Reviews for For All Waters
JDKlaus chapter 25 . 2/2/2012
WOW, just wow!
Opalstar45 chapter 25 . 1/16/2012
Awesome! I really enjoyed it
DYNAMic LOVE chapter 25 . 11/8/2011
This story was so good! I'd acutually had it I'm my favorites for a while, after I ran across it and ment to read it later on. I just started reading and boy was I missing out! This was a great story.

I actually was kinda happy that Sebastian had met Markus, and I think they would have been better for each other. So I was kinda bumbed that Antonio decided to change his mind at the last moment. But I guess it was all for the best, Antonio would finally find happiness and Sebastian would be able to keep the person he loves most.

All said and done, this was a great story, and I throughly enjoyed it.
roamingsheep1 chapter 25 . 8/10/2011
melamory said it all.

Lovely story! Thank you for sharing it with us.
melamory chapter 25 . 6/29/2011
First of all - I loved that story! The characters feel real - you know, flawed in a way that make you root for them even more. I loved the European settings too and I was so happy, that for once I didn't need to constantly convert inches and pounds into meters and kilos, lol

It seems many readers here don't like Antonio, but I really do. I feel sad for him, because it seems he didn't live full on until he met Seb. He's been like in a mausoleum or something. I can't even imagine what it's to come home to a woman you don't love or want and never loved or wanted. To keep pretending and lying for almost a decade for the sake of your child. It's so depressing and I think it's much worse than Seb's life, although I admit that it's Antonio's own fault, but I'm happy that at the end he found the strength to break free and to be with a person who he loves.

So Ant seems like a quite likeable character to me and I sympathize with him very much. It's just that Seb's the main character and he's the focus of the story, but I like them both and so happy they ended up together :)

What I didn't like though is the Erica thing. I just don't get why it's needed? I loved their friendship with Seb and I thought she respected his sexuality and she's a good friend for him - his only friend even. And it turned out that all that time she just wanted to get into his pants and frankly it's just disgusting. Also I'm not sure a gay guy would that easily sleep with a girl and I dunno enjoy it like it's no big deal? It seems kinda strange for me. If the girls did turn Seb on I think he'd have tried it earlier.

And what else I don't quite understand is the arrangement between Antonio and Maria. Since she knew about his homosexuality all along and from what we know she hadn't tried to 'convert' him and they hadn't slept together than why would she mind if he's having male lovers? I do understand why they got married in the first place, but how could she expect that a young healthy man'd live without any sex at all? Honestly that part really confuses me, coz it's implied Seb's Antonio's first lover since Daniel, so is it really that Antonio hadn't had sex in almost ten years? And Maria too? No offence, but it seems too unplausible.

Seb's spontaneous infatuation with Markus also seemed kinda popping out of blue. Markus himself didn't irritate me, he's a nice guy and he said the right things, but I was actually angry with Seb or rather confused. If you're loving someone atm, how can you fall so fast for another person? I get that he's frustrated with Antonio and has every right to be, it's just... the catalyst for

The Talk between Seb and Antonio didn't feel right to me. If it hadn't been the 'chemistry' and just Markus' words that get to Sebastian I'd be okay with it, but as it is - not so much. But whatever, I'm happy that they hadn't hooked up and I choose to interpret Seb's words to Ant about still going to meet Markus later that he's going to hang out with him just as a friend. Otherwise it'be strange to say it to Antonio, I think.

Also I can't really pick a side in an argument between Seb and Ant. I mean Seb's right per se, that their current situaion made all of them unhappy, but I can't actually blame Antonio for what he did back then. He had do marry Maria, they hadn't another choice. But I'm glad that he did the right thing after that conversation with Sebastian and... put them all out of their misery, I suppose. And I'm glad he remains on such a good terms with his son.

As I said, other than that I enjoyed the story very much. I loved the ending too, I don't think it's too abrupt, it's just that that main story - Seb and Antonio's relationships - was resolved so for me it seems rather superfluous to delve into secondary relationships too much after that. Something has to be left to our imagination, lol. Oh and i LOVED the twist with Tommy! How he turned out to be so perceptive and understanding - nicely put.

