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WhiteKnightL chapter 13 . 6/18/2016
I remember this being the first story I read from you. I rarely feel things when I watch stuff on TV, but your works are something else.
Revamp chapter 13 . 9/10/2013
This chapter started out with a confession and emotional incident to reunite our two lovers.

I knew that Yuu was important and now it makes sense that he is Malakh. I knew he was someone important. It also explains the knowledge that he had regarding Adam.

It seems that everything is finally coming out, including Takamoto's real identity. I was wondering when Satoru was going to find out that he was a machine. I love how Yuu's character developed greatly in these past two chapters. He is still one of my favorite characters, despite the fact that this series is over. His ways of forced evolution were interesting to delve into and think about.

The ending of this story wasn't the happiest, but it was the right one. Sad to know that Satory ended up dying at the end, but his death wasn't in vain as it caused a revolution and different way of thinking among humanity and his sacrifice gave Asami a new meaning to live on.

This story definitely needed more reviews, it's terribly underrated and a beautiful piece. I loved it.
Revamp chapter 12 . 9/10/2013
Things are really coming down to the wire and the action is high in this chapter. I love the amount of tension that you put around the technician's hacking job and the fight with the unknown army.

All of that hacking and Adam wasn;t there. I wonder why. The entire build up revolved around this point in time. The information Yuu knows is undoubtedly the key and I think he has more to do with Adam than anyone really knows. I do hope that they can stop Asami from destroying everything they had fought so hard to preserve to this point. Yuu and Satoru's information exchange about Adam was a nice touch to help deepen the plot.

The face off between Asami and Satoru was well written and I could feel the tense atmosphere that you managed to create. It was a passionate and emotional scene. Well done and a nice way to end this chapter.
Revamp chapter 11 . 9/10/2013
I wonder how Satoru and Asami plan on stopping the machines. There are a lot of viewpoints in this chapter. Everyone seems to be making plans for the final battle and doing a bit of analysis on each other.

I like the fact that the differences in opinion of the machines are seperated like humans are, this series to lessen the gap on what constitutes as human and machines and blurrs the lines a little. It's a nice way to serve as a merge for the two races.

I also like the fact that machines have the left and right-winged factions like Seraphim and Malakhim. The revelation about Yuu being a machine was interesting. I had the feeling that he was important but I didn't know to what extent.

Nice turn of events presented here.
Revamp chapter 10 . 9/10/2013
I liked the emotional scene between Satoru and Natsuko. I'm glad that he decided to stay and be by her side. If find Yuu's oulook on trust to be true of a lot of people in this world. Then again I am really fascinated by Yuu's character. He's fascinating and I love his mindset.

Satoru taking action shows that his character has developed significantly since the beginning of the series and I can see his transition from a victim to a fighter. It's nice to see Satoru reuniting with his co-workers. Somehow, i thought they might be part of his squad considering Natsuko's entrance at Yuu's side. It seems like everyone is banding together, even Tadashi.

Satoru's fear of killing provided a nice sense of realism to his character.

I can say that I was pretty sad when Kazuhiko died. He was my favorite character, but at the same time at least his death wasn't in vain. Satoru avenged him in his own way. I'm still pretty bumme to see him go but he did last a lot longer than some of the other characters.

Poor Satoru, losing the people he cared about. The fact that his psyche is crumbling isn't shocking. Chiyoko and everyone died. This chapter is rather tragedy-filled and gripping. Tadashi's true character managed to come out as well and he had an emotional scene as he admitted his feelings towards Satoru. Everyone but Natsuko seemed to just die off.

Kiyoshi's secrets came out as well and brought up good arguments regarding the machines. I liked reading he and Satoru's debates, especially since both of them were so filled with passion. I also loved the fight between Kiyoshi and Satoru. It was a nice action sequence and I was totally engrossed in it. I'm anticipating what will happen with the upcoming attack of the machines.
Revamp chapter 9 . 7/3/2013
Whoops my other review was supposed to be for chapter 8, this one is for chapter 9.

Even if it's not true, I did find the possibility of Natsuko being the sister of the company owner an interesting concept. It would have been a twist of events that I wouldn't see coming. I do like her relationship with Yuu, their personalities compliment each other well. Yuu is interesting anyway, but I've always had a fondness for the prankster types who are funny or sarcastic. The way he was constantly screwing with Satoru's mind was amusing.

It looks like Satoru is going to have to choose what happened to Asami. Her life is literally in his hands and his beliefs are really being placed on the line as well as his love and loyalty.

