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risaisis chapter 2 . 1/30/2008
So, I don't really know much about chess, so I might not get some of the subtler nudges or anything, but I'm hoping to figure it out ;;

Ooh, who's calling her? Haha, s'prolly the GM, lol. Very creepy, lol, very nice. ;D

AND ZOMFC HOW DOES JAMES KNOW? -blinkblink- Has the GM got him held captive and now James is calling Val to make sure she's alright? hah, somehow I don't see him doing that :P You know, I bet he's talking about something completely different anywaiis _~

Hah! I KNEW it! James doesn't know a thing. Or, maybe he does, but he's not saying anything. But, I'm sure he will eventually... if he knows/learns later, that is.

Oh, great. She tells him. That kicks about half the mystery and suspense outta this storyy lol. Nahh, I'm just kidding, I'm sure you can whip up some interesting ideas :P:P But... he doesn't care? Like, no in the slightest? Jeeze. Lovely boyfriend you have there, Val. -scoffs-

But, at least he invites her, which is good. He called to invite her. That's... good, right? Ah, what if the GM is at this party? Scaryy thought. -shivers- He's prolly the one throwing the party anywaiis, haha XDD

Mkahhea0aghfd - I'm right, aren't I? THE GM IS THROWING THE PARTYY! Hahaa, of course he'd live in the weathly side of town, and throw a party with Val and her friends and have them all wear black (my eyes were drawn to that, haha, i couldn't help it ;;) Plus the Cherrywood kids got into 'bad' situations, which is like the biggest hint ever, and if the GM does live in the East side, then it's kinda obvious, haha. But s'alright, it's really good. I doubt Val will learn who the GM is anytime soon anywaiis...

Lol, I've never gone to a party like that, but I doubt my parents would interogate me like that. Lol, then again, my mom's pretty easygoing. But it just shows that Val's mom cares for her daughter... or so it seems... -shifty eyes- DundunDUN haha :P:P

Haha, so James is a show-off everywhere but behind the wheel? Mmhm. -nods like she believes it- But, as long as Val says so, right? rofl. A gold-digger? Haha, that is *so* random, lmao. Reminds me of when Bella was like, "I'm just in it for the money," to Edward (another Twilight-y thing, lol :D)

Oh, gawwd. Her father, is like, insane. "Val's a good girl with a good sense of right and wrong, she'll be able to take care of herself.” Are you REALLY sure of that, Mr. Vals' Dad? HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE'S NOT GETTING LETTERS FROM FREAKY STALKER KIDS, HUH? That's right, You Do Not Know! This party's a mistake, a bad mistake, a terrible mistake, it's the Party of DOM! -wildly points finger accusingly-

-cough- Haha, sorreh 'bout that. God a bit carried away there, huh? Haha. ;;

-reads on-

Teehee. I'm right, haha, that is *so* awesome that the GM is throwing the party. But why wear all black? And he has to "practice" the indifference in his tone? Pftt, that is *soo* amatuer. Or maybe what's real amateur is that I can't spell amateur. Terrible, eh? Mkaii, so the GM wins this round -waves hand dismissingly-

"She was skittish" Reminds me of a horse, lol :P And then the GM would be the wolf, predetor and prey, both very graceful -cough- but only one can come out on top, oui? Oui, oui. ;) Ah, my french is coming back to haunt me. -dies- I thought I left it behind wiht my french exam last week... -kicks- Awhh well. -shrugs-

Zomc he was there when she got her letter? LEZZ STALKER! haha :P:P He can play a very intriguing game, lol, he's just *so* fascinating! (ps, not sarcastic in any way, lol)

Oh, a black rose. How very pretty, and amazingly romantic, lol. But, deadly as well. Romantic, but deadly. Beautiful, yet dangerous. How very GrandMaster-ish. :P "Well, love and hate were just opposite sides of the same spectrum, weren't they? How easily one could turn from one side to the other . . ." I have a pretty picture that has Love and Hate together, lol. I love how you incorporate so many themes in your story; we should've studied your story instead of Shakespeare's! :P:P

Hah. Hanging up on James like that, if I were James I'd be a bit suspicious... I'unno if that was such a good idea, for him anywaiis, but either way... It's just how the GM is, eh? 'Nd I'm wondering what he looks like. So, he's got unruly dark hair, but what else? Pale skin, or is he tanned? Dark, sinister eyes or a bright gaze that captivates others and lures them closer to a deadly trap? Teehee Reminds me of a spider, but the GM is more cat-like, methinks(

Haha, Val talks to herself just like I do! -grins- Though I'm slightly haha :P But, really, I am quite sane. -ponders- I think... lol, no I am. - My sister's wardrope is composed by dark blues, grays and blacks. Lol, with a few pinks and reds thrown in. She went through her "goth"y phase soon after reading Twilight XD Now she shops non-stop at Garage rofl.

