Reviews for I am not
Incurable Adoration chapter 1 . 3/7/2008
All of this stretching, this growing, this changing...

It hurts

It itches

Is so uncomfortable

and I find it so scary (perhaps frightening)

I want out...put me in the future, screw the young, learning years.
Jecori chapter 1 . 8/20/2007
what a self-said poem. i adore. *check to faves*

i like the title, too, because it warns off slight flames responding back "So what are you?"

-no, seriously, i know people that would say something like that T_T -so the title answers the unspoken flame :)

please hit me on the head of i'm not making sense.

anyway, i like certain parts, especially about the media having quite bad good grammar is hot.

there's something about this i can't quite explain..but it's a good thing. because it's kind of indescribable, and yet, perfectly describable [it could be the latter for all i know...i may just be lacking words :D]

would you mind reading 'imcomprehensible truth' for me? i really need some input :

keep writing, or something cliche for FP to say :P

-vesta ]