Reviews for Expressions of Love: Gay Marriage
NeonEnigma88 chapter 1 . 12/3/2013
This was actually very well written, even if a bit jumbled. You brought up many good points that make so much sense, and I would like to frickin' congratulate you for being the first person I've ever met (does reading this count as meeting?) who is as open on the subject of homosexuality as I am. Because I have no qualms am in saying that homosexuality is NOT a crime in any way and marriage for them should be legal. I view this as another type of segregation. They are discriminated against because of something they have no control over, at least something they can't change with possibly psychologically damaging themselves. And I hope by the time I am living in a nursing home (long time away:) I will be looking back at this saying "Wow! People were REEAAALLLLYYY stupid back then! I'm glad that kind of discrimination is over!" This issue just really brings out my aggressive side; I hate that there are so many out there that are wondering "Is something wrong with me? Why can't I just be normal?" Especially when there is nothing wrong with them. But I love you essay as well as your other writings which are hilariously snarky. Amazing job and Keep writing!
cerulean-azure chapter 1 . 12/6/2009
I agree with you on most points, but they are not really very well presented. Too much of your personal self, too many the way, that first review there? Made absolutely no sense at all.
ThreeBlackRoses chapter 1 . 2/11/2009
You don't strike me as such a pansy of an author that you would shrink away from such stining reviews as this topic is bound to generate, but I had to respond to "lulu" at the bottom there.

I have never seen such absolute srivel in my entire life. That was no review, it was a series of poorly punctuated fragments strung together to accuse you of being incoherent.

I've always agreed with your sentiments, but her absolute ignorace would have sold your point anyway.

For the love of whatever greater power you believe in people, write meaningful reviews and please, please, please punctuate! (end public servce announcment)

Fantastic job, though. If you polished this a bit, it could really be something and it makes all the right points in all the right places.

Good work,

Destiny2RoseClan chapter 1 . 8/8/2008

Wow...I seriousely applaud you dude/dudat. I seriousely do. Gay marriage should be put in. This may have been a "jumble of opinions" but really, it spoke alot. You make sense even if alot of things were smushed together.

Gay marriage is just as a right to be just as any other marriage. Really, no human has the right to stop someone from doing something that they know is right.

Love is love, what can one do about it?

Great job though.
Jean Brooks chapter 1 . 9/3/2007
I agree with you on some points, with Christianity clashing with gay marriage. Indeed, gay marriage can have positive effects, but marriage is simply marriage. It depends on couple to couple whether they prefer to adopt a child or not. I don't think promoting gay marriage would definately guarantee a decrease in the number of orphans or overpopulation.

Ever since the 1980's when AIDS first broke out, it was primarily referred to as the 'gay disease'. Since then, gay men have been terribly discriminated. My point is, some time in the future, this prejudice against gay men will have to lessen before promoting gay marriage.

I, myself, have nothing against gay marriage. I believe it's completely up to the person to make that choice. However, in society now, it's very difficult to be married as a gay man and live a normal life.
Dave500 chapter 1 . 9/2/2007
nice to see you still buy into that grade school myth about every one coming to america to escape religous intorelance or the rules. with the exception of plymoth and maryland most people came to america for money, thanks to this i have an essay in mind. thank you.

no for the rest of the essay, one could consider homosexuality a by product of lust, not saying all gays are lustful, but homo and hetro both come from the same desire, lust.

No negative effects, are you naive. everything has negative effects, it doesn't matter what it is.

you have one point, gay marriage does not mean its going to cause the laws to allow people to marry animals or multipule wives and husbands (i wouldn't put it past utah though)

i'm kindsa of annoyied that this essay became a seperatin of church and state essay. But thats besides the point, seperation of chur h and state is not in the consitution, though the freedom of religion is, also as i explained in an essay way back when (the truth about democracy "wink wink) being a democracy means that the government has the right to make any laws they want, and if it conflicts with the constituaion or some supreme court ruling all they have to do is amend the constituation, or pass laws changing the courts jurisdiction.

your last paragraph is damn near incoherant. back i shall tackle it anyway, why because i have noting better to do. Gay marriage would have positive effects, and your point. adopting kids? thats it. Adopting kids. How about this for a positive effect of gay marriage. It would raise revineus for our government because of the marriage tax. Our government needs money anyway.

to continue on your paragraph, "No more overpopulation, yay" you had to say it, that statement is so stupid my IQ went down 5 points, (thanks). Just because gays are getting marriaged does not stop over population, do you think all the straight couples are going to decided to stop having sex because gays are married now. or do you think if this one adopted kid now has a home with a gay person that the world population will drop by 1. c'mon, the rest of your essay was someonewhat intelligent, but that statement.

Just to make it simple whether or not gay people are allowed to get married the worlds population is still at 6.5 billion people (thank you wikipedia). Just figured i'd infrom you of that. less crime, are you saying all orphans unadopted orhans are crimminals, that seems alfully judgmental for someone who is saying give gay people right to marry. crime caused by a group of problems, but the two major ones stemming, form poor parents, and bad schools. Don't you dare say gay people will be good parents, becuase they are still people, some will be good and some will not.

and your second to last line, "A gay couple might adopt a kid and raise them right, or you can ban gay marriage and get mugged by that kid in a few years". Never end a persuasive type essay like that. it makes people not interested in what you have to say, its kinda like saying, if you don't listen to my essay about becoming a christian, you are going to hell. or maybe if you people vote democrat we all are going to die. pointless extreme circumstances that make an essay far less apealing and persuasive.

in closing, i know i'm coming off a little rough but this is all in an effort to foster better esays, with a little research i recomned wikipedia and google, would could make and informative essay.

the mighty lu bu