his evil... plans XDD

"the expression on his face shift from humiliation, to hurt, to a bitter anger."

Awwhh. -sniffles- That made me tear, that right there -pokes- Poor GM :(:( But, ooh now he's angry. And angriness isn't a nice thing, not when your GM... haha XDD

Wonder where James got to... Oh lookie, it's James! -pokes-

Lol, wow... I wonder if, because it's so dusty, his parents don't live here? GM's brother - if the boy in the picture was his brother - must've moved out... or passed on. -shivers- GM lives alone, I guess, haha. But, I don't blame him for playing an awesome game like this. If I had a huge mansion all to myself, things would get lonely... And what's less lonely than a nice game of suicide chess? Teehee XD

And... uh-oh. Checkmate's not very good. Not good at all... 'Specially when playing suicide chess and you're the victim... -watches James fall- Poor James... never stood a chance... -smirks-

Oh. /Now/ where is he? Bound and tied in a dark closet or in the torture chamber, perhaps? Haha... -innocent smile- Lol, inquisition, how funny. Reminds me of all those action movies where they catch the enemy and try to get answers out of them, rofl. I LOVE how GM can be act so idle in situations like this, like he doesn't have a care in the world if his prey's boyfriend dies. -cough- Or whatever... XDD

"I guess I like her" WTF IS THAT? Piece of rotten scum! At least GM appreciates Val! -kicks James angrily- Intimidated with a flashlight? Haha. That's right, blind that little good-for-nothing twerp! XD No, but I do like James, he's very... interesting, in his own little way. Rofl :P

ZOMFC THATS A KNIFE ._. GM is amazingly insane, he's got a knife! Haha, so much more classier than a gun, anywaiis. ;) And holy sh*t he just said he... but, he... I mean, James... he... DOESNT LOVE VAL -jawdrop- I... that's... jerk.

I was thinking of ending the review at that, but decided not, lol. But seriously. You dont say you do NOT love your gf/bf just to save your own rotten lil' life! That's not very nice! Sure, while chivilry is dead, that doesn't mean you act like a coward and lie. Goodness. -shakes head in disbelief-

I don't like James anymore -.-


risaisis chapter 5 . 2/2/2008
"Wild Position – An extremely complicated and unclear position, with rather unfathomable consequences."

Mkaii. So, because Val followed the tunnel to wherever-it-lead-to, this could be considered a 'wild position' because it's complicated and unclear, haha XDD Or does this have to do with GM?

Lol, I guess James doesn't get the whole white-against-black chess theme yet, eh? Haha, but it's good he doesn't trust any of the white pieces - I mean, the white-wearing people. -shifty eyes-

Oh great. GM's wearing a black tophat; does that symbolize Val? And how he's "captured" her, or tagged her or whatever he meant to do by locking her in that closet. -rolls eyes- Or does the black tophat symbolize something else entirely? Hah, I bet it symbolizes - nothing! That's it, it's another red herring, and you're playing with our thoughts! -glares- Anywaiis, this is all from James point of view, and in my opinion, James is very oblivious so... Haha XDD

Wow. Charlie likes James now, too? She's very... flirtatious, which is now a word. :P Even if she is one of those /snobs/. -scoff-

Oh, wow (again). I wonder what's on the papers. Is it an instruction they have to do to "pass" one of GM's tests? Or is it a puzzle GM wants them to figure out? Haha, imagine if they played Charades, that'd be funey XD

Awhh, but poor Val. Stuck. All alone. In the dark. In this weird hall. BUT HOLY SUGAR THERE'S A PERSON THERE -stares uncertainly- I'm... That's... Oh gosh... That's just... Did GM lock up someone else too? :o

But, it's GM. Why the hell would he be saving her when he just locked her up? Unless he wants to show her something, like I mentioned before, only he doesn't know if she'll get to it herself. Maybe he's just gonna lead her to a room and lock her /there/. How did he know she was gunna get out of the closet anywaiis? Hmmph. Val's totally right - he's being a meanie, lol XD

But, I'd try not to get on his bad side, no matter how annoying he may be... -unsure- He's quite dangerous, lol

Eek. I love how you write this part, it's so good! And how you still keep in touch with the fact that she can't see anything, so she "imagined, more than felt him coming closer." Amazing! But, still, completely freaking me out, haha XDD

“Have you ever danced with the devil, Val?”

What a strange question. “No...”

“Then dance with me.” Uhm... Is he saying he's the devil? Cuz that' what it sounds like. -pokes GM- And zomc, running is not the same as dancing. And, gosh he's gunna kill her, he's moving so fast! Like a vampire (cuz vampires are fast). Are you SURE he's not a vampire? Cuz he certainly acts, looks, sounds and dresses the part.

