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Too Lazy To Sign In chapter 12 . 3/1/2009
I hardly ever review stories, generally because I always read completed ones... But I felt the need to tell you that this is one of the best works I've read on FictionPress ever. If you haven't considered getting this published, I highly suggest you do. It was perfect.

Thank you.
What Ever You Want chapter 12 . 1/20/2009
at first i didn't really understand where the story was going but then when i read the poems and what the girl(sorry i forgot her name) was feeling it makes me wonder, am i wasting my time reading stories on the internet when i could be doing something ore productive. i have to say that your story inspired me and i don't think i will ever forget it.

Axiomatic Cataclysm chapter 12 . 1/17/2009
Wow. I really liked this. As in, I really, really liked this. For so many reasons.

Firstly, I enjoy your writing style. It's not extravegent, but it's not exactly prose, either. That is to say, it is what prose aspires to be. The witty little junctions you add create a cool flow and help the reader understand what you mean.

I love that the story is completely unadulterated; you put what every highschooler goes through /or wants to go through/ at some point in their lives. Everyone wants to make a mark on the world, even if they're unsure how. I also find the way you portrayed the highschool hierarchy. Different cliques, but individual people capabale of befriending each other given the right circumstancers. I suppose it's the general feeling that everything is shades of gray.

In fact, I daresay this story has a different meaning for every person that reads it-just an amazing fact alone to contemplate.

Right from the beginning I was drawn into the story. Like, ridiculously drawn into it. I spent 11 and a half hours reading it through till the end in one shot, as well. That does not normally happen, let me assure you. The plot is real. The characters are real. Everything about this is just so...real. Unfiltered. Amazing.

I would buy this if it were published. You should publish this.

And if you don't, just know this; this story has changed me. I don't know if that means anything to you, but it did. Not in some epic "I-Have-Seen-The-Light" way. I mean, this story made me think and wonder and agree and disagree and realize so many things about my life and put many other personal ascpects into a whole new perspective.

You also turned me on to some very cool tunes I was unaware of beforehand (namely Wallflowers, I own like all of their songs now. Not sure if you're an actual fan or if you just used it for the story, but thanks anyway. I love them)

So, if you braved through this review (although it's more like an exoneration at this point in time) without having me convinced you that your story is a work of absolute perfectonate imperfection, at least know that I loved it, and it has a place in my heart. This story makes me feel.

~Morgiane C.
IHateMyLoveLife chapter 12 . 12/19/2008
This was an amazing piece of work. The way you wrote this made it incredible. I've never really liked poetry, but it was good. It left me in awe really. I don't really know how to describe it. They are so different from any story that I've read. For once, I've read something that is not a cliched ridden story.
maia 22 chapter 12 . 12/7/2008
i know it's about a million years since you finished this and whatever... but still, this was so good I thought I'd actually break my silence and leave a review (yes, I'm the annoying person who boosts your reader stats and never leaves a response. Sorry).

This was amazing. Really, truly amazing, like when you come out of the cinema after a good film and you wander around dazed for another half hour. The way you capture all those teenage emotions is so honest, I'm completely in awe. I also wish I felt a lot less like your main character, but I don't know that I ever will...

Anyhow, thanks for a great couple of hours.
Xanthe P chapter 12 . 12/5/2008
Oh, my god.

I have tears in my eyes after reading the entire story.

I've been at a turning point in my life, for the past week or so, and I've been trying to remember who I am, not who I think I should be. It's been hard, and I'm not sure if I'm quite there yet, but after reading this, I feel more inspired, more motivated, more than ever.

Everything about this story, just reminds me of me. I love writing poetry. I love doing art. I just started doing lomography. I make molehills into mountains. I hide away in myself, and even though I have friends, I don't talk to them as much as I used to.

But I want to change all that. I want to stop being so caught up in just myself; stop isolating myself from the rest of the world. I want to just live, and live in THIS moment, not longing for the past, or waiting for the future and all it's promises.

I never knew how to properly use art to express myself. Now I have a better idea of what I can do, and what possibilities there are. Knowing that, is probably the best gift ever. It's something I've struggled with since I was little.

I don't know what else I can say.

Except that your story has changed my life.

Thank you. I mean it, so much.
Xanthe P chapter 9 . 12/5/2008
"I hate feeling that I have to treasure each moment. It's just not possible. There are too many moments and too many days for me to waste my energy and love on."

So true. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to my old life, even though I always dreamed of the life I'm living now when I lived my old life.
from the inspired chapter 12 . 11/28/2008
its like what you said in the story, things may or may not change your world but the very nature of awareness and existance means that you become something else. im not too sure yet if you become another person but i believe that with every story you read, and every thought that comes with it, you absorb into your person and so you become a collage of existance, but your own special kind and so every person becomes a metaphor, a painting that represents the diversity of human nature. Not only do you absorb but you also give back in kind, just as how you have in your story.

from the inspired

to the inspiring
christinaxxyo chapter 12 . 11/11/2008
I think this story was amazing. I want to say more but it kinda left me speechless? Lol. Awesome job on it :)
christinaxxyo chapter 1 . 11/10/2008
I'm going to be totally truthful and say that your first chapter was boring. However, it was like you meant for it to be because of the main character's personality so I didn't really mean what I said before as an insult. I felt like I learned a lot about the character (I don't even know if I know her name o.o). Nice job :)
hzl chapter 12 . 10/13/2008
I want to fill this review with something witty, and intelligible. But I can't.

It's just... wow.

Inspiring, heart-warming - this is all that and more. Much, much more.

I think you should get it published.

PS: The poetry was amazing.
anon chapter 12 . 9/20/2008
i don't really know what to say, but i do indeed like your story.

it's not even helpful to just say 'i liked it', without pointing out the aspects of it that i enjoyed.

i guess inside all of us, there's a part that wishes to make a mark in the world - however big or small
choc me chapter 12 . 9/16/2008
I'm not sure what I want to say. Or even how it makes me feel. I would have almost preferred a disney-like story, with funny and sweet moments that make u smile and go "aww", instead of this. By this I mean, ur ability to make me feel and think abt things. Ur ability to portray life and feelings the way they are. I'm not sure.

Will u be writing or planning on writing anything any time near soon? Where did u get ur inspiration for this story?
choc me chapter 11 . 9/16/2008
Oh wow. Really wow. You took a somewhat cliché and predictable plot line, and turned it into something incredible and very deep. I'll probably read this over and over like I do for "speak". I can understand why u'd like it published. And hey if u do, let us know.
choc me chapter 8 . 9/16/2008
This is really an awesome story..I'd really like to have it as a book, to read it over and over again.
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