Reviews for What Does Slavery Mean To You?
The Swimmer chapter 1 . 8/29/2007
The majority of your essay is very good, but I must disagree with some of your ideas on domestic workers in Singapore. Several years ago I lived there and my mother hired a 'maid'. She was treated as if she were a member of the family, and given a fair wage, time off on Sundays, holidays or whenever else she needed it, and so forth. She seemed to enjoy working for us, and bought us children Christmas presants every year (many of which I still have) and both of my sisters a pet fish. She worked to provide money to her family in the Philippines and she often sent the clothes that we had outgrown to her little neice. This seemed to be the normal way that domestic help was treated, and I spoke to many of them at my freind's houses or when our 'maid' took us shopping with her and stopped to chat with her freinds. I have only met 2 of these women who have ever had any complaints about the people they were working for: One women's employers would only speak in French, even though they were well versed in English and knew that she was unable to speak that language, another had been accused, on multiple occasions, of stealing things from their home, even though they always found whatever she had been accused of stealing later. While I do not deny that the abuses do happen I feel that they are an abnomality, and that the average 'maid' is not treated in such a way. Other then that, I enjoyed your essay, and agree with many of the points you made.
Zackkbum chapter 1 . 8/26/2007
The African people were a very rich, cultural, and intelligent people. Parts of Africa were centers of commerce and scholarly studies. You are cheapening the rich heritage of Africa by calling them "weaker" than the rest of the world. Everyone back then was struggling to survive; it was the way of life. Don't single out Africans for it.

Africa captured other tribes for many years, just like the rest of the world. They just sold them to slavery in the slave trade, that's why America decided to import slaves from them.

The rest of your essay is true, but has the feeling of a truism. It essentially amounts to "slavery is bad". While I agree with the statement, it is pretty obvious.