And zomc, he led her to a door. I was right, eh? Haha. So, he disap00fed and went back to the party. Goodness, he's got a busy schedule :D

Back to the others-

Zomc what does GM want James to do with a piece of paper? What's it for? Hmm, I think James is too much of a show-off, like a peacock. and then he'll end up dying cuz of his ... what's the word for it?... bravado I guess, only he really isn't brave... Hmm, he'll end up dying, either way _~

Haha, he's got Jason. I can't remember who Jason is either, so don't worry, James. But still... does that mean James's gunna have to try and kill Jason? Or are they gunna be partners? Does James have to catch Jason? Or something to do with chess?

Oh, yay. A guessing game. Only much, much, MUCH more deadly, haha. I think... XD

OH GOD. Lisa figured it out, haha! :P:P I wonder if she guessed it before even Val did? XDD

Ooh, the rules to this game sound soo spiffy, v. intriguing. I wonder if this game is completely different from the "Hunt and Capture" or if it's the same game only a different "level" I guess you could call it...

HAHA OMC I LOVE GM HE IS SIMPLY AMAZING! XD "The corners of GM's lips tilted up. “And goodbye...”

“Goodb — ?”"

O...kaii... freaky much? "The words You are being hunted dripped down the walls. Like blood."

Haha, I love that last line, reminds me of CoS where Ginny keeps painting the messages on the wall with chicken blood (i think it was chicken blood, cant remember :P) That's awesome. Where did GM go? And what do they have to do with the person whose name is on the slip of paper? I still haven't gotten that yet... -confused-

And one last question - where the HECK did you get the idea for this AMAZING story? It's simply RIDICULOUS how GOOD this THING is! I mean, seriously. I love it. -stranglehuggles story-

-stranglehuggles Candid-

Thank you SOO much for bringing an amazing story into my life, haha, it's so good! (:


ps; haha i just realized I sign my reviews with my account's name, lol ;; But it's too much of a habit to try and change it, so oh well. XD

Sorreh for any confusion (
risaisis chapter 4 . 1/30/2008
"Initiative – The advantage that a player who is making threats has over a player who must respond to them." Hmm, so is GM gunna be threatening anyone? And then Val will /have/ to do it, or else her friends might get hurt. Or, will GM's "friends" threaten Val and her gang? Actually, I don't think the latter will be true, because GM's people, Charlie, Jason, and that other dude whose name I cannot recall, they're all this "pawns", methinks...Lol, I'm prolly reading too into the story, but, still, it's always good to have all options open ;)

I'm just wondering if GM's parents know he's this insane, unstable, deadly, stalkerish, etc. etc. :P

Hmm, I'm telling you, GM is NOT human, he's NOT normal peoplezz! Haha :P But poor James, he's like intimidating, but also intimidated cuz nobody intimidates the GM, ya'know? No? Dun't worreh, it's my "Clara Logic" lol, which my friends have given me. They say that anything that doesn't make sense in the "normal world" but makes sense if you look at it from my way, is Clara Logic. My friend also has her own logic, too! :D

Lol, wow. GM is like, not the guy to pick a fight with ;D But, Val knows that. Too bad she can't keep her thoughts to herself... still, it makes the story /that/ much more interesting! )

ZOMC they're alone together and now that's just scary. I mean, zomc. and he cheated too. -pokes- that's not fair. He mentioned cheating, now didn't he, and Val, you didn't listen to me, you shouldn't have gone to this party, it was a mistake, a mistake of doom, of terrible terrible doom, the PARTY OF DOM!

Oh, and the host is a mad-man who plays chess-like mind-games with poor, unsuspecting girls. Mm-Hmm, that too.

and OMFLIPPENGAWSH HE should be the one locked up, for being an insane madmad who plays chess-like mind-games with poor, unsuspecting girls. Not Val, despite the fact that she MAY be a weak pawn, zokie-dokiess? -bashes GM over the head with breadstick- I don't even see what he was saying, I mean, seriously. Maybe I'm much more oblivious than I thought I was, but really - "Impossible to protect . . . and open to assault . . . I think I need to take you off the chessboard. At least for now.” What is he saying? A second ago, I thought they were on opposite sides, and she was the Queen or whatever and now she's a pawn? And why would he need to /protect/ her if his goal was to capture her? Huh? My mind hurts DX

But omg, that's so good, lol :P She's like, so powerless when she's with GM. And the time, like you mentioned, it moves differently. -cough- I wonder what the others will think once Val doesn't show up downstairs? Hmm.

