Reviews for Missing the Generation Gap
StickIntrinsic chapter 1 . 10/22/2007
Very nice, i being born in the wrong generation i think about a lot. I want to tell my kids about my life, so they know what i was like at their age, how i thought, what i did. I think that might be interesting for them to think about.
Tytherpol chapter 1 . 9/22/2007
I can relate.

Except May first was my brother's birthday, so I've got to spend it thinking about my sad but amazing dad and drugged-out other-brother.

I just want to change everything. Be president and completely, dramatically alter the world.

Last night, my dreams were only flashes of world-destruction from the past. Like headlines of a newspaper, I guess. People were being killed on their feet (both literally and metaphorically). Dragged down the dust-street. Chaos.

And me too, I was being raped. I told authorities, but no one cared.

So like you said, I go about schooling, reading books that all say something entirely different. Developing thoughts about war and peace and every other extreme, but not being old enough to completely synthesize them into one equation that will work.

A different time wouldn't do much, I don't think. At least not as small as a generation.

(Though there have been times when I literally have /yearned/ to be a hippie getting my pant-seat wet with dew, lost in music and drug-influenced thought.)

But there was so much more back then- racism, sexism... they were the biggest "problems" on the minds of the people. And even though equality was starting to enfore itself, the parents of these people grew up with the prejudices.

I can't remember if Kent state was the fifties or seventies, but I think I remember 70s.

The world is so big, and it needs to be changed so dramatically.

It truly does seem hopeless at times.

And yeah, as you said, the times change, but the problems stay the same because every one in our high-offices has got this rediculous idea in their mind (because of these religions we've formed) that human life is the most valuable thing in the world.

Yeah well some people need to die simply because they're alive. And until we realize that, we will wait for them to "mess up," to hurt us, before we do anything.

They look at VA Tech and the "World Trade Center Massacre" as /tragedies/, but put the rest of the world (who often experience these things every day) down for being unable to pull themselves out of the hole they're in. We're all selfish, and it's going to destroy us.

haha anyway, I like your italics and repetition.

This is a neat piece. Sorry for rambling.

Nice job.