Reviews for Key To The Kingdom
William Kayspear chapter 14 . 7/2/2013
Anonymous chapter 14 . 4/7/2013
You really should continue with this... It is wonderful! I would love to know what happens.
Guest chapter 14 . 4/5/2013
Hello, I was just wondering as to why this was discontinued, I was absolutely adoring it!
Icelynx-Venom-Pheonix-Fire chapter 14 . 4/29/2011
did you really cut it off? its so good i love anthony and raine they are so cute together
Northfacegr95 chapter 13 . 12/28/2010
Urgh! Guntin is such an asshole!
Northfacegr95 chapter 8 . 12/28/2010
Raine went on quite a massacre there
Northfacegr95 chapter 6 . 12/28/2010
Northfacegr95 chapter 4 . 12/28/2010
No sidesaddle? God forbid she ride a horse like a man!
Northfacegr95 chapter 3 . 12/28/2010
He is such a freaking jerk!
You Belong To Me chapter 14 . 8/7/2010
You really should finish this story. Ive read your other two that link to this, His Queen and His Captive and i love them both(even though His Captive isnt finished yet). I'd really love it if you finished this story. Its amazing. ;) You should be proud of your writing ability!
Hydrogen Peroxide chapter 14 . 2/23/2010
This is a really good story, I would really like to know what happens! A pity its on hiatus! All your other stories are superb too! Applause!
twinklegoesthesea chapter 14 . 2/7/2010
hey I know it have been awhile since you updated but I hope you do. Anyway I live what you have written so far.
KT-ImmortalIncarnate chapter 14 . 11/10/2009
Okay, now you have to finish this story!

It's obvious who Anthony is, poor Raine...xD

I really like how this one turned out, and how it's set in the same realm as His Queen...


I like how everyone is in awe "OMG! She just kicked his $$!" haha...

I look forward to how the story ends,

Immortal Incarnate
Forever Isn't Real chapter 14 . 10/15/2009
oh my wow.

i actually quite like this :D

although HONESTLY, Raine is stupid. kinda.


anywho, update soon, yeah? :D
buffyangelgirl chapter 1 . 10/12/2009
i love this story since i first started reading it and like it a lot too since i started reading it also. and its really good great wonderful story that i like and love a lot since i was reading it and it is still good. your a great author who wrote this really great wonderful good story.
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