O-oh-oh... -jawdrop, stutters incomprehensibly- Oh. My. That, no way... I. Cant. Believe... “I wouldn't. Not you. Never you.” OMG that is... Oh sugar that's insane. Haha, he is a creep. But a handsome, misunderstood creep ;) I mean, he's like... wow, amazing, haha, but still... -shivers- I love his very stalkerish way of showing his affection -stranglehuggles- Though, he is very freaky, so true, haha :P Wow... kiss him and you're free Val! He cheated, it's only fair that you do so as well... But I doubt Val'd do that. -rolls eyes-

Hmm. James, you know, you're just getting yourself in trouble. -rolls eyes- But you know, fine, whatever. It's your choice... -glances at Candid- Kill him, please? Or torture him some more, haha, I love this angsty horror D I like James, but I also love seeing characters get tortured ('xcept when Edward left Bella, 'cause that was terrible. DX)

Oh, so maybe James' isn't THAT bad, seeing as he cares for Val.. Though he didn't listen when she first told him, will he come 'round? I hope so...Just so more charries know what's going on and they can fret and worry more :P "What does he want?" My dear James, he wants Val. ;)

Lol, so GM DOES have a fam.? What happened to them? Did he kill them; I bet he prolly did, or got rid of them somehow.

Oh. See. Now, THIS is why I absolutely *adore* old houses. Because, if you really look, you'll find a secret passageway, that, while may not lead out, it will lead you somewhere. GM prolly put her there, knowing about the passage, because he wanted to see if she would find it - and it would lead her... to wherever/whatever GM wanted her to go/see. Awh, that's so awesome, she's so lucky! About the house/tunnel, I mean, not about the stalkery lunatic, rofl. :P

risaisis chapter 3 . 1/30/2008
Oh, I see now. The DA are the white chess pieces, with GM being the fourth, and then Val and her friends are the black chess pieces. See, I didn't get that until I read your one review reply. -shameful-

Okaiis, so I'm not a master at chess, but "Hanging – Unprotected and exposed to capture" which means... Maybe this party, which is the "first move" I'm guessing, white makes the first move... Hmm, so maybe Val will leave something "hanging" out in the open, and GM will "capture" it, maybe she'll let something slip - or will /he/ let something slip? And then, then... then... Iunno. Maybe GM will "capture" one of Val's pieces - her friends, I mean. I keep forgetting this is all based on chess, lol. :P I'll try to keep that in mind (

Reminds me of how, in HP&the PS/SS Ron was commanding the chess pieces of McGonogall's challenge, haha.

Oh, so NOW she finally gets it. Seriously. GM GrandMaster, really not that hard. -rolls eyes- She's finally starting to see; lol, I'm glad I (sorta) got it before her, anywaiis. :P With help from others, but still...

Hmm, James is being a jerk. But, he doesn't know the danger Val is in, so... Can't blame him. ( Goodness, it's like the white-clad people are enemies with Val's friends. Prolly are, but still... I wonder if they could be a bit less snobbish? Hmm.

Oh, I didn't know James was an artist. Hmm, I wonder if GM already knew this, or if he's storing away the information to use later?

Haha, I wonder if GM has told the DA what they're here for, or if they are as oblivious to it all like Val's friends, not including Val herself. It certainly seems that way, from what Charlie said -cough-. Charlie's snobbish. Yay for her! -claps-

Oh, hide-n-seek! I LOVE hide and seek, I once hid in a laundry basket and they couldn't find me until I got out, lol. -nodnod- And GM's version sounds amazing; sort of like a dream I had a couple years back, where we played hide-and-seek in the school, and it was like pitch black and some murderious stalker dude was it, rofl... So, this is where the 'capture' comes in, then. V. nice.

Oh, this is gunna be interesting, I can totally tell. Where will Val hide? (that reminds me, they've got a huge house to explore and hide in, prolly with a few secret passages here and there - which is why I totally want an older house! :P)

Oh, sugar; she found GM's room, prolly. Hmm, I wonder if he's gunna be mad or something... does this have to do with the 'hanging', 'capturing' thing?

Oh, look it's Charlie! -waves- HI CHARLIE! (: She likes GM? haha, now /that/ is funney! XD But seriously, why don't they hide or something? Not just stand in the middle of the room discussing the GrandMaster. Pfft. -rolls eyes- Haha, but you know what I think? That James and Charlie would be a good pair. They both like their attention, eh? Rofl. It's not like GM would ever go for a girl like Charlie, anywaiis.

zomfc where did GM come from? -wide eyed- He'd just, like - there, all of a sudden. I mean, woah. He just happens to chose the hiding place Val had chosen. Scary, ya'know? Just a bit. Anywaiis, so she decides to confront GM now. Is that really such a wise idea? I mean, during a game of Hide and Seek - or, Hunt and Capture. I mean, seriously. Despite the fact that Jame's gunna find her (already has, I guess), GM's keeps slipping away and it doesn't really help that he set her up as well ._.

Anywaiis, awesome chappie, some minor grammer mistakes, or maybe they were in the last chappie, but then again, nobody's perfect so, s'alright (

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