Reviews for Suspend me and my disbelief, please
Jecori chapter 1 . 8/20/2007
this is so unbelievably in-depth, i couldn't understand some parts of it. of course, you're the author, so you would know, but really. this looks like a lot of work has been put up, and you've posted several pieces today. i shall go check them out soon enough, because i love poetry :)

i used to despise it, but let's forget i just said that :)

i will quote only one part of this, even tho i could quote several more: "Not to catch me, but to watch me crash and burn, a cartoonish mushroom cloud of special effects ascending above me, along with you, Then you would light your smile in warm, artificial tones, appeal to the audience with a smirk"

that's got to be one of my faves. nice job, inks. may i call you that? [feel free to say no and tell me to get lost XD -some don't even respond to my reviews and crazy sidetracks : :P]