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LoveAlways03 chapter 41 . 11/11/2010
Hey girl! So I know this story was finished awhile back but I had to review. Without a doubt one of the best stories I have ever read on here. I loved the relationship with all the guys.

I loved Trent's player attitude and though he was such a player he fell in love. Now I wished it did have him get what he wanted but I'm glad Lea didn't marry off. Leaves hope for them. I think everyone out there has a 'Trent' friend and we can't help but love them. Their whoreness and all.

Drama Dan killed me. I think his whole character was funny. Not that I didn't think he was serious about things but just because it showed money and everything doesnt make you that happy. Him and April kill me and I hope there is hope for them for a long time.

Sean, well what can I say. He was like the little brother/close friend that we all love. You know never to see him in a relationship way but everyone loves and in a way protects him and the fact he got Rachel over Trent is GREAT! I do love that line of "Sean! You kissed frikkin Sean over me!"

Then Jonah sweet perfect Jonah who without the story wouldn't be the story. He is probably the perfect best friend and you are lucky to have him. It was clear he felt guilty for not caring about Jonnie but I think it was clear that friendship was what they were supposed to be. But that him being honest about his feeling didnt make me love him any less.

Felicia yeah a little bitchy, and I very much had a 'best friend' like that. Someone who I hung out with all the time yet never truly understood because all she did was hit on my boyfriends or try to out do me. Cut down things about me and I was like what do I even like about you? I think you wrote the perfect idea of that girl and how again we all have one.

The family was great, reminded me of my brothers and all the things that happened were so funny! I love the nerf football thing! It was great! I loved all the little games that happened in the house. The 'Trap!', the Meat wars and the singing outside the door. How even in serious moments there was a little humor that made you smile.

Then finally Ryder. God if I haven't had one of those. The whole time I was pulling for him and Jonnie. As soon as she walked in the door in the first few chapters I was like oh please be a Ryder Jonnie story because there was something about his character. I of course liked Jonah and was worried it was going to go that way but I was pulling for Ryder the whole time. It's amazing how somethings happen. How someone can be such a great impact on someone. How Jonnie being around him made him want to be better, be someone that he thought deserved to be around her.

He was so dark and secretive but his mood change for Jonnie was so perfectly sweet. He loved her so much and the outcome is terrible. It's completely heartbreaking.

I think that you continued to write the story even after losing him shows how much of a great writer you are. I truly believe that writing helps get out things you are feeling but can't say but to write the story about him, and their moments together even after he is gone I can't imagine. You girl are amazing! I wasn't going to review bc it had been finished a year ago but I saw some reviews that made me want to snap! I hate people who do that, who cut down someone else and it also amazes me that the people who cut down normally dont even have stories! Its like they go on search to tear someone down because clearly others like your stories more! Don't let one person get you down when a thousands of others say it great. I myself seem to pay more attention to one or two bad instead of all the amazing others.

But clearly I ramble and wrote a super long review that you might be like omg this girl is annoyingly talking but I do ramble a lot haha! But I just wanted to say this story is great and so glad I read it. Had me laughing at some points crying at a few (pretty much the last chapter) and wishing to have been apart of the craziness and getting all that in one story shows how great it is.

Hope you keep writing! An the sequel I will so read! Already started and love it and hope you update soon.


PS. you get to live in Cali or did? So freaking jealous I would kill to visit California!
The Imagination Addict chapter 41 . 11/7/2010
ohgosh. It’s so tragic. I have to agree with one of ur past reviewers that ur really strong to be able to write all this. I hope u get this published in print because if this part of ur life could be shared, a lot of ppl would benefit from comfort if theyr going through something similar. Presuming the acting part was also all true, all the best in ur acting career!
The Imagination Addict chapter 27 . 11/6/2010
I know you finished this story long ago, and you probably couldn’t care less whether I review, especially since you have so many. But I just HAVE to review cos when I have praise, I needa express it. And praise is generally fairly welcome anyway. So. I read about that flame and I think it was really unfair. Your story is very realistic, so realistic it blows me away. I guess it’s largely cos it’s based on your own life. The flamer’s accusation that it’s cliché… Well, maybe the bad boy-good girl pairing seems cliché, but clichés are based on REAL LIFE, so. Anyway, all the best for your writing and I hope you get to publish! I think your plotline is publish-worthy. Your story is meaningful and touching. It seems so real and full of emotion. Anyway, I’ll definitely be reading your sequels once I’m done with this. CONGRATS on having written such a fantastic story!
gina chapter 43 . 9/19/2010
i think ryder sholda gotten better.. he was lovely ;(
GnomeNut chapter 41 . 9/18/2010
* hyperventilates* Holy crap... the whole story was awesome but the ending had me crying. Ryder was awesome and the fact that he had to die under those circumstances is awful. Just completely bittersweet.:(

Anyway's, your story was amazing! I would have written a review for ever chapter but I didn't have time while I was furiously scrolling down each chapter page to get the the next one. ;)

I loved it! ]
Warrior-Princess06 chapter 41 . 9/16/2010
'waah..I'm disappointed, upset, devastated, shattered

and heart broken with the ending..huhu..! :(

you made me CRIED when Ryder died..! I love him even though he's drug addict.! :) I thought it will be a HAPPY ENDING..but i guess, it's not.

And here I thought Ryder and Jonnie will end up together..huhu.! I'm sad.! Why did he need to die? :l

Anyways, even though it's sad ending..

I love most of the characters..

Ryder and Jonnie, Jonah, Trent and Lea,

Sean and Rachel, Danny and April, and of course Talulah.! :D

I love also the Family of Jonnie..they're hilarious..hehe.! :D

I hate Felicia, Monika, Snake and his friends, and Ryder's father.! :)

Nevertheless, i enjoy reading this fic..

thanks for this wonderful fic and for sharing your imagination to us..! :) Even though there is a sequel for this fic, i am not going to read it because Ryder was already yeah.! :) I guess, i have a thing for bad guy.! HAHA! LOL! :))

Anyways, Sorry if i didn't review each chapter..maybe if i came here around the time when you still writing this fic (2007-2009), i will..but i came here in this site around (May 2010) and i'm too excited to read the next chapter to leave a, i'm really sorry.!

Good job and goodluck to your future stories.! :)
do not click chapter 41 . 9/14/2010
this is a great story, but i cant believe you killed ryder! that just makes me want to cry, i know this sounds pathetic but i wont beable to get to sleep now becasue i'll be thinking about this story and his death and what not..tragic :( but good realistic twist!
gigi chapter 14 . 9/13/2010
awesome chapter
gigi chapter 5 . 9/13/2010
cool idea with the meat wars
gigi chapter 4 . 9/13/2010
loved trents date lol so thick :)

good work
gigi chapter 3 . 9/13/2010
awesome :)
gigi chapter 2 . 9/13/2010
lol :) loving your characters so far. they are all very unique :)
gigi chapter 1 . 9/13/2010
i like it. its a great start so can't wait to read more. good job.
Naive chapter 41 . 9/10/2010
That broke my heart and I'm so sorry that it's true.

The fact that you could write this is something I find amazing because it's been three years since something like this happened for me and I still keep it locked up in the back of my head, not speaking about it to anyone.

I admire you so much.

rugvbkh799 chapter 41 . 9/9/2010
That's extremely abrupt. I can understand that since this was based upon real events from your life, it should end the way real life ended. I'm very sad about Jalen who I assume was Ryder in this story. I'm glad to see a sequel though, where he lives, that's good for the romance sucker who can't take a sad ending - such as myself from time to time. Thank you for writing and sharing.


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