Reviews for Closure
blurrylights chapter 1 . 1/25/2009
This is so sad...but I loved it.
l3g3nd chapter 1 . 10/19/2007
Minor mistake:

“This?” Ben held it up. It was missing the top halves of his last two fingers and the tip of the third.

I thought I should be Wes, who should held his hand up?

Overall, it's a story filled with feelings, both internal and external emotions. But somehow, I just have a feeling of "yaoi" when I was scanning through the first quarter of your story.

Type 'yaoi' and check the meaning in wikipedia. xD

As for the ending, I guess it is understandable for me. After Wes has lost both his parents, what he's left with is his only single brother. If he doesn't forgive him, it'll be quite hard or...GAH! I just don't know how to explain those kind of loneliness. Hehe.

Well hope ya wouldn't mind my sort-of meaningless review lol. But frankly speaking, yours a good story. You have it on my fav, definitely!

Just trying not to be pushy, but would ya mind spending a lil time on my story entitled "It's Too Late"? Forgive me thought .~

Have a nice day.
soojinyeh chapter 1 . 10/19/2007
Oh my God. He is..talking to his dead brother? It's...really heartwarming that the two brothers resolved their issues and after his brother's death...but I'm confused-is it a dream? Did he get teleported? Exactly HOW is he talking to his dead brother?
criti-sized chapter 1 . 9/10/2007
The plot of the story seems very nice, I like the semi-soft and tense tone that you were able to put into it while also being able to keep the brothers at a distance.

Of course brothers tend to have a different relationship than sisters who are holding grudges. I've known of sisters that won't talk to each other for the simple reason of jealousy, which makes me graeful my sister is ten years younger than me, lol.

At first ines confused why Wes is hesitant to o see his brother. The fact that he is angry enough at him to have animosity is evident, but I wouldn't describe it as hate... Though it's realistic that the protagonist feels it as hate, because how overwrought his emotions are about it.

"He meet his brother’s beady eyes staring intently at his own, throbbing in anxiety." I think it should be 'met'. I tend to get irritated when people say they saw 'one' typo, but won't say where it was, but what the hell at keast they're telling me I have one.

"Bust as he saw Ben’s face shift into further remorse, he knew that it was necessary." 'But'

I was expecting something else, not that Ben tried to kill Wes. That definitely gives him all the reason to be angry at his brother, but I was more surprised that Wes tried to kill himself.

And now we know it wasn't just Wes he tried to kill, he killed his parents also... That's weird, but I hope Ben had a reason for doing it.

The ending where they were talking seemed sort of forced, or maybe it's just me. I couldn't really imagine brothers that had too much history simply forgiving, and going on, but the main idea was for them to get some closure at least, which happened.