Oh, wow. Woah. He sends her text messages. Haha. :P:P Very up-to-date with technology, isn't he now? No longer old parchment, but text messages. Wunnerful. XD Zomc, and now back to old-fashiony stuff, eh? What's with this? Is he from the eighteenth century or something? Don't get me wrong, I love those times, lol, but it seems as if GM is slightly confused as to what century he's in, eh? Haha, just kiddin', his house looks soo awesome, rofl. I want a house like that :P

, stealing a rose from a lunatic. Now we KNOW he's gunna get killed, aha. And that friendly-looking rose even hurt him! I swear, GM's house plants/garden plants are plotting agains the world alongside him. Or, maybe just plotting against Val. But either way, they're plotting. And plotting potted plants are never a good thing. -shakes head-

Hmm, so this is GM, eh? Dressed in white while his guests dress in black. -rolls eyes- What a nice request... or this one of GM's parents? -reads on- So, it must be the GM. Oh, GOD. He's like... like... like a deadly angel, or something. Are you SURE he's not a vampire? The pale-white skin, the off-gray eyes, muscular body... -shivers- Verry scary, but definately in a good way :P Though, for Val... maybe not.

Huh. So, Val thinks the GM might be implying that Val would cheat - cheat at what? The game she's playing with the GM, or cheat on her boyfriend James? Or, is he saying /he/ would cheat? Can you cheat at a game like this? -confused-

Oh, so teh GM didn't just invite them. For a moment, I was wondering where this "party" disap00fed too, lol. :P But still, that's only... -counts on fingers- eight kids? And they're wearing white, like more not-so-cute-and-fluffy angels. seriously, are they, like... o-kaiis then. Did they already get their minds sucked out by GM and now are his little slaves or something? Not that that would be a real theory, rofl, of course not, that's silly... -glances at Candid- Unless... it /is/?

"Fine, she thought, mood darkening. Be that way." Lol, that's what I /always/ feel if someone ignores me or something. Though, I'll usually say it aloud and declare my grumpiness for all to hear, rofl. Mkaiis, maybe I wouldn't if I was over at GM's place... Mehh, GM prolly poisoned teh food or something. -rolls eyes-

Lol, so, will Blake be an important character or just a filler-character? And what about the other kids over there -pokes DA(Deadly Angels, not Dumbledore's Army, lol)- He seems like he'll come in handy, lol... Hmm, the "wrong kind of people", Val when Blake says that, I do not think he means the "rude" kind. He means the dangerous, insane, slightly-outta-their-minds wrong. Kinda like Oliver from the OC, ya'know? Locking yourself and your crush in a room and threatening to kill yourself if she leaves to go back to her boyfriend-type of crazy. Haha.

Lol, James is so shallow. Val obviously deserves better, but could the solution really be GM?

“I like your shirt,” GM said, almost teasingly. - which means, in boy-speak, I like what's under better. Sheesh, didn't Val get those annoying "A Girls' Handbook To Guys" chain letters that keep coming back to me like some annoying boom-a-rang?

Wow, Draco-moment right there. GM is like...a dark-haired Draco, lol. Haha, how does Val not see this? That GM is the Grandmaster-stalker-dude who sent her that letter, not that he's Draco's twin. XD

Lol, amazing chappie. Didn't get the chess-references at all, but s'alright (

risaisis chapter 1 . 1/29/2008

-stutters before finally being able to form a sentence which, even then, is short and pointless-

Oh. My. Lord.

Oh, my.

I mean, oh... woah. Wow. That's... amazing. I'm stunned, at a loss for words. As you can probably tell - and usually, there's no such thing as me being at a loss for words. I'm a writer, an author (aspiring, that is.) and words are my passion. To be at a loss... Is, wow. It's... Goodness, my heart is racing, especially after the last couple paragraphs. XD

This was, well as I've already said, multiple times, absolutely amazing. Spiffy. Uber-fantastical! :P My friend, Lottie, recommended this story, so I read it, and I'm now slowly recovering from your amazing first chapter.