I also loved the epilogue. I have to admit I'm sucker for happy endings and I'd never read a story before checking the ending first to make sure it's all fine and dandy at the end. Pathetic I know, but I'm reading web literature mostly for escapism and I really don't need a reminder that things can be shitty and unhappy. I don't mind angst and drama, of course, coz that's what makes a good story, but I need it all figured out and resolved at the end. So here I was really happy to see that Seb and Antonio are still together for so many years - it brings real closure for their story I suppose.
Jj chapter 25 . 4/21/2011
It's an amazing story. I was kinda convinced they would break up but i'm glad they stayed together in the end. :-)great writing!
violet summer chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
omg this fic makes me adore college...
WingsOfTheShadow chapter 25 . 2/21/2011
Hm. Där ser man, den sista av dina fictions läst. Jag har velat skriva så många reviews medan jag har läst, men eftersom jag har läst den här på 2 dagar har det kännts onödigt att bombardera dig med mail. Så jag kör någon sorts all-in-one review. '

1. Jag VISSTE att det var Uppsala... först trodde jag att det bara är jag som är en sån inbiten Uppsalaunge att jag inte kunde tänka mig någon annan stans att plugga... eller cykla... Har jag helt fel när jag tänker på Ofvandals (varför kan jag inte stava det?) som Caféet med stort C? Deras baguetter är trots allt mycket goda.

2. Jag skrattade högt när jag läste din beskrivning av midsommarfirandet, det enda jag tycker att du glömde var att midsommarstången onekligen är mycket lik en fallos.

3. Jag har ännu en "hunch" om att Erika är från Tierp... jag vet inte varför men det bara känns så. '

Jag älskade den här (också). Du skriver väldigt bra, alla dina fictions känns väldigt välbearbetade, om jag har någonting att säga om det, då jag inte ens har tagit studenten än... -.-' Hur som helst hoppas jag att du fortsätter skriva och jag ser fram emot nästa fiction!

Ps. även om jag vet att du inte har skrivit de "svenska" delarna direktöversatt från svenska har jag ändå lyckats ge mig själv huvudvärk då jag har försökt formulera det på vettig svenska i mitt huvud... En konstig vana jag har när jag läser böcker (eller dyl.) på engelska som utspelar sig i Sverige...
Kasylum chapter 25 . 12/22/2010

That was one of the most perfect gay original story i ever read. It kept me up all night (and i have to be at my student stage in less than 3 hours!) and i couldn't make my eyes leave the screen all that long!

Wow. Really.

I love this story.

Thank you for sharing it


K. (french girl, bad english above, sorry ')
BD chapter 25 . 11/1/2010
Ok love the story bcuz it was amazing but how is it that they didnt die from alcohol poisoning bcuz 4rm wat i could tell they were constantly drinking and sebastian was a slut, antonio was in denial for yrs, tommy went from kinda homophobe to i support my gay best friend, n olivia became bitchy towards to the end. love the story tho seriously i do so dont doubt that.
Rustaam chapter 25 . 9/6/2010
I love the book idea. It's so sad that the man was in love with Sebastian for 5 years and never even went to talk to him. This story is amazing and I'm so happy they managed to work everything out. I'll be reading your other writings after this!
in my bones chapter 25 . 8/21/2010
This story.

There are no words for how much I loved it.

Made me feel all warm and happy inside. That ending...just...yes.
Dark Lynnette chapter 25 . 8/14/2010
Very cool. I didn't expect things to work out three chapters ago, but alas, I was shown the error of my thinking. The epilogue is great.

Dark Lynnette chapter 9 . 8/14/2010
Such sadness in this story. So many secrets can't be healthy.

Sebastian and Antonio are great characters. I feel for their situation and Maria's. Great detail in the town's values. Tommy is a great reflection of that.

Good pacing and style. Fun dialogue.
lunasea chapter 25 . 8/14/2010
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