The talk Natsuko and Satoru had about following your heart and doing what you think is right despite what others think was endearing and a light touch to the serious plot. I like the fact that she's still supportive of him, even though their relationship is unrequited.

There was a lot of much needed explanation here that helped fill in the gaps of the prior chapter. Now I know the full situation with the workers in the company being divided and put against each other. It looks like Kiyoshi and Satoru are fixing to have the ultimate showdown.
Revamp chapter 9 . 7/2/2013
I'm glad that Kiyoshi decided to go with Satoru to seek out Asami. I'm pretty sure he probably couldn't have done it alone. Kiyoshi stopping to pay the bill was a little random, it sort of is something worth noting anyway. It felt off-kilter.

Satoru can't catch a break. He goes looking for Asami only to run into a crowd and the media along the way. At least he got to witness the machine's message to mankind, and that was interesting. I do have to say that I admit to not have pictured Isaac as a human, being a supposed primitive machine, but perhaps he's just a primitive humanesque machine. I definitely hadn't pictured him as an old man. I do like the concept of a physically aging machine, though.

Isaac seems like a peaceful machine who wants to live among the humans equally. I wonder just what the Colonel's plans are. Something tells me that he wants to take over the government in order to to either abolish the machines or to abolish and/or rule humanity. When I read later on, it turned out that the second hypothesis was more truth.

As they ran to get Asami, I was on the edge of my seat, hoping that they would make it in time. I actually was pretty shocked when Kiyoshi ended up turning on Satoru. Then again, he /is/ dedicated to the company. The scene where everyone was trying to take Asami out was compelling and action-packed. I'm glad that she didn't end up killing anyone or herself.
Revamp chapter 7 . 6/30/2013
Kiyoshi has definitely put Satoru in a situation. I can see why Satoru would question him, after all he still works for the company. Kiyoshi's sarcasm inserted into the serious discussion helps take the tension from the mood of the story. It's a nice quirk and a good technique as well. It probably also helps Satoru's mood, taking edge off where it needs to be. I'm glad he has been proven to be as good of a person as I thought him to be. I wonder who the mysterious caller is and what their motives are for calling him. Furthermore, how is he going to stop Asami even if he does go to her? I have so many questions, so I'm going to see it out to the end.
Revamp chapter 6 . 6/30/2013
Satoru has a lot of valid points about the machines. They didn't design their own purpose or looks, they were something that had been set in stone before their creation.

The group he encountered on the street really are frightened and paranoid.

Satoru's fight with the paranoid people is a nice addition of action to the plot build. I feel some for Satoru, and who knows however many people have fallen victim to their or accusations in the past since the war began.

Asami had a nice fight scene. It's nice to see a bit of role reversal in this story. I believe she might actually be a machine, cyborg or android of sorts. It's just my guess and it would make her reasoning for turning him down valid as well as stopping a pipe with her arm. I turned out being right later on. I wonder if knowing this will change his opinion of machines or cause him to find out something different about them. Not to mention this will make Adam, or whatever machine they are building that's similar to Adam a definite threat.

Poor Asami is definitely fighting against her nature and her heart. I feel bad for her. You did a nice job at expressing her inner conflict.

So, Takamoto was behind Asami's creation. When Satoru figures that out, he'll definitely feel even more disgusted with his work place. I wonder why they wanted him killed though. Was it because of the information he holds or another reason?
Revamp chapter 5 . 6/30/2013
Satoruy is proving his loyalty by looking for Asami. It's sweet that he doesn't want to leave her crying and wanted to part on a better note with her.

I do wonder why she rejected him and what pain plagued her so much that it made her cry and reject the possible offer of having a relationship with a guy that she supposedly hit it off well with?

Natsuko's call had an unsettling and eerie premise of things yet to come, especially with the deployment of the military in the city.

The story of Isaac and Adam is very interesting. I like how they were built on a scale of balance. One governed the other. I wonder if the S project has anything to do with this theory.

Poor Satoru, he's really caught up in the grander scheme of things. I think he reached his stress limit and left. His life has been nothing but consistent stress since the story began.

Lol, leave it to Kazuhiko to infiltrate Satoru's house. Interesting to find out he's the tech savvy one of the group.

Looks like my prior statements regarding Adam was true.

It seems like people are already paranoid of each other being machines in disguise. Poor Satoru really does have a mile long streak of bad luck.
Revamp chapter 4 . 6/30/2013
I'd really like to know what's going on inside of Tadashi;s head. It seems like he's really narrow-minded and cynical, but I wonder if there's a reason or method to his madness. It's probably weird that I'm concentrating on this but he's one of the characters I've been interested in. I find myself wanting to know his personal reasoning behind his beliefs.