I usually will review chapters as I read them, so I can put down all my thoughts and theories, comments and random bursts of emotions while they're still fresh, but I didn't for this first chapter; now I wish I had, because so many things are racing through my mind :P I will for your other chapters, which, btw, I can't review tonight because it's late and I'm tired. Sorreh ;;

But, I've fallen in love with the mysterious Grandmaster. Please tell me he has another name? A not-as-normal name such as Frank or Teddy because those stink, but a name other than Grandmaster. I dislike that name, rofl XP

Anywaiis, who is the Grandmaster? Is he human? He certainly doesn't seem human, lol. He reminds me so much of the vampire James, from Twilight - but a handsome James, because, despite being vampires being pretty handsome, James isn't outstandingly handsome, rofl. That made no sense, seeing as the character in here is named James as well, but I hope you know what I mean... Even though you might not have read Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. If not, go read it, 'tis amazing. -nudges-

But, both the Twilight James and the 'Grandmaster' both play the same basic game with their prey, they both get the same, sick thrill from the chase, and they both take pride in the games they play, both games ending in the same sort of way. -cough- Or, the way they seem to end, as far as I can tell, anywaiis. It seems that way, lol, but I might have gotten something wrong ;;

Isn't it funny that the Twilight-version of the Grandmaster (keep wanting to write Gamesmaster, rofl XD) and Val's boyfriend are named James? What a coinkidink -giggles-

Otherwise, I hope James doesn't end up dying, he's very likeable haha - but because this is horror/angst, all the characters will die, buwhahaha -coughsputterchoke- Note to self: Do not use ebil laugh of DOOM again. Teehee XD -pokes'teehee'- that's my cutiepie-ebil laugh (

Anywaiis, awesome first chapter, I absolutely loved it. It was amazing. Fantastic. Unbelievable. Go and become a published author. Like, right NOW. Thankies (

(plus, the grammer was great, plotline amazing, choice of words captivating and spellbinding, urmm... and ubberly-ebil, shmexxy character, which always helps ;) so, my love for this is not just in my head, there really is some solid proof for it's uberness, lol)

Fav'd (

FM Radio chapter 13 . 1/27/2008
have her say YES! The rest of the story could be about the time she spends living with him, and her escape! Or she could fall in love with him...
fairy pwincess chapter 13 . 1/26/2008
Love the plot line for this - really creative! Kinda reminds me of this story called Interrogame, or something like that. Loving the story, so update soon x
PrematureLlama chapter 13 . 1/25/2008
I am so sorry I haven't been reviewing the other chapters. I've been super busy with school and such! Lol. Anway, omg, this chapter was so amazing! I'm really sad now, because I'm guessing one of the black team members has her name on it. Maybe not. I dont know. Yeah, but then the last part of the chapter! Wow! I have no clue what she's gonna do! Will she choose him? She wants to save people so she might. But god...GM is such a psycho! Grr!

Next chapter soon please!

Lonely Hope chapter 13 . 1/25/2008
Wow. That's basically it. I started reading this hours ago, and had nothing else to do, and now i'm finished. When will there be another chapter! Jeez, i'm entranced. GM is like my weakness, I have a thing for falling for the bad guys. For example I love the phantom in the Phantom of the Opera. The hero's never quite impress me as much. Something in the evil of it, the dangerousness (?) just hits my weak spot. Wow. Bravo. Keep going, this is great.
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 13 . 1/25/2008
*gapes incredulous at computer screen*

*still gaping*

*making odd gawking sounds of amazement*


*well, thinks she does. blood pressure went down from not moving from computer to eat anything in a long span of time*


*rereads last few paragraphs*

*laps back into state of literary shock*


Now A Devoted Slave Fan

~ .Whimsy
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 11 . 1/25/2008
Yay! Charlie is dead! I supposed to be happy someone else was murdered. I can't tell! Chapters 12 and 13 better have some resolutions! Or I'm gonna hound you till you update. And I'm good at that! xD

~ .Whimsy
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 9 . 1/25/2008
*jaw hits floor* James is dead! Like...whoa! Okay, that's it! Brent takes the next knife and Jason, we'll just throw him into a vat of toxic waste! And not the kind that can turn him into a TMNT! Holy wow!

~ .Whimsy
ironazalea chapter 13 . 1/24/2008

that last paragraph in J'adoube is pure poetry. I wouldn't be able to write anything even remotely close to that - an example of why I fail at writing.

props to you
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 8 . 1/23/2008
H..holy. Freaking. *spazzes out* What is he doing? Holy crap! *mind buzzing with not else to think about* I so did not see this coming. I need to keep reading! xD

~ .Whimsy
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 6 . 1/23/2008
Frick Aah! I knew I didn't like James for a reason! Coward! Spineless coward!
Lady Katreina chapter 13 . 1/23/2008
AH! Val now has a conundrum. We all know what the obvious answer is, GM's sneaky, having her play that much before making the ultimatum.

But the big question is who is GM and why does he do what he does?
Lady Katreina chapter 12 . 1/23/2008
Acts.of.Whimsy chapter 4 . 1/22/2008

I'm having soo much fun reading this! Where does the door lead to? Is that actually a picture of GM, yet younger? Where is he hiding his parents, pray tell? E! Next chapter!

~ .Whimsy
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