The fact that he took up a good chunk of this chapters was a good thing for me. It gave me more of an insight to his personal philosophy and black and white perspective.

I love how Kazuhiko picks at Satoru. All of his sexual remarks put a nice humorous spin on the dreary plot evolving around them.

I like Kiyoshi, he's the type of friend that acts as a pillar and a strong support. The kind of person you could tell anything to and trust to keep your secrets. The advice he gave Satoru was good. He pretty much said the things that I would tell someone in a similar position.

Poor Satory, Asami's answer wrecked his confidence but it's cute how he chose to cling to her. A bittersweet end to this chapter.
Revamp chapter 3 . 6/30/2013
Satoru finally get his date and it ended up being an awkward one at first. It only became more uncomfortable after the explosion was brought up. It's cute that Satoru kept scrambling for a subject around the scene with the protesters really got into what a military member's head. It showed the other side of the picture through Satoru's eyes. I liked that.

Satoru has some really bad luck, that's for sure. A date ending in an explosion. It gives a whole new meaning to going out with a bang. Satoru is really dealing with his memories, I'd say that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although I think that Satoru had Generalized Anxiety Disorder to begin with. At least he shows the same symptoms as I do and I've had it since I was seven.

It's endearing how he continues to be awkward around Asami. The way he stammers around. I love their interactions.

Kazuhiko continues to make me chuckle. He's probably my favorite of the minor characters, Kiyoshi is my second and Chiyoko is the third. I love how spunky she is. The fact that she's not afraid to put Kazuhiko in his place and she defends what she believes in are both qualities that make me like her.

Things are picking up, and with a new declaration of war, I wonder if this will be a reenactment of the prior machine war or will it yield different results?
Revamp chapter 2 . 6/30/2013
Questions still arise about Satoru's mysterious savior. If she lost someone in the bombing then who was it? Were they tied to the mechanical rebellion as well?

It's interesting to see the scope of opinions of the people that Satoru works with regarding the machines themselves and the bombing. Tadashi really seems to hate the machines. I'm beginning to wonder if his reasons are more deeply rooted than what is being shown. I have to say that I'd feel as conflicted as Satoru did about there being sides. I'm always that middle person who can see things both ways so I don't designate a side for myself. It looks like Tadashi will be one of those people who will have to be shown the truth. He's pretty stubborn on accepting other's opinions.

It looks like as a stroke of luck, Satoru ran into his mystery lady. His interactions with her are cute. They give off a young love kind of feeling that's blissful and innocent. It makes them endearing. Satoru's nervous nature about the two of them going on a lunch date is funny and cute at the same time, especially when his co-workers start throwing in their two cents about the situation. I enjoyed Kazuhiko's perverted thoughts on the matter as well, especially the comment about riding a bike. I was probably taking it exactly the way he meant it. xD
Revamp chapter 1 . 6/30/2013
I'm finally going back to rereading this story. I saw that I've read it before but I didn't give a review worth anything so I'v decided to revisit it.

Love the premise, a war of human and machine. Developing intelligent machines only to end up fearing them and stop their development out of their own paranoia is a great idea.

Satoru is interesting for a main character, hating his job at the military and despising the fact that he's building weapons of death and destruction. He seems like a miserable fellow at the beginning of this chapter, but he's also quirky and I found his sudden bursts of anger funny, The scene where he scared the nurse was humorous as well. It helped to cut the dismal side of his suffering.

I feel sorry for poor Karin, though. Losing a loved one is something that sticks with you, especially if you lose them in such a tragic way.A mechanical terrorist attack is a nice concept, and I like the way that the plot is developing around it, as well as Satoru being intertwined with his bouts of misfortune being caught up in the series of events.

Judging from his conversation with his mother, I wonder what happened in the past with his father. Was he a casualty of the first mechanical war?

I like Kiyoshi, he has that underlying gentility in contrast with his business-like attire.

Chiyoko's part of the argument is one that I believe most cases. It's the same logic as, guns don't kill people, it's the people firing the guns that kill people. The weapon serves the master. It's a nice sense of logic behind it instead of just blaming the machines as others would do.

Satoru keeps trying to figure out what happened and look through the trauma and it seems everything is finally beginning to piece together. I do wonder who this woman is that he's so enamored with, though.
Fatima chapter 13 . 6/17/2013
Why does this have so few reviews? It's a great story and well-written. I loved it, so thank you for a great read!
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